XMG U717 GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop Review

This is one beefy laptop, with a desktop GTX 1080 and desktop i7 6700K but with a hefty price tag.
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MammothGaming says:

that laptop is better than my desktop (*:

MammothGaming says:

that thing is a beast

Dаfuq says:

Great video as always!

tiefindir says:

thats the same powerbrick, that comes with my Alienware M18x from 2012. Has 330 watt ?

kovinster says:

Could you tell me if XMG uses popular hardware? I am concerned if i use linux on it, I’d have to face driver issues.

Thanh Nguyen says:

I’m an civil engineer, so I should buy this laptop or workstation? workstation don’t have i7 6700K 4.0 Hz

xenophobichart says:

Can this laptop run without the battery while plugged in the outlet?

LIGHT x45 says:

Coming from somebody who also relys on performance and portablility. At this point jjust get a PC and a laptop…

axuman 980 says:

how much is 1400 pounds in euros

Vipor29 says:

this is very nice i wish it was sold in the usa

sugoi says:

could you imagine this with an external gpu

Matt says:

now THAT would make a dope paving slab.

Trusteft says:

I have an XMG for a while now. Previous generation. Much smaller than this. More expensive than this. Awesome laptops.

YellowPeaches says:

With that size whats the point to get this over a small PC?

mpalen19 says:

More of a “desknote.” Not really something I’d want to put it on my lap.

- BWP - says:

Can I get this for college?? xd 😀

Nice video as always, love your laptop reviews.

Ralph Joseph Berberabe Adarlo says:

how much is this one in u.s dollar?

Niklas Steinhart says:

I have the same laptop but my gpu is too hot on every game. So I can’t play any game. Do you have any resolutions?

Tindreal says:

1) Install latest Clevo app and set fans to Overclock
2) There is something wrong with your VGA, because even with bad fan profile you shoudl score above 20k graphics score and the vga should run much higher core clock
Get your unit fixed, the reason why you got so low score is because there is a problem with your laptop.

LegitDiamond says:

Isn’t this basically the Origin EON17-X?

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