Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile – 2015 Review (PART 1 of 2) – Network Wars 4

Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile (2015 Update)
How is the U.S. Wireless industry improving?
How is Verizon fixing it’s weaknesses in cities?
Why did AT&T drop its prices?

PART 2 of 2

How is T-Mobile the most innovative wireless network today?
How is T-Mobile taking marketshare away from Sprint?
How is Sprint fighting back?
How is the FCC trying to keep the wireless industry healthy and competitive?

Network Wars 1:
Network Wars 2:
Network Wars 3:


Crowdsourced Coverage Mapping
Alternative coverage mapping (sells data back to the carriers)




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A Bone To Pick Harrington says:

To much talking for my taste. which company has the best service?

Sup3rH30C4rs0n24 says:

Cricket is 4 losers lol

Jorge Mendez says:

Why your video has no captions??? please add them!!!

ItsYoBoyMax says:

I like tmobile because of their customer service is really nice and because of binge where youtube and stuff doesn’t use data and any video streaming.

Jeremy Ware says:

I agree with you nice video…Thanks for sharing

5703daniel says:

if you have a smartphone, please, don’t be stupid to use it with Verizon… They will rip you off, they’re CROOKS…

drby0788 says:

used to have Verizon. way too expensive..I think I was paying over $200 a month….for me…and that was for 6 gigs of data and unlimited text.

FIFAmadRYAN says:

what if its sim free

kj Style says:

Thkx dude 4 info

Bestgamerjj says:

I say Verizon is the best.

Ryan Hellrung says:

At&t is funny with that lower price deal. 130 dollars a month is not a cheaper price. Lol

Trent Winston says:

You ought to see the awesome phone that I got. It’s a waterproof Samsung. My bill went down by $50, and my equipment is stellar now.  Sprint is in my rearview mirror forever after the way they treated me.

Gamer21 says:

metro pcs is king with unlimited 4glte for 60

Chris W says:

Very informative video. Thanks

craig ramsey says:

att hasnt given up anything i pay for 6 lines and also payed for 6 phones by way of contract obligations and some cash for instence 2 year contract 99 to 199 per line now for the same phone and same service can only use next plan which has me paying anywhere from 500 to 750 for phone per line x 6 lines 4200 dollars every 30 months and that just pays for phones the service for 1 line is around 25 per line x 6 lines is about 4500 for 30 months so i dont get where you say they gave up profit margin have you ever looked at best buy add on say i9-phones the other sompanies 2 year contract 1 – 99- 199 and contract att 30 months at around 30 a lines which comes out to around 750 for just the phone vs 1 dollar 99 dollar yea right

Cowlandia says:

Lol paying 120 a month for verizon two lines and 120 in over data fees we are gonna switch for two lines 140 unlimited data from t mobile

GO L.A RAMS says:

For a unlocked pre paid phone which service works for cities and rural areas?

Peter R. says:

I enjoy how you get the video across. Keep making videos bro

David Poulton says:

with sprint I was lucky to get 3MBPs down 1MBPs up on 4g full bars here in San Antonio and yet I was paying $104 per month for this slow speed so I changed to boost mobile for $45 per month but hated how they throttle after 5GB since I used my phone for business purposes. I switched with tmobile and now paying $40 per month for unlimited plus 5GB hotpot. I now get 30MBPs

Jelly Jr. says:

I knew why both of my teachers got Verizon, BECAUSE its the best!!!


Fcuking AT&T is raising the price of it’s grandfathered unlimited data user service by 5.00

WhoCanSay4Sure says:

live in a metro area of southern California. I get 1 bar if I am lucky while at home! Which really makes their service useless. I am paying for nothing. Do the research. Verizon spends all their money on advertising not “the network”. Don’t say you were not informed!

Larebear57 ! says:

What about Cricket Wireless?

passthepuck says:

what do you think about Sprint network now?  It’s designed with 5G in mind.  It’s state-of-the-art network with pop-in and pop-out components for up grades.  Your thoughts?

Brianna St-Juste says:

my friends say Verizon takes your money every day I’m trying to move away from Merto Pcs

Younis Mohammed says:

.thank you very much…. you made the differences
I have a stupid question, how I could figure out the carrier of my phone?
I really don’t know what carrier that my phone belongs to..
anyone can tell how I can know that.. thanks in advance

Trent Winston says:

After being taken hostage by Sprint for the last two years, I’m gone never to return. I feel betrayed by them on so many levels that I can’t even go into it. Fortunately, today is zero hour for them. I’m leaving forever after the way that they abused me for over a full year of my contract. Thank You, because I think I’m going with AT & T. I’ve used them before with no ill will towards them. If I can work out the phone, I’ll be back (terminator voice).

drby0788 says:

DONT BUY SPRINT! As a Sprint user, they are awful!. example, it’s a clear ass day out and you need directions..fuck you!….gps wont find your location. so you have to manually swipe through your directions to find out or next waypoint…not very efficient…random dropped calls, poor service in bad weather…Sprint is the directtv of cell phones. not worth it.

Johnnie Johnson says:

you do a great job and I have a question should I go with Cricket Wireless are Metro pcs wireless?

Nikki Ruiz says:

I want report. ok. on board…client operation…. nikki18

Christopher Rodriguez says:

Verizon is amazing and it makes so much sense that Verizon is better.

ttwiitch twitch says:

When is part 2 coming? Cant wait! Sprint is kicking ass now! 🙂

Desmond Plymale says:

Try and be more animated. Your monotone voice and characterless expression bored the fuck out of me.

agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj says:

which of these telco useful and the services are on going or continuous

TheGhost says:

which one should I go with though.

RoxRBLX says:

Thanks Dude!!!!!!!!!!!

danieltheman thesports gamer says:

My opinion, is that T-Mobile beats sprint and Atat beats Verizon but the fastest is T-Mobile

guloguloguy says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Your review (here), IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy West says:

Thank you so much for making such informative video!

Igor Garcia says:


Nita Carter says:

I want the Galaxy s6 or s7 but I need a new company. This video is not helping me, I’m still stuck on what company to choose from. I been with Cricket and I hate their phone’s, I just got a new job I need a new company. I guess I have to find out what company could be best for me so I’m just going to try Sprint for the first time.

Mike Thompson says:

AT&T sucks, shitty coverage and very high prices!!

WhoCanSay4Sure says:

Don’t worry… Verizon is shit. Everyone knows it. They will be tits up very soon. Trust me on this one.

DopeKat 111 says:


erNomic says:

Great video. I appreciate your all your insight. Can you please do a video with your sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. I think that would be cool. Keep up the good vids.

Gamerdb5 says:

Verizon sucks my family has had them since 96! And my brother had unlimited data and they just randomly added $20 to his bill and now we are moving to t mobile the whole family will have unlimited data and have 3 upgrades a year

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