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Top 5 Best GPS Watches early 2016. I do plant of GPS watch reviews (look below) and I’ve narrowed the list down to the top 5 on the market right now. What makes a good gps watch? Well, it depends on the intended use, but design, comfort, functionality, software, firmware, durability, etc. are all important. The garmin fenix3 for example has all of that, but sadly does not have internal storage for music playback like the TomTom Spark has. If you’re more of a gps running watch kind of person, it’s hard to look past Garmin forerunner watches. I haven’t posted my videos yet, but I will have a Garmin Forerunner 235 review, Garmin Forerunner 230 review, and Garmin Forerunner 630 review live here in the very near future.

I’ve also done plenty of fitbit reviews and checked out a lot of fit bit products, but I don’t think I’d put the Fitbit Surge watch on the top 5 just yet. It’s still worth your consideration, especially if you want 24×7 heart rate readings, but it’s not the best on the market. I do a lot of fitbit reviews (some people call it bit fit haha) as well as other fitness tracker reviews and gps running watch reviews so I’m feeling confident with this list.

If you want a GPS watch with the best wrist heart rate monitor, you may want to go with the Garmin Forerunner 225 (link below). The Garmin FR235 is another sweet option in addition to the Garmin FR225. Fitbit heart rate stuff is ok, but it’s no Mio or Garmin or Valencell stuff.

Still, most of these fitness bands/running watches can be paired with a heart rate monitor, which is kind of necessary nowadays. I’ll have top 5 best heart rate monitors video up soon. Also, I’ll be updating my top 5 best activity trackers / best fitness trackers video shortly.

Garmin fenix 3 review:

Garmin Forerunner 920XT review:

TomTom Spark Cardio + Music review:

Polar M400 review:

Garmin Forerunner 25 review:

Garmin vivoactive review:

Suunto Ambit3 review:

Fitbit Surge review:

Garmin Forerunner 225 review:


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Morey Brown says:

nicely put together video Riz. You choose to mention the Vertical Osc/Ground Contact time feature of some of the Garmins. Has anyone figured out what to do with that information? Is it of any useful benefit to know it? Your thoughts? And- I want a Fenix3, but worried about lack of accurate GPS accuracy (~2000 garmin forums posts on the subject). Accuracy not essential for everyday runs, but on race day, it could really mess up pacing.

Larry L. says:

Same as my vivoactive comment a few minutes ago, also I forgot to mention I will be walking my property lines through the
brush and trees and I would like to see where I am.

Megan Petruccelli says:

What’s the major difference in the Fenix 3 HR & ForeRunner 235? As far as the activity tracking does the Fenix just a lot more features? And how does the battery life between these 2 compare?

Jose Renato Barros de Souza says:

what is the best watch for swimming? I’m thinking of buying a fenix 2, because the fenix 3 is still very expensive, I use primarily for swimming and somitimes running. do you have another suggestion? Is there a better watch for swimming? Salutes from Brazil.

Nadav.carmely Ncarmely740 says:

Got the Fenix 3 thanks to you.
Great watch, love it.
Tnx for the review.

SHAWN V says:

no suunto?????

Michael Gorlitsky says:

I have a wrist with no watch. I like it because it doesn’t require charging and doesn’t occupy any physical space or weigh anything. When I go jogging, I just jog and then stop jogging when I’m done.

Stamatis Levantis says:

I have the polar m400 and I am tired of wearing the strap. What would you recommended in terms of a wrist based hrm with gps. Running weight training, tennis thanks for your help

Daniel Parker says:

Why did the Fitbit Surge get left out of this? Im not sure wether to get a fitbit surge or a forerunner 235 what are your thoughts?

James Rock says:

I need a hard wearing activity tracker/ watch. Had a fitbit surge got damaged during day to day wear. Need it to connect to my fitness pal, M400 doesn’t. Any suggestions, M400 would be perfect if the my fitnesspal for android worked.

Mauro C. says:

Which running watch should i buy, somebody please help me RizKnows ;-).
I’m looking for the Garmin FR 235 or the TomTom runner 2 cardio + music, or you have got another watch in mind 😉 (y).

Grts Mauro

Kara R says:

What would be your favorite watch for a women doing HIIT, cardio and weight training, and everyday tracking???

Yanko Martic says:

Just Garmin… Garmin fails too often… in my opinion.

Ellen T says:

Is it possible to find out if there is nickel in any of the bands of the afformentioned top five? I am allergic to nickel, like many women I know, and it’s the very reason why I have never been able to wear any decent watches during working out. Now that I’m into OCRs I am also curious which would be best for the underwater obstacles.

ramy rayd says:

?How much is this watch if I want to buy them where

Dan Sixbury says:

I originally bought the Garmin 620 last year and was for running almost 100% now doing triathlons and training in pool and OWS as well as biking indoors/outdoors. Trying to decide between fenix 3 and 920xt You say 920 for Triathlon specific watch, but say fenix 3 is the best. So which is it?

ilya pardo says:

i just got my garmin 235 thanks i love it

Bob Calvanese says:

I have a fenix3 and a V800, and have been going back and forth between them for months now. I am trying my best to love the fenix3 but it has so many bugs now that I just cant depend on it. The V800 does not have as many bells and whistles as the fenix3, but it is very consistent and dependable. If Garmin would fix existing issues before releasing a bunch of new features the fenix3 would be a much better device. or example, I have been monitoring my VO2max with both devices for quite a few months now. The V800 tells me that it is increasing over time while the fenix3 tells me I am decreasing over time. I know for a fact that I am increasing because several months ago I could only walk 1 mile at about 3 to 3.5 mph pace without having to lay down for an hour and feeling like I was going to die (old and out of shape dude). now I can power walk over 8 miles at almost a 5 mph pace with no problem at all. Garmin also seems to constantly have issues with different servers going down,  widgets not displaying the correct data, phantom activities, unknown device for activities, step counting issues when walking at fast paces, and the list goes on. I think your reviews are great, and I respect your opinions too. I am just adding my experience with these products.Bob


i own one TomTom watch, GPS sucks in my area, btw i live in Singapore and GPS maybe not suitable

Wooi Shen Yeoh says:

thanks for sharing….

Liliom Liliom says:

Hello there, I’m about to purchase the Garmin 620 watch. So would you recommend it with the hearth rate monitor or without the monitor?? Thanks, Zsuzsi

Jason Harries says:

Hi, do you know if it’s possible to add caller ID to the Fenix 3?, I mean when people call you, you only get the number displayed and not the name even though the caller is a saved contact.
Great if you can help.

dannyx 123 says:

Awesome videos!can you review the fenix 2 pleaseeee, so I can make a decision?

Javier Retamoza says:

Riz, great videos. Thank you. Question: Fenix 3 sapphire vs. Fenix 3 HR. I just bought the Fenix 3 this past Xmas and now am having regrets since the HR came out. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Is that a real background at the beginning?

Michael Chisena says:

@RizKnows or anyone else who may have some knowledge, I’ve got a bit of a tall order for you but I was hoping you could help a little. How do you think the Garmin Fenix 3 stacks to the Suunto Ambit3 Peak? If I’m primarily looking for a good backcountry GPS watch for climbing and mountaineering, which would you recommend? Does the Fenix3 get the altimeter, barometer, and weather info from your smartphone or is it like the Ambit3 Peak and does it all through the watch? And also do you know if the running features are as good on the Ambit3 Peak as they are on the Fenix 3 (cadence, steps per min, etc)? Thanks in advance!

Chuleerat Fowler says:

what’s the best for cycling? am to sick for wearing heart strap.

maurice nasr says:

Hello i am confused between fenix 2, vivioactive, suunto ambit3, i run, do cycling, hiking , and i’d like something with mobile notification


you are very helpful, thanks!

factoryoutletstore says:

Love all the Garmin running watches. We wear them every day and recommend them to everyone we know (and even people we don’t know).

Adeel Adi says:


Can you please tell me about Fenix 3 Battery life.


kourgath007 says:

Jeff, a question for you. I have read a few reviews of the Fenix 3 on Amazon and see a number of reviews complaining about the GPS being inaccurate. What has been your experience with regards to the GPS?

littlejln213 says:

Heya, What do you think about the vivoactive hr? would you wait for it or would you go with the sunto ambit3? I mostly hike/backpack/kayak. or possible the polar 400? Thanks for any help.

Xlora Yaltova says:

What is the best watch for a woman (running). I like Suunto but lots of them are really large . I have very thin wrists and I don’t want to wear something that would look like an alarm clock.

Tobias Schaab says:

Hey Riz, should I get the M400 for 140€ or the TomTom for 120€? What I am really concert about is the HR measurement of the TomTom. Is it accurate? Greetings from Germany 😉

Peter Resetarits says:

can the Fenix3 display a Military MGRS grid coordinate in real time ?

akinisu says:

RizKnows thanks for the great review. I’m a beginner triathlete and also like to track my daily activity (steps, calories etc) – would you recommend the Fenix or the 920XT? thanks again!!


None of these have aviation navigation features.

Boon7ang says:

What about vertical for the climbers?

martyfriedman666 says:

For running watch, i would pick the 230 over the 235 just because i would rather use a more accurate chest HRM. So with that said, how would you pick between the 230 and the 620? I can’t decide! haha!

Malcolm Mills says:

How well does the garmin Fr235 work with sprinting?

Derek Mann says:

Nice vid Riz, I’m thinking of getting forerunner 235 for trail running and gym workouts; do you think that’s a good option over the spark?

Prashant Patil says:

Nice watchs but costly

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