The Sinn 104 Pilot Watch (A Re-Review) – Is It Still A Perfect Everyday Watch? + Breitling Unboxing

In today’s video I re-review an old favourite. The Christmas before last I sold my 104 to give the final push in funds needed to purchase another grail aviation watch. Despite my rave review of the Sinn, at the time it seemed right to let something go in order to get the Breitling Navitimer I had always dreamed about. A week ago I was offered a trade I could not refuse and fate has returned the 104 into my possession. This German made pilots automatic watch embodies everything Sinn is renowned for. At an affordable price tag, practical features, robust and made to a luxury standard, it punches way above it weight. For this and many more reasons I deemed it the “perfect everyday watch”. But the question remains, do I still believe in that statement I made over a year and many watches later?
Also in this video I unbox a fantastic Breitling I have always wanted to take a look at and give my first impressions.

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Nino Arzon says:

I have been looking at the Sinn for a while, think I will go for it. Thanks for the review, love your channel…

Jonathan Oren says:

welcome back

Uhrkunde says:

Very nice, I’m wearing a Sinn as an everyday watch as well (144 St Sa). I’ve always fancied the looks of the 104 but was worried about the polished surfaces on the case. What would you say after wearing it for some time, do they scratch easily?

Eric Viola says:

1300 USD bit much though. Think getting a CW C60 + Marathon GSAR scratches same itch for similar price.

Lil Mao says:

what do you think of jord? or do you have any recommendations for a wooden watch?

Alp Atabay says:

I really like the way you like the 104! Dear TGV, I totally understand what you mean by “it’s great for cooking” – hey.. cooking is an important operation that requires good tools.
I watched the all your reviews for this watch because it reminds me so much of my Seiko SKA647. Anyone who likes Sinn 104, please take a look at SKA647.. Kinetic movement.. An immortal robot. A bit large but it might easily become “the large” and “the tool” in your collection.


Dear TGV I don’t understand why the sinn 104 is the perfect everyday watch ?
What about Glycine combat sub or the squale 1545 ? they look perfect for everyday ,and they are cheaper

David C says:

I think the Sinn may become my grail watch for the year

RCGTiburon says:

great watch. not sure if you still have a speedmaster but with the 104 (a black dial vintage look tool watch that looks great on brown leather) you seem to have made the speedy redundant in your collection. you do seem to like this one more.

Sascha Strobel says:

Great to see the 104 back in your collection. It has been my everyday-watch for the last two years, I actually discovered your channel through your first 104 review. 😉

Adam de Hamel says:

Charming watch while epitomising German efficiency. One day!

Random Rob says:

This watch checks so many boxes for everyday wear watch. I find myself thinking this is a must to try very soon.

WTF BBQ says:

Currently own the Arabic numerals version (104 St Sa a), it looks much cleaner!

JustinMiles17 says:

Ooooo can’t wait to see the Colt review!

Frank H. says:

As a German guy (living in Switzerland and) owning a Sinn 556i I totally agree to your appreciation for Sinn and the 104. If you really want to find a Con, I suggest the anti-reflective coating on both sides. Although it looks great in the beginning, over the time it will scratch on the outside. But – on the other hand – the outside coating can be polished away after a few years, so it’s not a real issue. Since you mentioned the 556i: that’s also a perfect everyday watch, it’s satinized case feels like silk, the dial is awesome and it looks gorgeous on the (also excellent) metal bracelet as well as on leather. Not sure about a Nato for the 556 though. 😉 Anyway, thanks for your great videos here on YouTube! Cheers, Frank

jordub says:

we need a state of the collection video!!!!

Adam Mathews says:

A terrific presentation of the Sinn 104. This is at the top of my list for next watch….someday, except not having the funds and the concern about the AR coating on the outside. I don’t understand why putting a more delicate coating of AR on top of a crystal that presumably is chosen because of it’s scratch resistant properties is a good idea. I am surprised that exterior AR did not make it onto your list of negatives. I have come across complaints on forums along with some who have undertaken trying to remove the scratched AR that apparently scratches easily. What is your experience and thoughts?
I love the aesthetics of this watch. Easily my favorite but I too would also like to see drilled thru lugs and perhaps the watch closer to 39-40mm than the Sinn stated 41.5mm. Thanks for the great review.

Big E says:

my girlfriend and I are watching your video and couldn’t help laughing when you said “look at those lugs!!!!!!”. we enjoy your enthusiasm

Karkarov says:

Since your original review of the 104 a year ago I picked one up myself, got the numerals instead of the indices though. Really is a fantastic watch, well worth it. As for how perfect it is for everyday… I just wore it two days in a row, so I gotta say it does pretty well.

Freddie Rodriguez says:

why you never tell the price and how to get it?

Leo Zhang says:

Does anyone know if the sapphire is domed or flat?

Deetimelove ! says:

Great review TGV, you’ve got me looking at Sinn watches, looks decent, do you know of any ADs in UK or any online recommendations ? cheer Dee

Christopher Shea says:

Wonder what the production run # is on a watch like this?

Marko Ninković says:

Does yours have a day disaligment? Mine day is a bit tilted to the left, very annoying!

Marktuyet says:

The price just went to 2 grand . Thanks TVG !

Moment in Time says:

Speak for yourself, but I’m meshing around daily in my Messerschmitt. 

I wish the Sinn 104 had a longer power reserve.   38 hours is low for modern watches.

David C says:

I like this watch but I think I’d prefer it on a bracelet to take advantage of the water proofing and to add to his versatility . In the US I see you can pick one up with the H-link bracelet but in the UK, I can’t find that option. I’ve plumped instead for the Sinn 556i.

Random Rob says:

Great review. Love this watch.

akis lolis says:

nice channel homie ! at First i thought you we’re Steven Regal s son but soon i realized that you re a really cool dude
much Love from greece

Vavazelus says:

TGV, man, I have been spending all of my disposable income on AR-15 parts. But for some reason I was brought back here. And then I was tempted to spend money on the ATG piece of the Sinn 104. All time classic mid level Swiss entry watch.

Mike Nguyen says:

Yeah I like the 104 when I tried it on but ended up with another watch. Glad it’s back in your collection.

Thore Tyrson says:

I am super happy that you love this watch since I am from Germany and love it too!
All your points are legit. It is just so versatile and aesthetic. A real “one that does it all (or very most)” piece of craftsmanship. I am thinking about it since your first video.

Having not many watches but a Sinn U1, Laco Atacama (nice & relatively rare btw), a SEIKO007, and a Garmin Fenix 3 I am very strong on the Military/Dive/Tool Watch side.

So the 104 would be my most “civilized” watch. But “growing up” I think it is well overdue and something a can not go wrong with, according to the selection I have stated above.

What is your opinion?

blipinsk says:

You always say that the quality Sinn provides is on a similar level to the quality from “the big boys”. Can you do a video on some other companies similar to Sinn on that matter?

Zachary Fagan says:

The reason that’s the best selling one they have is because they sell more of that than any other watch.

Jake Shergold says:

Hi TGV love your videos, I was wondering if you were planning to do anymore victorinox reviews in the future?

magnuman008 says:

I did not catch if you mentioned which watch you traded in for the Sinn??

Csfournier says:

Where did you buy the Sinn 104?

Taylor Sage says:

Hello TGV still looking for my first luxury peace would you recommend the sinn as I’m looking in the £2000-2500 range. Buying the sinn a good move? I respect your opinion massively any other recommendations? Thanks also loving your videos lately!

Danger Dave says:

Another neat video, I appreciate the variety of your reviews! I wanted to put in a request for a future review: the Seiko SBCM023. It seems like a watch that ought to have a cult following, but it appears to fly under the radar a bit. It perhaps aspires to similar purposes as the popular SKX line, but as if seen through a glass darkly. It’s part of the Prospex line, so it has been souped-up with HAQ movement, a perpetual calendar, and a real sturdy looking bracelet. Other than that, availability and info seems limited (discontinued?), so I would love to see you get up close and personal with one of these!

MelbourneVape Store says:

Awesome watch TGV, Just wondering is it ISO diver certified?

Tom says:

what a stunner this one is!

Peter D says:

Turtle necks…..just no.

Duy M says:

I really enjoy this watch and this review. I’ve watched it twice actually.

Daniel Kim says:

Fantastic Spyderco knife! It’s just a perfect everyday carry.

robbiecox says:

I really enjoy your posts and look for them every day, but I have noticed that you are gradually moving “up market” with the watches you are looking at and reviewing. That may be inevitable for a collector who wheels and deals like you do, but please don’t forget where you started and why people like me subscribed. I love to see these more expensive watches (not pieces, watches….. pieces is a gross term to me that reduces watches to items that can be bought and sold to suit a whim…. timepieces if you want, but not pieces) , but keep the interest going at the more affordable end of things.

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