TomTom Spark Cardio + Music – REVIEW – Best GPS Watch 2015?!

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TomTom Spark Cardio + Music review. This is a GPS watch, activity tracker, heart rate monitor and music player. It’s a beast of a device. I’ve been holding off on posting this TomTom Spark review because I did want two things to happen: we get an updated mobile app and for a new firmware upgrade to roll out. I just could not wait any longer though.

The TomTom Spark Cardio watch will tracking running, cycling, swimming, gym workouts, and freestyle workouts. For those exercises the heart rate monitor will be running (not swimming though) and you will see your HR in real time. The bad also can store up to 500 songs and relay the music straight to your Bluetooth headphones, which is a game changer for me.

I think for a lot of people , all things considered, the Spark could be the best GPS watch 2016. Now, for some of you, you’ll be a little deterred by the HR sensor currently, but I’m really hoping it gets a nice upgrade. I do plenty of GPS watch reviews and activity tracker reviews so I feel pretty confident in say the Spark is a good one. TomTom still has work to do, but it’s pretty darn good.

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G2DJ says:

Jeff, Great review like always. Quick question: Now since the TomTom Spark Cardio has been out for a while and given the competition, minus the music feature, how would you rate all the other features (HR monitoring during exercising, GPS, web and mobile app integration) over some of the newer units from the competition (I.e. Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) in that same price range (mostly $150-$250)?

Prabhjot Khaira says:

looks like the most legit fitness watch with all the needed features n no bull shit like calls n notifications.
hows the music quality though??


Sorry to said, that watch GPS doesn’t good in my area.

Roger Smith says:

does it have shuffle as part of the music playing option? also, I don’t want to toggle with the watch whilst running, so I’m hoing the bluetooth headphone controls (forward, back, play/pause) work to control playback

Tony T says:

you i dont need to use my iphone for listen music wiht bluetooth headset?
how to i save my mp3 songs in watch storage ?? or any mircro card inside?

Jen Melt says:

Can any one plese tell me if it tells you your distance and average pace through headphones?

Mahsa Anderson says:

thank you for this in depth report! I’ve just ordered mine so it was good to get a positive report on this 🙂

Soban Bashir says:

Great review and with updated features noted! Just ordered for £130 from Amazon UK (Cardio version not music) it’s my first GPS watch I’ve been looking for a long time to be able to leave my phone behind (I’ve stopped listening to music on runs) and am hoping this is the device – looked at bands for HR but wanted GPS too, all on my wrist. It arrives tomorrow we’ll see!

vansurfing says:

Tinder messages… oops

Brian Wildt says:

I can’t help but feel this will be a downgrade from my 5 year old Motorola MOTOACTV with 16gb storage which just died.

Mohd Balushi says:

hi nice video only one thing missing the trackback option like Garmin watch.
i don’t agree with you when you said that you need notification on a watch.

Amil Fuat says:

Hi Jeff, need ur help on the strap size. What’s the max circumference? I read in the official website, it’s 146-206mm. My wrist is about 200mm but when I put on Garmin FR15, it measures 220mm. So my only worry is that it wouldn’t fit me.

I’m actually planning to buy my very 1st sports watch. I run & I need something that I can connect with Nike+. I also go to the gym so obviously the Spark is the best choice since it has Gym mode.


Sainesan Naiker says:

I really wanted to buy the Forerunner 235 but this was literally 170$ in my country and the 235 was 350$ with no signs of changing. I got this did I make the right decision I love the forerunner but being frugal I don’t think I could justify it? what are your thoughts?

kilogruzu says:

just got the spark 🙂 Jeff have you thought about making a Q&A video?

SapphFire says:

What do you think which one is better m400 or this?

nicol degenaar says:

Polar m400 or the tom tom spark cardio+music?

Goodseller09 Tony says:

Please can any answer me!!
can the watch playing music to my bluetooth headset that i dont need bring my phone?

Beatrice Lourenço says:

Are the bluetooth ear phones included??

Rian Klenke says:

Good info, Sports Authority is going out of Bizz, so i got this watch for $150!!:) yeehaa for me. hope yall go check it out before they run out. have a healthy day.

IG says:

Does anyone know if you can use a chest heart rate strap if you got Music one only, i think the chest strap is better might get the music one only with a heart rate strap?

Emmanuel Ike says:

Any updates? Maybe do an updated video on fitness trackers around $250 or below

Carsten H. Møller says:

For how long can the gps log – heard somewhere is only possible for 5 hours?

Hooyah DeepSea says:

did anyone else catch that @ 0:10? hahaha

invisebleman says:

Despite many negative comments here I got myself the watch today. Got it with quite good price (because Spark 3 came out) and I was ready for some disappointment, but I’m really surprised – the watch works perfectly found GPS even indoors and paired with cheap random BT headphones with no problems and found HR quite fast. Hope further usage is same pleasurable.

Attila Ayginin says:

Thanks for the great video. I have a question. I have the same watch just recently purchased.
When I hit any button it takes almost 6-7 seconds to enter the related menu. However once it enters the menu, the buttons reaction time is OK… Is that normal, cause I also see in your video around 1.30 you hit the left button and the related screen comes 5-6 seconds later…? Thanks for your feedback.

Panagiotis Kiparissiou says:

the HR is working 24h ?

scott bathard says:

is this better than the garmin vivoactive hr and does it link with strava. please write back as I never get replies

Phil hayward says:

Good video Riz but 1 important thing first. They’re shit thats made in China. Mine lasted 3 days before it refused to locate any gps signal when trying to use cycle mode while my Garmin gps got a fix within 4 seconds. There should have been an icon in the top left corner telling you it’s acquiring a satellite but this didn’t show. It only works when it wants (1 1/2 hrs waiting for a fix with no result on several occasions). Don’t know if it’s software or hardware but who cares I got a refund

Steve Ayala says:

Can you sync it with Nike Running?

Cameron R says:

If you are able to review the samsung gear fit 2 can you compare it to the tom tom spark?

Michelle Auflick says:

Hey! I really do need advice. I am an avid runner, long distances and short distances. I also workout as in lifting, swimming, all of it. Before college I want a good GPS watch or activity watch. Which should I go with and what would be the best fit for me? I’ve been watching all your reviews but I’m so torn. I thought about the spark but I’m unsure of the size.

Nadav Gutman says:

Have the first tomtom runner for about 2.5 years (the first one). After watching this review I decided to upgrade. On tomtom website there are 2 models that I can’t get what is the difference between “tomtom runner 2 cardio + music” to “tomtom spark cardio + music”

Ketan Sardesai says:


Ben Khoo says:

Can it sync directly to S Health on Samsung phones???

cormac nolan says:

does it work with spotify?

Austin McGlone says:

Does the hr monitor work when using stopwatch. Does the watch have a stopwatch feature and how do you create a split when using the stopwatch?

amar dhamane says:

i have jabra sport pace ( bluetooth 4.1) , can it be connected to tomtom spark cardio + Music

Witcherworks says:

How would you rate this vs the Garmin Vivoactive HR?

Ulises M says:

Riz spark, vivosmart hr or samsung fit 2??

Emmanuel Ike says:

I really want a fitness tracker but I want something I can use for strength training and something I can carry all the time, that is also stylish. Any opinions?

Gudi Srikanth says:

Does Spark cardio + Music do have multi sport mode does it track exercise automatically like as fitbit devices ? what is route exploration and how accurate and quick is gps ?

John Donald says:

Great review! For those looking for a GPS watch: Considering the price difference between the Spark and Spark 3, unless you need route exploration you should save yourself money with the Spark because it will do all the same things as the Spark 3 except for routes, a compass, and a different band. Here’s one I found on eBay for just $190 compared to Clever Training’s price of $247:

I personally own the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music (original version) and use it as my daily gps fitness watch and it does the job exceptionally well. I love having the internal music storage and built it heart rate monitor so I never have to bring my phone on a run. I also use it whenever I go swimming to count laps.

AKSHAT Here says:

It has improved a lot. So please do another updated review of it.
I do own 1 spark cardio + music and I am impressed with it.

Jose Zuniga says:

how does the automatic sleep tracker work?

IronmanXL says:

Appreciate the hands on application and your test mode using in the field during your training sessions – I based my purchase on your reviews. WHOA ! Bravo! Fit 4 LIfe Subscription added

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