Thomas Earnshaw Observatory Watch Review – Watches Up Close & Personal

Thomas Earnshaw Observatory Watch Review – Watches Up Close & Personal

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Yasir Ali says:

Luxury watches are all about detail and this one defiantly lives up to the mark.

Lee Bennett says:

Broken link in the “supplied by” section Dave. Stunning watch though, i particularly like the EE part of the second hand. Nice touch i thought.

Rojesh says:

I found out that this company is a chinese based one. Appart from look, is it durable? accurate?

Jim Street says:

*Great review! Are Thomas Earnshaw watches assembled in Switzerland, considering the parts are Swiss made?*

Phil Thomas says:

nice video dave, any chance you could get this in for review?

Russ B says:

Not good enough for Luxury Lifestyle ?…Watch maker wont be pleased with you Dave,lol

biboundebibou says:

Hi, i bought the exact same watch on internet, for a good price like ten days ago. But i’ve got a problem, i don’t know how to give it some power, i tried everything i could find on the internet, but the problem is still there, the watch gives me the hour for 2 hours max before it stops…. could you advise me ? And sorry for the bad english.

motey99 says:

To this day I still don’t really understand what the difference is between a watch like this and an actual tourbillon apart from the price lol

John O'Halloran says:

I love that watch. Great watch review Dave.

Darren Gator says:

I like this watch. Very intricate in the detail. Unfortunately I would be looking at the mechanics of it all the time. Great video Dave.

M I C H A E L says:

Trying to compete with Kevin Rose watch’s collection huh lol

Cathy Miller says:

question please I Have Noticed the 8030 also comes in a black and brown face , The Outer casing – are they both in gold tone and what is your opinion what looks better the brown or the black and also does this watch have problems ?

Arie says:

Is this model: ES-8030-03?

TheXtremesoundz says:

Dave this is a beautiful watch and I jumped for joy when I found it’s actually fairly affordable! Very impressed.

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