Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 – Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews

Based on Customer Reviews, Features and Reasonable Price, Our #1 Top pick is : and Budget Sound Bar is :

Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 – Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews:

❥ ❥ 7.The Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

❥ ❥ 6.Sony HTXT2 2.1 Channel Sound Base with Bluetooth

❥ ❥ 5.Denon DHT-S514 Home Theatre Sound Bar System with HDMI, Bluetooth Streaming, and Wireless Subwoofer

❥ ❥ 4.Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

❥ ❥ 3.Yamaha YSP-3300 Digital Sound Projector with Wireless Subwoofer

❥ ❥ 2.Vizio SB4051-C0 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar System

❥ ❥ 1.Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar for Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker

Product In-details:
This amazing sound bar system by Bose will help revolutionize your home’s audio sound experience and take it to the next level. It features HDMI connectivity with the 4K-pass through that will enable you to enjoy your music, TV shows, and movies like never before.
At No 6.
If you are need of a sound bar speaker system that is highly portable and doesn’t come along with various stand-alone speakers then this is your best bet. This particular sound bar comes with the one-piece speaker with an inbuilt subwoofer allowing it to easily fit below your TV. Its Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates the cumbersomeness of having to rely on cords for connection. With it, you will easily play music wirelessly via Bluetooth using the SongPal app. If you need to stream music online using your Smartphone you can take advantage of Google cast and play music on this sound bar system using your favorite music apps. If you need to enhance the sound system in the room you can easily add other compatible Sony wireless speakers as rear surround speakers which will be connected to it via the Bluetooth technology
At No 5.
This premium quality sound bar system by Denon lets you enjoy an amazing sound experience right at your home whether and it doesn’t matter if you’re watching movies on your TV, listening to music from your DVD player or playing games. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer that is so powerful and helps to accentuate the sound quality effect. Another good feature of the sound bar system is that fact that you can easily use the HDMI cable to connect it to your TV set or your set-top box and play audio with it. Its virtual surround sound effect simulates the sound of a multi-channel speaker system thus giving you a kind of theatre-like sound experience right in your home. Use your Bluetooth enabled device such your Smartphone, tablet to stream music right through the sound bar system.
At No 4.
Samsung Electronics indeed produces some of the best electronics ever and this Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 watts wireless audio soundbar system is an example. The sound bar comes with a high-quality subwoofer with a center speaker which works well to offer you that surround sound effect that you will love. You can use this soundbar system from Samsung to help turn your home into a mini “theater”. The total output power of the sound bar system is 340 watts and you can imagine how that is too powerful. This sound bar system helps deliver
At No 3.
The Yamaha YSP-3300 digital soundbar system features the 7.1 channel for an even better surround sound output. The system uses up to 16 array speakers which are controlled by the Yamaha YSP technology to give off a thrilling 3D sound effect. The soundbar also comes with a wireless but subwoofer which will help you that amazing bass boost.
At No 2.
This quality soundbar system from Vizio features wireless connection technology, therefore, eliminating the cumbersomeness that comes with cord speakers. Experience an amazing surround sound effect from your television set or even from your DVD player via this powerful 40 inches 5.1 soundbar system from Vizio.
And coming at no 1 of our list.

This is great sound bar system that you could easily connect with your television set and get to experience 3D sound output right in your home. It features wireless technology meaning you don’t need to have wires to connect it to your TV set or DVD player. You can easily enhance the surround sound effect of your Sonos sound bar by engaging the True play speaker tuning feature basically turning it into a real home theater system. All of the sound bar’s speakers are wireless and can easily be synced together to give you that amazing sound effects.

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Chewy V says:

I don’t think you’ve actually heard these sound bars in person, I just got the Vizio sound bar, sound like shit I’m boxing it up and sending it back as we speak

Julius Vinh says:

How affordable ? where are the prices ?

Jide Fasanya says:

Ppl shouldn’t be commenting if they’ve not used or tested at least two of these products. In my opinion, Bose Soundtouch 300 is the best on quality of sound projected, better than Sonos if you test them side by side for days in different scenarios. Comparing on price range is another thing!

Marco Bösch says:

Bose Soundtouch 300 is the best Soundbar #1


bose sound bar price.. $224 :'(((( rest in piece

Edward Reyez says:

affordable? i cant understand..

Melvin Koyuncu says:

So what do you guys think? wich is the best soundbar according to your opinion?

Matthew Cardenas says:

just got the Polk SignaS1…Great sound for less than $200

J Andrew says:

Sonos does not have bluetooth capability = not worth it!

David Page says:

a soundbar is different to a soundbase!! please separate the two

alvin viray says:

for me sony is the best about in the audio mostly they are using a high resolution audio so sony is the first who invented the hi-res audio w/c is 3x detailed of the mp3 format sound mostly in a bit rate of sound,so the sound you can feel in a life like.

Nikolas Gosewehr says:

bro u messed up on #4 the 650 only adds on radiant360 speakers which is why its better then the hwk 550 because the 550 and 650 are the same exact same soundbar and subwoofer except 650 lets u use radiant for rear surround the swa 8000s are for the 550 and 450 n under

A&I Entertainment says:

come check out our comparison of the beats pill+ vs the samusung soundbar if you wanna hear the difference between the two.

ballards02 says:

I checked both bose and sonos the sound from bose was amazing very crisp clear and the base was excellent, Sonos was just flat .

B2 MAN says:

Bose is the best if u know bit

Sai Jin says:

i am surprised bose is not number one they are the best home theater speakers out there

Deoxys HD says:

Can someone recommend me a soundbar that doesn’t require a audio optical cord because my tv does not have one.

Steven Rivera says:

dude you must be smoking something.bose numb 7 lol

JayMonstaR6 says:

Affordable? And you start with Bose?

America Pride says:

Should I buy a Bose sound bar or a Samsung sound bar

Joshua Gutierrez says:

that Vizio is a pos I just got of the phone with them because my unit failed and because it was out of warranty they couldn’t help, and if you search online many people complain about the quality of that unit. No dis respect intended, just letting people know what they are getting themselves into.

M 310 says:

Bose over priced & overrated

Josh B says:

no way sony should be on the list unless some sponsored bs … you can also use alot of computer speakers too , jbl has alot on sale

LiL-A-407 says:

I just bought the Samsung HW M550 340W 3.1 ch. soundbar on Saturday. the soundbar is awesome but the subwoofer sucks. not very powerful at all unless the volume is almost at max till you actually feel it.

Paarth Mahajan says:

sonos at no.1 and bose at 7? are you kidding me. i am not biased to any of these companies but these 2 products are the top contenders when it comes to wifi based sound bars. their eco system is almost the same and they have exact same pricing. i was expecting them to be next to each other based on individual preference.

Patrick Conrad says:

when i think affordable. i think no more that 150 dollars at most. screw this

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