XP-Pen Artist 16 Display Tablet Review

CHECK OUT THE TABLET ON AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X1BJM43

(sorry about the darkness right at the beginning of the video; in the video editor everything looked fine and after the super long render, I saw the footage was too dark but I didn’t have time to re-render the vid. Also the lag on my canvas was from running a lot of programs and screen recording the tablet; it has nothing to do with the tablet which is basically another monitor)
I tried out the XP-Pen Artist 16 Display Tablet and really enjoyed it. It’s an HD 15.8″ tablet with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for just under $500. If you would like a high-quality display tablet without spending too terribly much, you should consider buying this tablet. I had no problems with it, so I can recommend it wholly. Let me know if you have it and what you think of it!
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ZinniaEverly says:

So this might be off topic but lately when I’ve been trying to use Krita’s it’s been not responding and lagging really badly. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hirus says:

Picked one up a few weeks ago, Perfect size for my desk as i don’t have room for another 22+ inch monitor. First Digital tablet so I don’t have anything to compare it too, but i’ve been using it non-stop without issues. I rarely use the express keys, Undo is about the only one i use.
Took me awhile to get the calibration just right, always felt a bit off, but maybe I’m just bad at clicking red dots.
Overall, so far so good.

Not sure how it compares to XP-pens 22 inch version which you can usually find on sale for cheaper.

Sarah Winterforest says:

Thank you so much! i’ve been searching for a good display tablet on and off for some time, and your review opened up a whole new world of display talets for me =) I’ve now ordered a 16 inch and am very hyped to try something different from wacoms (slightly overpriced(in my opinion)) tablets, bet it will be an uppgrade from the small intous i’m currently using 😉

Sweet Pigment says:

Oh what a great tablet! I loved the review and I wish I could get my hand on one of these. Just one question: Will you be using it instead of the Huion one? And does your hand annoy you, since you are not used to a display tablet? (in other words was it easy to get used to?)

whyy says:

Face variation is very nice 🙂

ilya Morozow says:

Отлично, только нос красный ( может стиль такой или холодно)

sadleebear says:

im left handed and i wonder do you often accidentally push the express keys while resting your hand?

BearcatSP says:

This is all wrong…. sure it makes good points for a tablet you can see your drawing on, but you can buy a Wacom tablet for $100 just plug it into the computer and wala! It has no screen but it’s still amazing. Okay now tell me you would you rather spend $400 dollars for something you can make just as well art as a Wacom tablet worth $100 saving you an extra $300 dollars ontop of the $200 dollars.

unicorn 。 says:

Huion is also a great brand that is super cheap like half the price of wacom. I have a tablet without the screen and it works great, they also sell display tablets also that are very cheap.

Chia Huey Ng says:

this might just be my horrible ass vision but i couldnt really see the parts as you held them up since the backgroumd is black as well.

SILVA14 says:

Thank you for this ! I really wanted a cintiq but it was just way too expensive for me and I’m really considering getting this one.

Tahemus says:

really informative!! (and lovely painting!) I’ve been looking to get a display, and the cost of a Cintiq is certainly daunting! might have to look into this one!

VChurchill says:

Where is the difference between a display tablet and a grafic tablet?

Scribbles Sturf says:

Awesome review but for some reason the audio was super low in this vid even though they’ve been pretty good in your other vids D: I used subtitles but just letting you know! Awesome review though, been looking into an on screen tablet ; o;

Galliod says:

Awesome! I have a question, though. How’s the latency on it?

Jessica Thi says:

Is this better than the Huion tablet?

Karina Doodles says:

I have a Wacom Cintiq 13HD, and I can agree that XP-Pen makes lots of good products that even you’re a professional or not it is worth getting. Plus price is very good!

Kitty Murder says:

You can also buy a HDMI to DVI converter that costs about $5.

Purple Demon says:

i have star 03, it’s pretty big and cost only 50$ on ebay

Lillendandie Art says:

I’ve heard about XP Pen. I wish they would send me one.
Does the XP Pen have pen tilt support? A lot of the cintiq knockoffs don’t seem to have that feature.

Serenity Hinton says:

You’re so fortunate, being sent a 400 dollar art tablet for free.. my budget for a drawing tablet is the max 50 dollars. Anyone have a recommendation for a good cheap tablet

Katherine Allison says:

Love this!

Little Damsel says:

I currently use a UGEE 2150. I’ve never owned a tablet prior to this so I don’t have any bias and it works flawlessly for me! I never had any issues and it looks just like a Wacom or any other tablet to me. When people see my work they always think I’m using a Wacom. Point is it doesn’t matter what tool it is, a Wacom isn’t going to make you a better artist. Talent, lots of practice, and hard work will.

201katara says:

I wish you did this in better lighting it’s so hard to see the tablet or the pen or the adapters or anything

Scarlett's Secret says:

I love my Artist 16! It came in last week 😀

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