Unboxing The $3000 Bluetooth Speaker

Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2nEMmag
Devialet Gold Phantom (International) – http://geni.us/R0sMGd0

The Devialet Gold Phantom might be the most expensive wireless bluetooth speaker on the planet. Will the sound live up to the price tag? Is the Devialet the best bluetooth speaker available?

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John Billson says:

die of disease faggot jew+ your family

Unbox Therapy says:

Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2nEMmag
Devialet Gold Phantom (International) – http://geni.us/R0sMGd0

be careful

TH3S3MM3IST3R says:

what are the names of the 2nd and 3rd song that he play with that alien egg?

Sean Lewis says:

I NEED this in my life

Rachel Tate says:

i want his job

Piano Nerd says:

You have to unbox some Genelecs at one point! They are some of the best sounding speakers in the world.

alvaro rom says:


Prabin says:

Lew are you Irish ? I mean you sometimes sound like Cornor McGregor

Lasse Küseler says:

What where the name of the first song he played?

Belle A says:

You’re just a fat,rich,and super inconsiderate person with all of them toys bought from sucking those businesses dicks !
At least that’s My opinion.

JaeGSL says:

cool vid bro. can we get a list of the tracks played please?

Pedjo Gt says:

Speaker is heavy and reason is pressure in box? hahahahahaha

Connor McMillin says:

saw this at the apple store the other day

alvaro rom says:

TOO MUCH BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amos kimiti says:

Dude, you can be a very very good very exhilarating talk show host

Edward Bavaria says:

That speaker looks like one of creatures from Halo 4 and Halo 5 from the forerunner planet, just sayin’.

Thomas Andersen says:

Perhaps use a decent set of mics to record the sound demo? Or was it as crappy live as it was on the recording?

Jayden FezGaming says:

what where the songs that was used in this vid??

david guvani says:

Name of songs?

Blackdarkdarker bleach says:

The reaction was so genuine in this video.

Александр Владимирович says:

2900 per box

Mokusam says:

I want your playlist please! (:

Yortx says:

Playlist please!!

Lee AudioAddictz says:

£3000 … i could buy a really nice stereo setup for that …. plus in the video the bass sounds distorted … but that may be down to it being so close to the mic

philippe Lebel says:

did you mean woah

raymahendra says:

Should try Home – Resonance on that thing!

Marco Reus says:

I’d be watching Netflix on that

Sebastian Lundgren says:

Advice, never use soundcloud (Terrible compression) while listening to a $3000 bluetooth speaker!

360 Noscoper says:

You can buy a car with 3k

Элиза Александрова says:

very very good very very good

CoZm085 says:

Yo the only way to truly test this thing is to bump some Biggie!

Conrad Sanisitou says:

hahaha bro come to New Zealand and look how we play music on sirens they steal from schools (only the islanders tho)

TheBomber eRoTeX says:

What about the Teufel Rockster??

Hendrik Andrea says:

I‘ve seen it at the Apple Store today. You were right!!!

sad boy says:

should i get this or the diamond box xl NEED HELP!

Tom Tylaer says:

whats is the first music you play it

1tt says:

$3000 for a overpriced speaker that has to be plugged into a wall, wow. Go with a diamondboxx xl and you can get almost 2 of them and it has a built in battery plus its louder and much more bass.

Weezer Fanatic says:

When you start laughing and clapping I know an audiophile like myself needs this speaker.

Nie Mand says:

Its a plastic Speaker…. not worth $3000…. For $3000 you get a professional Home Entertainment System…

BG DY Cuanki says:

What’s the song nameLew

Entonite Cali says:

I really need that first song that was played. I know it’s from the dub of Samurai Champloo. But I need song links damnit

Miguel Rodriguez says:

What if u open it up let’s see what’s inside I’m new to your channel sorry if u did this then already

Kable says:

it looks like it has 2 subs thats why

jeremy enjaynes says:


Adrian Lara says:

We need ypur sound cloud playlist

Candice Killmer says:

Definately MINDBLOWING!!!

Jordan Whitehouse says:

Whats the first song

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