Their Most Powerful 13-inch Gaming Laptop Yet – Alienware 13 Review

ALIENWARE 13 GAMING LAPTOP – Review – Alienware 13 R4
Alienware’s first 13-inch VR gaming laptop. Featuring up to 7th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ H- Class processors and NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 10-Series graphics.
“EVOLVED POWER – ALIENWARE’S MOST POWERFUL 13-INCH GAMING LAPTOP. You asked. We delivered. Customer feedback led to the first 13.3-inch laptop in Alienware history to feature quad core, H-class, processors.3 The 7th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs with 5x the graphics representation at 4K resolutions of its predecessor combined with NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 10-Series graphics, has you experiencing unstoppable gaming immersion wherever you go. From DDR4 memory and SSD-only storage, up to a 21% thinner design with incredible OLED LCD technology, the Alienware 13 has more muscle than ever before.”


JooJoo Flop says:

Really enjoy! your videos mr blunty!

Michael Miller says:

Are you going to PAX Aus 2017? It would be awesome if you are

Cyan Froakie says:

I have one and i’m using it right now

Jacob Washington says:

If only I had money……….. 🙁

duhmez says:


R3DGames says:

I love Alienware laptops but i finally had to get an MSI. Temperatures are to high compare to other laptop with the same specs. The MSi gt73 vr Titan with a GTX 1070 and and I7 6820HK at 4.0 GHz never gets: For the CPU beyond 72C at full load running OCCT and for the GPU 66C. When gaming, my CPU and GPU temps stays 66/65C using AUTO fan noise.
No joke, i bough 6 Alienware 17R4 at my local Bestbuy and all had temperatures issues. So sad because i really love the way AW looks compared to the MSI but, temps are not good on AW.

Daniel K says:

holly molly how do you put in that much power into such a small laptop!

Mike Sims says:

damn Blunty, 8 videos in less then a week?! Keep it coming man. Great stuff!

BadassGoose says:

My biggest mistake was buying Acer Aspire e1-572g for gaming

B Pepper says:

I almost pulled the trigger on this laptop with the oled. I considered the price of 2k us dollars and just could not find the value. I went with the Dell gaming 7567 for $1,200 cheaper had it for over 6 months and am confident I made the right choice. But damn is the Oled sexy pexy still….

Rewind Remix NCS says:

awesome video!

TheBitFox says:

Just needs a 1080p/120Hz/IPS/GSynch Panels!

Elizabeth Kaine says:

When you paused to have us listen to the fans I couldn’t hear them over the sound of my own laptop’s fans.

Vulcan Joe says:

I did enjoy my Alienware Mx18, regardless of it being overpriced and bulky the warranty is way worth it. I had issues with my 18 literally a month before the warranty ran out and they completely replaced it with their latest version and gave me a another full warranty. Pretty impressive.

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