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– POLAR M400:
– Garmin vivoactive:

– Garmin FR15:

– TomTom Multisport:

– Fitbit Surge:

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My thoughts on the top 5 best GPS watches under $250 on the market as of the date of this video. Some of these might be what you’d consider the best GPS running watch, but mostly I tried to focus on multi-sport devices. I discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of each product and give my opinion on what is the best that you can buy today My thoughts on the best gps watch you buy. just so you know, I’ve done a Garmin vivoactive review, polar m400 review, and fitbit surge review. You can check those out on my YT channel.


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Chev_on_the_Low says:

I was wondering how comfortable the heart rate monitors that strap on your chest are and if people can see them? I understand that the heart-bands around the chest work the best but it it uncomfortable when you are moving around and does it slide down? Thank you

Heather S says:

Fitbit Surge or PolarV800? I do a lot of interval training, running, and biking. I’m currently on the search for a new activity tracker/HR monitor and having a hard time deciding….. I don’t like the chest strap but want what’s more accurate. I’d like the GPS and HR monitoring. which would you recommend?

raketkacz says:

hi i just bought my polar m400. like the features. but i seem to have no idea how to use it. is there a good detailed tutorial on how to use the watch. the app just puzzles me. i rode my bike to work but didnt start the bycicling activity on. so ittells me i burned like 700 calories and i took 4500 steps already which is totally nonsense. i just want to track my steps my biking distance and calories. too many watches too many features. its all confusing… got any advice for me?

alex111683 says:

What about the Sony smartwatch 3? Gps, 4gb storage for music, Bluetooth and much much much more for under 250

Subrath Dash says:

I have couple of question, plzz help me understand I am tired going though web pages and not getting a right answer.
I have not used a GPS watch till now. till this time I have used is the Jawbone UP24.

I want to buy a M400 after going through a lot. I want the device to calculate my running distance, speed, pace and cadence. My questions are as below.

1. Can M400 Calculate Runs on Treadmill?
2. Do I have to carry a phone also in the pocket while running with a GPS watch?
3. If i do not have to carry a phone, will M400 plot a map of my Run. I want to know which roads i ran through after the run.
4. Can M400 be paired with an Android Phone?

Peter Schwandes says:

Hi! Whats about the Polar RC3???
Is the RC3 better than the m400?

bywizer says:

I’d zoned in on the M400, so excited this is your top pick. My question is it comes with or without the heart rate monitor? What’s the + to having this and is it worth it?

Carla Nogueira says:

You could review Adidas micoach…  🙂
And give your opinion about the best suitable for thin wrists

Waskan Herrera says:

What do you think about the garmin Fenix. Is it still worth buying

Karl Andollini says:

What is the better washes, M400 or forunner 220? Thanks

Ashutosh khale says:

superb ….tres bien …Riz

Roberto Wilson says:

As always a fab video. You mention that polar m400 is not great fit for small wrists? What budget gps sports watches are good for thin wrists?

Alex Hamilton says:

Can you review the Garmin Tactix


Hey people! Thanks for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you decide that you want to buy any of the devices mentioned in this video and you don’t care which retailer you go through, please consider buying with my good friends at They help keep RizKnows up and running. Here is the link:

Daniel Martinez says:

GREAT VIDEO!!! SUPER HELPFUL!!!! Does the M400 also monitor yoga?

Felix Rayner says:

Brief, focused, fair and informative. Well done.

maria fernanda carrillo says:

Hi which one is good for capoeira ? Cheers !

Nick Arend says:

I’m having trouble finding an answer to this. does the Polar M400 sync with a garmin heart rate or will it only sync to a polar HR monitor?

Erik Bradford says:

Vivoactive, M400, or TomTom Runner Cardio? I use run keeper and i don’t want to switch but if I do I know the Under Armour suite works well with all of them and I know Nike+ works with the Garmin and the TomTom. I don’t want to switch apps, but I need a good GPS watch and you seem to be really in the know so I’d love your input

Thomas Fleming says:


George DeLeon says:

So let me ask you, Fenix 2 just dropped to $250. Where would the Fenix 2 fall within this list? I would prefer the Fenix 3 but only have Fenix 2 money. Would love to get your thoughts. Before the price drop, I was slightly leaning towards the Vivoactive. Very much appreciated. Thanks!

Pancho Perez says:

Anyone know any good watches under $100

Kevin Journeau says:

Which of these watches have gpx files that I can download to my computer

Marnie Vandeusen says:

I thought I wanted the Surge, but now I am thinking of going with the Charge. Thank you.

Bruno Torres says:

Hi, I’ve really enjoying watching your videos but I have really hard time making a choice. I really hope you could help me make a choice. To help you helping me here is what I do as exercising and what I would like to get as information.
I play hockey twice a week so I would love to be able to use it while I’m playing.
I would love to know how many calories I burn per day.
I also so cycling and spinning bike.
I’m going to join a gym now soon but I heard that the watches are having hard time trading the heart beat. Is it true?

So one of the things I would like a lot is not have to wear a strap or bringing my phone behind me. 🙂 I’m pretty sure you know what I mean :). The less stuff I have on me the better.

I hope you can really help me with this indecision that I’ve been having for a long time.

Thank you.

Mr.Seref Bey says:

Hey Riz, really enjoy your videos. I’m looking for an activity tracker for mostly soccer and fitness tracking (lifting, interval training) with a hear monitor. I also want GPS tracking for my random runs, hiking, etc. 
Is there something you can recommend? 
Thanks in advance.

o.o says:

M400 have just one issue. The microusb port doesn’t work properly. Subjected to oxidation, stop working and make the recharge impossible

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