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Tudor Heritage Black Bay In-House Movement Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the new for 2016 version of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay with the in-house made automatic movement.

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Ashton Kee says:

Holding out on buying one until they put a ceramic bezel on it. Baselworld 2017 perhaps?

Dino Scarsella says:

39 umm’s annoying

igotnoideawhattoput says:

Tudor please bring back the old dial! The Tudor rose is way better.

goonzjav says:

I dont know, I just cant get into liking Tudors

phototristan says:

I sold my Black Bay Blue b/c of the ETA movement. I may have to consider one of the new ones.

ali hawater says:

its so good on your wrist y would u say its big

buddyb 5555 says:

Way too slabby sided form me. Too bad as I like the face.

ripperx444 says:

Those rivets are not cool!

HachiZenki says:

I think the case design was a missed opportunity for Tudor. They went with the ‘little brother to the Submariner’ look too much with the thick lugs and sides polished to the 9’s rather than the thinner brushed 7924 look. It would’ve given the watch more of it’s own personality rather than a borrowed aesthetic.

Shashike Jaywalking says:

whoa!! He said submariner, instead of Submareener.

An Acquired Taste says:

Great review, thanks for the content !

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

I love Tudor, and I think they are just getting better and better. Ok, so some people may not like this particular watch. And yes the difference in black bay models is pretty significant, especially when it comes to dimensions. And there was nothing wrong with the ETA movement. Completely bomb proof. But you cannot ignore the fact that this is a completely in house calibre, which is what every watch manufacturer worth their salt should strive for. And for the most part. Tudor seem to be restraining the prices for their watches. And at this price point, it is a very worthy alternative to the submariner. I would like to see a couple more developments in the In house range though. Such as a GMT and Chronograph movement etc.

Andrew Steel says:

nice watch, in house movement is good just as long as tudor doesnt forget they are the affordable rolex. if they star to jack up there prices because of the new movements then it sort defeats the purpose.

Andrew Hutchinson says:

I’ve been trying to put my finder for a while now on why I don’t quite like Tudor. I think it’s the hands. The dial doesn’t quite work IMO, the circular markers and the snowflake hands are awkwardly not quite the same. This in house isn’t quite as good as everyone’s making out either.

TheChosenOne says:

When will you review the BB36?

243wayne1 says:

Don’t EVER compare Tudor to ROLEX in the same sentence.  Not even close.

ryvr madduck says:

The 2824 ETA put me off Tudor, and I bought the Black Bay Bronze two weeks ago. God it’s a beautiful, big watch. I didn’t like the “snowflake,” but they are historic, and comparing the dial to my SeaDweller they are quite similar except the Tudor uses numerals at three, six, and nine but only on the Bronze Black Bay. As for the fat case, it works. I have an Omega SeaMaster and it is busy in side profile with the mid-case, bottom and a series of rings at the top with the bezel. The Black Bay just has that fat case and the bezel/crystal same 14mm dimension as the Omega.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

That’s one fat phuckr!

Alan c says:

wow they’ve made it worse thicker and ugly rivets and now less affordable also..oh well

Charles Ford says:

Riveted links? How do you remove those?

ThePhiltastic says:

It’s 2mm thicker. 15mm in fact. Just as thick as a IWC 3777 pilot chronograph. That is insane.

Watch The Hands says:

Please review Black Bay 36!

Matt Mitchell says:

Not a fan of the bracelet.

Bradly Hill says:

Very cool movement and bracelet but really prefer the older dial. The new dial is too modern looking for what the watch is going for.

Min K says:


A says:


Un-Named Trucker says:

I love it. I’ll take two!

Scott Keefer says:

It’s not just a tad thicker. The older, ETA model is 12.7mm. The new one is 14.8mm and that is a significant difference. Unless you have larger-than-average wrists (which I do not), the new one is far too clunky. I’ll keep my ETA model.

Tanner Murdock says:

Nice review! But where is the Black Bay 36 review??

RejZoR says:

How much does the in-house movement add up to the price? Tudors weren’t exactly affordable with the ETA, I’m guessing now, they are even less despite the benefits of longer power reserve…

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