UWatch U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android mobile review and how to instal Smart Watch Helper App

UWatch U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android mobile review and how to instal Smart Watch Helper App

Download Smart watch Helper App: http://adf.ly/vSDQk

Link Bought from: http://adf.ly/vSDZR


bri23 says:

when i try to use the message icon, its says that i need to download an app. but i don’t know what to do

Corban From cr says:

Can’t find app on apple App Store

divya vani says:

how to connect with iphone

alok jha says:

How to insert the sim in u8 watch

kidstaysdope only says:

how do you change password

abdul hanif says:

can install gallery at that smart watch?

Vipul Kalra says:

Hi sir
I have received this watch from latestone.com
The problem is it is not getting switched on. I have also used the usb cable with my motorola phone charger to charge it up, but still it’s not getting switched on.
Please help sir

kalpana sakthivel says:

not nice very worst

nehal shaikh says:

how to connect smart watch with handsfree

Tuhin Bagh says:

Can you control music playback of phone via this device?

Paula Duvall says:

Very helpful! Had absolutely no idea how this watch is connected to an Android phone. Understood your instructions, perfectly! Thanks for explaining what amounts to a relatively easy process.

Lil GloKid -720p says:

Is there a way to change font and the way the screen is setup it looks ugly like this

StarSEO Ltd. says:

It is important to see how to do it without the smart app. Then how to upload files.

Blänk TäE says:

I have some lines on screen .how can i remove that??Its white line and its inside the screen not outside.What i have to do to remove it??

Amanda Lewis says:

ok William Jacob

A U says:

please tell me if it is not starting what shall we do please please please please

HAMZA says:

ايش السعر

Mr. Crazy says:

can I download extra faces for this watch

kristoff ziegler says:

shut the fuck up you annoying cunt you are awful to listen to

PyroWesley says:

Can it be possible to mute the sound?

kidstaysdope only says:


MiiBooth says:

This guy has copied and uploaded your video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lac3x8A73nQ
He stole one of mine too.

Amanda Lewis says:

help jus got this watch today…. tried to follow your steps and is not working. help me…

Awaish Khan says:

not good

Abhishek Saxena says:

Please demonstrate how to call with this watch . Do this watch comes with mic and speaker also. And as u siad it can play music will it play on the onbord speaker of watch .kindly demonstrate all this feature. also can we create n send mssgs ? please clarify. eally ur info was worth .watching

Saad Noor says:

once its charged ho long it works?

Memitoantrax RC says:

you can see photos on the clock

Rosa Echevarria says:

my bt watch is on restore processing all day what can I do? not turning off

palle shashank says:

please help me how to disconnect BT music

RexTrex Gamer says:

What if u don’t have a andorid phone?

o'shane Harris says:

can you get to read notes from the phone notes app on the watch?

Angel Abigail Plays says:

Can my smartwatch connect to my iPad 1?

Dylan Palacios says:

what happens if u have a charging error

Jitender Prasad says:

this information tell me a lot things… before my watch came I learn how to use this…. thanks for the sharing this video…

arjun vijayakumar says:

Is it possible to keep the clock on for u8 smart watches as it goes off like the mobile display. I would like to use it as a watch as well where I can look at the screen and see what time is it rather than switching it on everytime to see it?

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