Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Review – The Best Laptop Keyboard.

Dave2D review of the Venom Blackbook Zero 14. A great laptop for programmers.
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Edward Lim says:

Can you make a video about laptops with the best display?

TheAbeham says:

How come there are like no other reviews on YouTube for this?

Tung Thanh says:


Dival Banerjee says:

Personally, I find the Thinkpad X1 carbon to have the best keyboard

Alq says:

What a bummer…wish this had been released 3 months ago before I bought my xps 13 and I’m in Australia!

Dawei Shen says:

This ultra book just over priced too much. 512SSD version $1349 VS mac air 13 $1,549 / 1.3GH i7 < 2.2GH i7 apple won / build quality apple won./ keyboard apple won / screen I think apple's old screen have the feeling for coder./ battery life apple won / system for coder of course unix won + bootcamp(for MS) / speaker I personally think maybe apple won / mobility apple won/ mac air have better look too ! under compare THE TWO YEARS OLD MAC air is all well worth $200 more. I just think windows laptop should be more generous on performance especially compare to a two years old mac air. I compare to the mac air not because I am a apple fan but only because apple is the most greediest in the market. A newbie is selling more expensive than the greediest in the market? right attitude for newbie? I don't think so.

Jacob Hempel says:

Dave can you check out the Mi Book Air 13 at some point? Really cool little ultra book with a 940MX and it’s under 1.5kg

Hashim Alawneh says:

Hi Dave, could you please make a video on the thermal issues of the Alienware 17 R4? Thanks.

Omar Trejo says:

Does this hardware have any issues with Linux/Ubuntu? I’m thinking of getting one but their support team has not responded my message. :/

321,000 views says:

Is this good for editing video??

James L says:

acer vx15?

Christopher Dobey says:

Loved the video. The laptop not so much. Much prefer USB-C charging. And the color reproduction and venom logo: Yikes.

Hitproxy says:

Going to review some Lenovo products anytime soon?

Sauhard Shrivastava says:

please do a review of hp spectre x2

Avinash Mohanty says:

What is the game u played on this laptop?

DevilxGamer1 says:

it still doesn’t beat the 15″ macbook pro 2016 model

JulsePlay says:

Could you please make a video to the best laptops with a gtx 1060 inside?

Luke O' Sullivan says:

Great vid man

Zuhayr Jaffrey says:

Dave review the new (ish) HP envy 13 2016/17 with the new kaby lake processor, they fixed all the problems with the old one!

Clorox Bleach says:

Hey man, I was still waiting for your laptop give away on Instagram and didn’t saw any winning information untill I looked on your twitter account… Some one won them almost 2 weeks ago. this is disappointing….

Tech City Italia says:

you should make a review of the mediapad m2 10″ premium

Trey Perry says:

Why on earth is this 1000 dollars?

Lego Play Time says:

The inside of the laptop is an eyesore:-P


hi, what’s your favorite laptop specs in the future?

ZnarfHD says:

when comes the new RazerBlade review out?

Cole Williams says:

I’m buying that sucker just bcuz it comes with 2 chargers!!!

MJK says:

the msi gs63 in india costs $3000 , I want a portable gaming machine. Any other alternative dave?

Kim Alto says:

Will you be doing a review of the new HP Pavilion 15t? It apparently has a gtx 1050 and an IPS panel. It is also cheaper than the Dell 7567

Barbudo says:

Has Dave reviewed the Ideapad 710s Plus?

Alienware Gamer ALX says:

I have a desktop pc with TITANXP but i only use WIIU

chataolauj says:

Sounds like it’s only worth $700 & below.

Alex060131 says:

You should do a video on Razer Blade 2017 and Alienware

treloysis says:

in my oppinion, this hould be around 850$ max. Comparing to other 1000$ laptops it’s kinda weak, plus it’s made by a not known company so it’s a little risky

Red Gaming says:

Before I watch I have a feeling that its going to be expensive

SkullSneeze says:

Please make a comparison of the New Razer Blade i7-7700HQ with GTX 1060 vs. the XPS 15 9560 i7-7700HQ with GTX 1050. I think it’s a close match but what should differentiate between them should especially be the bezels, battery (70MHr vs 97 MHr respectively), and the fact that the XPS has upgradable RAM (maybe argue the how important the diff between 16GB and 32GB might be?).
Thanks man!!!
You’re the best.

GlitterBuzz says:

why would you watch 4k video on 1080p display?

Bart Ernest says:

Could you review the MSI ge72 6qd-016nl apache pro?

Dave Lee says:

Possibly the best keyboard I’ve used on a laptop. If an awesome keyboard is clutch for your workflow, this thing delivers.

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