Top 5 BEST Bluetooth Speakers for 2019 !

CHECK UPDATED PRICES: – JBL Charge 4 – JBL Charge 3 – JBL Xtreme 2 – JBL Flip 4 – Onyx Studio 4 – Marshal Stanmore 2 – Bose Soundlink Revolve+ – Doss Soundbox $30 – Doss Soundbox Pro – Doss Soundbox XL – Sony XB41

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Full Video Reviews here : – JBL Charge 4 VS charge 3 – JBL Xtreme 2 – JBL Flip 4 – Onyx Studio 4 – Marshal Stanmore 2 – Bose Soundlink Revolve+ – Doss Soundbox $30 – Doss Soundbox Pro – Doss Soundbox XL – Onyx Studio 5


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N0V3M says:

UE Boom 2?

Isak Vestin says:

Can you make a review of the jbl boombox?

Intricate Thinker says:

1:25 Did he just pee on the speaker?

Kanam Junior says:

Really too bad you didn’t consider the MegaBoom 3 form Ultimate Ears.

XxKazxX xoxo says:

I still got my UE Megaboom and is still has great battery… not much has changed… until Bose comes out w bigger and better features i will stick with my Megaboom…

Chamren Horn says:

If you are looking for a good bluetooth speaker I recommend the Echo 2rd gen or JBL. Those in my experience have the best sound quality as well as coming with a built in Alexa system. You can find both on Amazon for relatively cheap and there is even a sale going on right now.
Echo 2nd Gen: (
JBL: JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) (

Zion Shokoya says:

Can you pair more than one device with the JBL speakers and the LG PKs. Because I have a Pk3 and was thinking of buying another one and connect both to play stereo sound via my phone if possible. Because the PK3 has not got dual play

Brian Graham says:

People who don’t know audio know Bose. Thanks for the information on which ones not to buy. Bruh…lmao

General Watching says:

spot on, good review, i also feel sony has lost with new gen speaker this year i have the old ones xb20 which i bough over jbl but this year sony is not so good. The thing last year i did not like about jbl was narrow sound stage as compared to sony’s i mentioned above. but may be after this review i will give it a try. But the question is which JBL model since bigger ones may have over powering base.

Troy Sorensen says:

Would the mid level doss speaker be sufficiently loud for working with heavy machines in a factory?

Zeusky GT Kivi says:

jbl is the worst speaker company, i have a charge 3 that broke on me 3 times on the right side that has a crackle

pandaofspadez09 says:

BEWARE OF JBL FLIP 4! after a couple of months the battery will NOT HOLD A CHARGE. requiring you to buy a replacement battery (CS-JMF310SL) and taking it apart is a bitch too. just trying to help.

i might go with bose.

Iván Borruel says:

My recommendation is GO TO THE STORE AN LISTEN TO THEM, I bought the JBL Charge 4 because everyone says that is sounds good but is not, I didn’t like it, the sound quality is cheap.

Ming Xi Cui says:

Where’s the UE??? MEGABOOM3??

khurram saeed says:

why haven’t you review deviale Bluetooth speaker

Edgar Uligh says:

You guys are missing on the super life jacket from ALTEC

Anton Khoe says:

JBL Flip 4 is the best.easy to carry,light weight..sound good.good battery..

Dirkadirka Dirkadirka says:

Have had my jbl xtreme 2 for about a month now. For those of you that like balanced sound that pops with smooth tight bass this is it!!!

Attack Helicopter says:

Which one has more bass, the Onyx 4 or the JBLs?

Dennis Dowd says:

Great reviews, thanks so much.

Samuraisahsah says:

The Harmon kardon is incredible, I can totally second it’s inclusion on this list, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made

dzdogg says:

kind sir can you review the Anker Soundcore flare plus

sarp kaya says:

Bose Revolve + better then JBL

傾國傾城小哥哥 says:

Bose revolve is shit i bought the plus and battery use so less time i play music with 70% volume 4 hours battery already 50∼60% left, and bose say revolve 360^ what i feel is the sound is loose, and if u turn volume up to ≥80% …..Bose..I just wanna say u let me remember a lyrics..”I dont wannna talk about it, how u broke my heart” I buy Revolve+ no matter the outlook how stupid, because is u give me the confidence by Mini 1’s success. Now I sold my Revolve+ and get the Charge 4, it really impress me. First of all, i bought many Bluetooth speaker before, have JBL Flip 4, Charge 3,Xtreme 1,Boombox.Bose mini 1.UE megaboom.And I would like to say a thx to JBL, this time ur charge 4 really let me cant feel the ratio sound and keep good quality in 100% volume, i really think charge 4 good than boombox, cause boombox is powerful but it will play out the ratio sound and if ur song not high quality will really feel bad, the most big problem is…..Yes the boombox is so loud and can use in a big party seems like every body can have a good music time but once u stand near the boombox, is really bad sound. The bass of boombox is good but the best bass performance is in around 55∼70% volume. Which mean it will let u feel unwell if u use in indoor. But charge 4 this time i can say is really ‘HiFi’ in Bluetooth speaker..some people say Charge 4 this time is mono, but it still can let u the feel 3D sound. If u have Charge 4 u can try this music

Mike G says:

I need help. I’m looking for a bluetooth speaker that isn’t too big but delivers amazing bass and sound at maximum volume without distortion. 200 is the most I’m willing to spend for one. Can anybody help me make a choice? So hard to choose one.

Janno Jens says:

Could you check out the Anker Soundcore 2?
Would be cool

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