Tudor Watches – The Heritage Black Bay Review

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I call the Tudor Watch brand the “little brother” of Rolex. On this video, I will review the 41-mm Tudor Heritage Black Bay, which is my favorite model from the new Tudor Watches lineup.

Established in 1946, Tudor Watches are made by Rolex. Even though the brand has heritage and includes high quality timepieces, it does not include an in-house movement, which makes the watches more entry-level and accessible to someone in the market for a cheaper luxury watch.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay with the anodized red bezel, the one I’m reviewing, looks a bit like a vintage Rolex Submariner, which makes it attractive in my eyes. The watch is well balanced and its classic design makes it stand out.

The bezel of this Tudor watch has more of a coined edge to it, instead of a more serrated edge like the Rolex Submariner.

The Tudor Heritage looks good with any strap combination. Personally, I prefer to sport it with a Nato strap, but it can look great with the original metal strap or a more vintage style leather strap.

Unlike the regular Submariner, the Heritage Black Bay does not include crown guards. The anodized, red crown tube also looks very unique and catchy. Furthermore, the insignia on the crown serves as an additional embellishment to the watch’s overall look.

The watch comes with a Swiss ETA automatic movement, which makes it more accessible in price.

The dial of the Black Bay also has a bit of a vintage look to it.

The retail price of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch is around $3,100 and you can find the watch for a good price close to $2,500.

Some watch snobs or purists may frown upon Tudor watches because, since they are cheaper timepieces than actual Rolex watches, many consider them inferior. I don’t share that opinion.

The fact is that despite the criticism, quite a few watch snobs out there have a Tudor watch like the Black Bay in their collection! I think that for the price, it’s an affordable way for watch lovers to enter the luxury watch market; that is, a great, entry-level watch.

How do you feel about Tudor watches in general? Let me know what you think…

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TheTerminator says:

I already upset my wife with this watch..haha

Gianni says:


Great video! What watch are you wearing in this video?

Sensei says:

Any “URWERK” reviews in the making ? 🙂

Tom Barišič says:

I love the diamond skull bracelets you use to match with the watches, what are they called?

kenny ginger says:

I do understand,but what between ETA and house movement?

Ac31o1 says:

can you do a review on the omega speedmaster professional?

nim nim parvin says:

hey Erik what is the brand of your sunglasses?

Gabriel Boyce says:

What do you think about the black bay bronze?

Derrick Martinez says:

I have had the Tudor Black Bay – Black for about 4 months now and I love it. I wear it with the black fabric strap it comes with and it is very comfortable. I have an unboxing video if anyone is interested.

Christopher Mendez says:

hey bro can you please do a video on the Breitling Superocean 2? I think it’s a good choice for a swiss diver under or around 4k you get
1.well made steel design
2.choice of steel, rubber, or leather band.
3. choice of buckle or deployment clasp
4. very smooth rotating bezel with timer and rubber bezel insert.
5. large Arabic lumed numerals around bezel
6. 24 hour scale
7. minute indications on outer bezel
8. date function with quick change
(change date at any time) and it changes right at midnight like rolex.
9. water resistant to minimum 500 meters up to over 2000m I believe
10. recognizable and respected brand.
I think it’s a great buy especially since Breitling is using an in house movement (based off the ETA and valjoux they use to source)

A. Shaw says:

Got myself a Pelagos in blue, one of the first in my collection, but still a favourite.

graz ryan says:

Hi! Which one will be much collectible potential, the last batch ETA black bay or the new and very first black bay in house?

North1867 says:

I love the Black Bay with the Red Bezel. It looks great in a distressed leather strap too. You know, I think I like it more than a Sub. But if I got one, would I regret not getting a Rolex? Anyways, great video.

Joe Joe says:

if its a rolex why dont they just call it a rolex and take the tudor name off of it??

jason starek says:

Another nice vid. Thanks for doing something a little lower on the food chain. I’ve always liked Tudor.

MAHDIfied4SOPHIA says:

Just bought one and I love it with the in house movement

Vladimir Zigic says:

Hi Eric, love your videos, because you have valid and credible comments.
I really like Tudor Fastrider Black Shield, what do you think, how about a review?

btw when I compare Tudor Pelagos vs. Rolex Submariner, aside from the brand and design of course, I have trouble reasoning to my self
why pay double the money for Sub when Pelagos seems better. :/ Or did I miss something?
Thanx, take care

Sam Ho says:

nice vid as usual!

דן שלמה says:

it’s about time to think different from all others and to explore the Watches for what it is and not exploring the names…I thing brands like Tag Heuer and Seiko much more unique from Rolex -Tudor ……watches are not good investment for the money in  the long run,

john strachan says:

You have convinced me, thats the one. Great vid.

Marko Markovic says:

i didn’t see a video about iwc. can you make a video on that. what do think about iwc?

Arthur Scargill says:

Good video – could listen to you say “Two-door” all day long. Take care Eric.

DeAd says:

once again.. great review

Thomas k says:

Sweet video, never knew tudor uses ETA

Leon Kalogeropoulos says:

The new tudor Black bays got inhouse movements or am i wrong?

Vitalstatistix Stats says:

Hey Eric, you must have already heard about RM 68-01 Cyril Kongo. Would be a great video if you get your hands on one in the near future. Also if you could do a comparison of Felipe Massa Sapphire RM 56, would be nice. Cheers!

Nicholas Squitieri says:

Now since Basel, they have gone in house and my new Personal Two Favorites are the Black Bay Black Bezel and Black Bay Bronze! (Sold my Red Bezel….)

mustang77ism says:

Great review! This is an absolute great watch. I have the black bezel version which was made for less than a year and its a keeper. These watches are special even among watch snobs as they have unquestionable pedigree. Absolute value and bang per buck. Legit horology for ~3k…wow!
Eric, maybe you can review a Speedmaster Professional; another great value piece with excellent pedigree and historical significance.

G1234 X says:

Any chance you’re planning to review the Calibre de Cartier diver and/or Santos 100?

Chris R. says:

Nice Video Eric! Keep going. How about reviews of maurice lacroix watches?

Pieter-Jan 95 says:

what do you think of montblanc watches?

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