Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Review

Xiaomi is often dubbed the “Apple of China”. It’s a large Chinese technology company that focuses on producing high-quality products, and while Apple tends to charge a premium for its products, Xiaomi typically offers its products at a more budget-friendly price.

The Xiaomi Air 12 is an affordable Windows 10 laptop that takes aim at Apple MacBook’s and MacBook Air, featuring a relatively thin profile perfect for students. The caveat with the Xiaomi Air 12.5-inch laptop is that it is only available in China, so you will probably need to purchase it from a Chinese vendor and re-install the operating system to Windows 10 Home English.

Xiaomi Air 12 via GearBest.com:

Convert Xiaomi Air 12 Chinese To English:

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JM says:

Can anyone tell me how to change the language withouth having to buy a new Windows 10 profile? I heard the laptop comes programmed with a different language. Thanks 🙂

Sorin Vasile Bogdan says:

If you are younger than 40 and speak basic English, you have no excuse to not be able to install windows on your machine

Ravi Teja says:

get a hackintosh and slap an apple sticker on the front ….!! boom!! ….u just saved 1500$.

aissa jez says:

I can clearly see how it wobbles as you press on the keyboard or the trackpad..failed to mention that. IMO this review is not the most honest one.

jeremy cheah says:

can it play dota?

Lesnite _ says:

Window ten’s UI seems unfinished to me
idk why

Kakrona Chan says:

I don’t think you did your research on how to pronounce Xiaomi brand

TheCaucasianAsian says:

“They make high quality products, very similar to Apple’s products.”

oh god


its she on me

Daniel Han says:

This or matebook?

Michele Salvemini says:

Nice channel! Thanks for reviewing it! I have a question,
I am use to macOS, and I need to buy a laptop but I would like to keep using macOS. Can I install MacOS on it? Or I might have compatibility problems?

Cloudy Gamer says:

does it reuse the product key after the reinstall?

IAmFouadGhattas says:

Who else got the callux ad


send me like this pls

Hannah Kramer says:

my face reverted into the back of my head from cringe when he pronounce Xiaomi as SHE OH ME

zair barnuevo says:

Fucking Pronunciation..hahaha She o me?…wtf..hahaha

The Precious Games // TPG says:


Bornstellar Makes Desired Future says:

shiomi omg my shides.

ariez84 says:

OMG. Its called Shao-Mi. Not ZI-Yo-Mi.

Scott Qi says:

call it mibook air

Nicholas Jeremy says:

It’s Si-Aow mi bro not showi me haha

Citroen Xsara says:

Look – it’s for 582.99 USD with coupon code: MAIRDE

Robert Ebersbacher says:

Only 480.99 dollars with coupon code: GBBLOG
This site is pretty cool.

Beam atomy says:

Can you tell us if the pinch to zoom performance of this laptop is any good in IE and Chrome?

Mason Taylor says:

Dude… at least look up how to pronounce Xiaomi before you make a video…

Martin A. says:

My Chinese friend told me the “O” in Xiaomi isn’t pronounced. Rather, he said it’s pronounced like “ShahMe” (the “Shah” is pronounced like the Indian last name, or the Iranian Muslim Shah (silent h)) — Not sure if that’s right, but that’s how he says it.

Gang Liu says:

Absolutely not apple of China, it just make budget product.

Alex Boehm says:

Boooooo USB 2.0!!! I was just about to buy this thing 🙁

Edit: It was USB 3.0, great work vetting your specs…

Pradeep P says:

it’s name is mi notebook air 12″.

13 Smartboy says:

Herro, it’s me, I rive in Ras Vigas

Adam Skub says:

Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop
Here it’s for 573.99 $ with coupon code: AIR12G
I hope this can help you

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda says:

the way you pronounce xiaomi pisses me off…

shivam malhotra says:

i think for browsing the web and reading textbooks, mi air would be perfect for you… or i could just buy a $200 dual core laptop for that

ichibanmugen says:

There is no need to reinstall Windows 10. You only need to install a language pack which is 5 minutes work.

imkow says:

you dont need to reinstall windows 10. all you need is to install an English language pack then restart, Windows 10 is multilingual and can switch between languages within about 10 clicks..

OneDerscore One says:


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