Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop Review

Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop via GearBest.com: http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_421980.html?wid=21&lkid=10316012

Xiaomi is often dubbed the “Apple of China.” It’s a large Chinese technology company that focuses on producing high-quality products, and while Apple tends to charge a premium for its products, Xiaomi typically offers its products at a more budget-friendly price.

The Xiaomi Air 13 is an affordable Windows 10 laptop that takes aim at Apple MacBook’s and MacBook Air, featuring a relatively thin profile perfect for students. The caveat with the Xiaomi Air 13.3-inch laptop is that it is only available in China, so you will probably need to purchase it from a Chinese vendor and re-install the operating system to Windows 10 Home English.

Convert Xiaomi Air 12 Chinese To English:

Watch our review of the Xiaomi Air 12:

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The Game Reviewer says:

no touchscreen!!!!! So basically they have just copied macs…..

Tong Zou says:

Has pretty good discrete graphics (GTX 940MX) especially for a laptop of this size, yet reviewer decides to play 13 year old game (Half life 2) on it…. smh

Michael Soto says:

Looks nice, but I guarantee there’s some Chinese spyware on there and their government will watch your every move lol

Erin Hung says:

Is it possible to just download the English language pack instead of reinstalling Windows?

TheDougTechCrew says:

What’s that nVidia logo doing on the back at 5:12?????

Rohan Jaiswal says:

Half life 2.Seriously it can play many high graphics game than that…

peter jones says:

do batteries catch firer like some other brands to ? Could you use it on linux or other systems to make it usable ?

Arthur J says:

which gearbest warehouse options the best choice: China or Hong Kong?

Yahtadi Shidiq says:

Are you Benaddict Scrambleegg?

Sergey Biber says:

Very good laptop. I bought my daughter to college. She loved it. Bought here http://ali.pub/nrbo7

Karen Lara says:

lol it resembles the early 2015 Macbook Pro..

Clorex Bleach says:

All you need is a 2MP webcam. That’s 1080p anyways. When video-chatting 1080p truly is the limit. 720p is fine. What I did notice on your review is that the webcam sports great dynamic range! 720p+superb dynamic range & framerate always far surpasses 1080p with bad dynamic range and low framerate!


Chinese… Best copycats of all time

Matthew Franey says:

How do you discuss both the systems specs and gaming performance without mentioning this laptop has discrete graphics. how do you not know the trackpad “glitch” is a palm rejection setting? poor research … thumbs down

Michael Pychel says:

“extra contrasty”

TheShadowGRIM says:

1mp webcam, what is it 2010?

snazzy sailor says:

“it has 802.11 wifi…” 😛

TheCaucasianAsian says:

when he tests gaming capabilities with a 13 year old game built on source and controls it with the trackpad

Kæla says:

the problem w the mouse not working after typing would piss me off.

John Wick says:

Wow who wants to be a MacBook. Xiaomi Air 13 does. Except for that keyboard

Logan Kaur says:

severe whom cluster terror athlete starting complex.

Michele Salvemini says:

Nice channel! Thanks for reviewing it! I have a question,
I am use to macOS, and I need to buy a laptop but I would like to keep using macOS. Can I install MacOS on it? Or I might have compatibility problems?

apix intel says:

apple watch on your hand is kind of fag…..

Sarowar Hossain Mishkat says:

the stole the macbook design


DZS Tian says:

It is USB 3.0 ports, not USB 2.0.

Ashy Maz says:

I know how to remove the lag after using the keyboard

TheCaucasianAsian says:

yessss he started pronouncing xiaomi correctly

Harish Mr says:

why did they copy macbook

TheKillerDonat says:

its usb 3.0 not 2.0

binaryblog says:

Its Windows 10. You don’t have to reinstall OS to change the language settings.

Сергей Петров says:

Xiaomi Air 13 US $992 + 36% off + cashback 8.5 % http://got.by/eiy6s

ljt993 says:

Doesn’t this have a GT 940mx , so according to other YouTube videos it should play a few games well?

Tamim Wahab says:

Is there any back light bleeding?

Alberto Chamorro says:

do you know how to fix the trackpad problem when typing? thanks

Clorex Bleach says:

Why buy this Xiaomi? Just get the Asus Zenbook UX410. It has infinity-edge display (14″ god-like matte display), kaby-lake CPU, all aluminium, looks truly professional, never bogs down with regular to heavy usage and has outstanding batterylife. With regular use (YouTube, office, spotify) on high brightness (about 75%) it can last up to about 10 hours. On low brightness (when indoors) with regular usage it lasts well over 15 hours. When playing games (LoL) it lasts about 6-7 hours on full brightness. To top it off, it has outstanding speakers! Very, very, very very loud yet warm and defined sound (by harman kardon). To top it off, you can get it also with an Nvidia GTX940m which allows you to also play AAA titles like Battlefield 1 with high settings. The model with i7 and GTX940m costs only 899 USD anyways. Imho, the UX410 has zero downsides.

Farry Farran says:

ey! how long does it take to send you the laptop from gearbest?

Tharimoose T says:

Whos gonna play games with a trackpad -_-

Ken W. Robinson says:

This site says it’s for 738.99 dollars
This site is pretty cool.

Seçkin Güvenç says:

poor interview. most likely you need make all needed software and driver updates on that review unit because I am using this laptop last 4 months and I can easily say that it is one of the best in its class.
-There is no trackpad problems at all , it must be related to drivers
-Viewing angles on the contrary is perfect , first thing I noticed when I bought this laptop was how good the screen is
-SSD speed tests need to be performed in several benchmark softwares and average is mostly 300 MB/s for write speeds , you can check any review about this laptop on YouTube , all will say the same
-Geekbench scores also much less than it should be , you can simply go into geekbench browser and check all the results for this laptop which was done by many users , average score will be around 3300 – 3400 for single core score which puts this device with same performance with Dell XPS 13. Again it must be related to either the Windows 10 you installed or driver problem

Before you do review , I recommend you to fully install all necessary drivers correctly.

Daniel Copp says:

Linux works well on this device, especially Ubuntu. English right out of the box

If your looking for a Mac feel, Elementary OS is a good choice.

Another aesthetically pleasing OS is Deepin linux, also developed in mainland china, with english out of the box.

lingtjien says:

Just for anyone intersted, I have this laptop too and it’s awesome. But yes with windows installed it was average but with linux everything is smooth and no issues.

Han Lin says:

i got 25-35fps in league of legend on super low setting. Quite disappointing because many other reviews said they were able to get as high as 60 but i found that impossible.

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