Will This Smart Watch Convert Me? – The Fenix Chronos Review – Garmin’s Best Outdoor & Fitness Watch

As we kick off the new year, why not do it with a look at a “smart watch”? They will undoubtedly be a big part of the future for watches and horology in general so today I review the top of the line ABC outdoor and fitness smart watch from Garmin. Those of you who follow my channel will know I have been highly critical of smart watches so far and I have yet to see one that I would actually consider buying myself. Will the Fenix Chronos from Garmin change my mind and convert me into a believer or will I remain fearlessly loyal to what I already use? To find out more about the Garmin Chronos and other offerings from their Fenix range click here:

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Darth Vader says:

Outdated in a few years?

Try a few days! Fenix 5 announced at CES 17.

Geekanoids says:

Noooooo … smartwatches are evil ;D … just kidding, this is very nice. New models announced today.

Anoosh Mokhtarian says:

Hello TGV! recently bought 2 Glycine watches! an Airman No 1 GMT 36 mm and a unique Comat Sub “blue dial white bezel” just like blue Rolex yacht master! still on their way and not shipped, i’d very much like to send them to you for review!

James Mar says:

Vector Watch has 30 day battery life, always on readable screen.

Jacob Molho says:

Very interesting Thank you for posting!

Mike Nguyen says:

I love my Garmin Felix 3 but I got it for $400 when it was on sale. It’s my favorite exercise watch (so far) and the ABC function is pretty good.
As you said, there’s a place for these watches but it’ll never replace my others watches.

Sam Kinch says:

Hi, this is quite a low end smart watch so the people who dont like this watch should maybe have a look at the hwaiwai watch and the tag heuer connected and these actually have a touch screen

MäntyKarhu says:

Thanks for another great video and honest review!

FutuReality says:

I very recommend u to make a review on a Huawei smartwatch, it’s not expensive for u I guess, u could buy one on ebay around 150 dollars, it would give u a completely different feeling of Smartwacthes, because the Garmin that u reviewed is a bit too sporty
U’ll gonna have fun with a Huawei, changing watchfaces. There are millions of watchfaces which u can easily display and it has the classy (not too big, and only one button) look as u like buddy 😉

PS: If u won’t be interested afterwoods, u can still sell it for the price u payed, tell me, I buy it back ^^

22 says:

Mate, for this video being sponsored by Garmin and you saying your honest opinion on going back to the G-Shock great respect and trust has been build between us, subscribed.

Expat Esquire says:

Happy New Year 2017 TGV! Thanks for all the great content.

Ronan Smith says:

what song is the intro to

wikipediadotorgVEVO says:

you’d love the garmin d2 bravo titanium aviation smartwatch

Skyler Sopp says:

If you ever do another review on smartwatches check out the Moto 360 2nd Gen. They are the best bang for the buck watch I believe. The watch face is extremely customizable through the WatchMaker app and the FaceRepo website!

JgHaverty says:

Smart watches aren’t there for me yet. They are slow, and I don’t like seeing “pixels” on my watch lol. The idea is fantastic, but the technology is still in its infancy. This makes the planned obsolescence a factor for these, much the same as smart phones. For 1500$, thats too much money for me to justify on it.

THAT SAID, if you actually USE the features, these smart watches are fantastic.

GTA5Player1 says:

Another smartwatch that’s just a cute addon for phones, yay.

Zoran Kovač says:

Hell, where you live if you’re at -637 meters? Maybe a faulty altimeter …

Moneyin Fist says:

also watch smart watch that protect your kids

Boris Terekidi says:

I like the design and it looks like it’s a pretty well made watch. But damn, nearly 50mm is just massive! 42-44 would have been ideal. Nice review!

Pannonian Fit says:

can this type of watch be solar also because constant battery recharge is my biggest deal breaker with this watches, same with smartphones, I just buy g shock tough solar and no more battery hussle anymore

31 - for - 2 says:

I had a Fenix 3. Good to see they went to a 22mm strap versus the 26mm on the Fenix 3. While I found the watch useful while exercising and golfing, I couldn’t get over the poor display. It reminded me of a 90’s TV compared to a modern TV. I’d gladly give up some battery life for a better display. If the Fenix had the same pixel ratio as a Samsung or Apple Watch, it’d be a winner for sure.

bullsharkreef says:

Wake me up when those “smart” watches can go at least a month without recharging, or better yet when they power up using the sun.

John S. Miller says:

The outfits are getting really ridiculous. When are you going to wear a crown?

Hardik Popli says:

I don’t know why, but I find all smart watches tasteless. Maybe a few more years before they develop themselves.

locutusv1 says:

I also recommend you look ay Suunto Ambit watches. I think they are better quality. And the battery is a more than a week long. I have had one for 5 years now. it is made for fitness and outdoor activities

dbgfw be says:

waiting your review of the Fenix 5

Bryan Reynolds says:

I’ve been interested in the Fossil Q Crewmaster, a “hybrid” smartwatch. It leaves out the electronic screen, and looks much closer to a normal quartz wristwatch. The model with the orange bezel looks very flashy in a way I like. It’s a “hybrid” because it connects to your phone by bluetooth to log the fitness tracker data, and it can move the hands of the watch to specific positions when you get a notification on your phone from a particular person or app. To me the screens on most smartwatches like this Garmin just aren’t big enough to be useful, and generally don’t have much visual impact, certainly not enough to justify the inconvenience of daily battery charging. On the other hand, the Q Crewmaster seems more like a normal watch with added functionality, and none of the compromises of a smartwatch.

Shane Dykes says:

Can I send u a watch to review? I would love to hear your input.. thanks

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Looking dapper today TGV! £1500? You could buy the TAG Heuer smartwatch for that!

P Riddle says:

Nice review however you picked the absolute highest end model of the Fenix 3 model.  The normal Fenix 3 hr has all the same features but is less than half that price.  In addition, Garmin just announced the Fenix 5 models.  There is a 5S which is a smaller size built mainly for smaller wrists, then there is the regular 5 followed by the new 5X model (which has greater mapping qualities for ultramarathoners) .  If size and price cause you to give pause to recommending the Fenix then I would suggest you look at the 5S.  Thanks for the video.

Jack S says:

the only tech i would put on my wrist is a fitbit band. and thats only for when i’m outdoor.

TonyaAndAlan White says:

Looks like you’ll need to be testing the newly announced Fenix 5.

Richard Lannister says:

im using adblock plus and every time it goes full screen, theres an ad if it has to reload. Does anyone know a way around this. Its quite annoying as this channel has ads on every video and i want to block them all. Thanks!

Tc Soto says:

The martian smart notifier

Erik Warnes says:

More smartwatches! I like the idea of a smartwatch, but I want one that appeals to horophiles, as they tend to be pretty cheezy in terms of materials and design.

Thanks so much for this review!

Omegagod7 says:

Fly ass dress coat bro! Who makes it?


I like smart watches, I usually wear one on my left and a classic piece on my right. I use a moto 360 and it is great! I like this one but it is a little too tool-y for me.

Funci Tot says:

Check out the new Garmin Fenix 5, Fenix 5S, and Fenix 5X. Fenix 5S being the smallest of the three at 42 mm.

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