Top 5 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2015

In this video, We will show you our top 5 best Smartwatches in 2015, This video is for who want to buy the best smartwatches with high quality, smooth and beautiful such as Samsung, Asus, Pebble Steel, Motorola and LG Watch brand. You can buy all of these watches in the description below.

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5. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch (0:00)
4. Asus ZenWatch (2:00)
3. Pebble Steel (3:51)
2. Motorola Moto 360 (5:08)
1. LG G Watch R (6:03)

Here are the new smartwatches that i didn’t mention in this video.
■ Asus ZenWatch 2
■ Samsung Gear S2
■ Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)
■ Huawei Watch

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nadeen khan says:
Shafin's Kingdom says:

3:00 Ignore Boss, Talk about this Painting

farihaa masood says:


The Gaming Guava Fruit says:


Shadoww324 _ says:

0:40 S u c c

Geth777 says:

google’s upcoming smartwatches gonna rule the market

MäzëKïñg says:

whats the name of the watch in the thumbnail

Blurryface says:

2:45 who has a presentation with a. laptop

Chemical Ali says:

Xio Mi smartwatch

rushikesh hudar says:


Clorox Bleach says:

I think smartwatches are useless but I still think they’re cool

Kaushal Kumar says:

is it necessary to use with the phone

rabnawaz nawaz says:

I want this .00966596611075

deco shireb says:


the vinyl man says:

i love the last video!

Fabrice Caduc says:

miele G1150 SCI

Alex says:

Its so that the freewheeling Harley Davidson guy never misses the notification to pay alimony.

Bluesteve 75 says:

the links are fake

Mr.BassPwr says:

I want that LG G watch R <3

Max says:

LOL, the Moto 360 at 5:45+ has a poor tracked video over the watch, what a poor execution of the motion-tracking job done here!

ToughCookie says:

what is the watch in the thumbnail

Shubham Singh says:


Halit Yazar says:

Hello turkey

Mariovo5 says:

lol the same video hahaha a year latter lol

Anshu Yadav says:

hey wats the name of the watch that appears on your video post. the one with all black round face and no bezel and black straps and on tje sxreen is written MUSIK & RUZGAR and is showing play button for 0laying music?

Atobite Fareedah says:

can you type with smartwatches??

pitsaria poueskise says:

Useless products offering nothing except profit to this stupid companies. Idiots.

Bhagwan Jha says:


electrode800 says:

lg g watch r the best really 🙂

Lukas Pjw says:

The only and one is the Huawei watch!


love it….. amazing video helped me a lot to choose which watch to buy .

esteban Ramos caucil says:

what is the best moto 360 or lg g r

Sohel rana says:

how much price???? this

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