The Low End Wrist Watch Collection – Maybe 1 watch is enough

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Juan Salgado says:

I can’t stop laughing this is some funny shit Archie please don’t hold back let him have it

Robert Diehl says:

To hell with Watches ,people want Smartphones and Rolex should make a Smartphone

Cooper Davis says:

No money and want high quality? Buy a Seiko SARB. Comparatively ass fucks every watch in its price range.

Watch Addict says:

fuck me dead

M Smith says:

Fuck Daniel!! Jesus christ man fuck me dead but fuck , crap is all he can say that’s all, did you feel his pain damn Daniel lol

ForbinColossus says:


Major Dilemma says:


James haury says:

While you crap on TIMEX ,SEIKO,CASIO etc they keep good time.and look good doing it.The Bulova accutron 214 is a historic transition piece beween mechanical and quartz.

zcharg0 Harry says:

Archie trying to be nice lol all he wants to say is “chuck the whole lot in the bin” but he can’t

Kevin Smith says:

Dog shit

Traziun says:

Who pays a guy with “Luxury” in his name to review “Non-luxury” watches?

Eradsilky Sylcox says:

thats right, reminds me of Japanese buisinessmen paying woman to mule kick their nuts

TheSilvertrigger says:

I laughing my ass off when he said maybe you can just use your I phone

TN MUSlC says:

Bulova Accutron is the best one in there

hyperchord says:

Archie . . . trying to be nice? Where am I?

Marvin Francis says:


Juan Salgado says:

ohhhhhhhhh fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this has got to be the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

Ry Ken says:


Walter Kiel says:

Daniel, do your research.
Your watch collection should consist of watches that are generally accepted as “Top 10 Luxury Watches.”

TN MUSlC says:

Daniel is on suicide watch because of his “shitty watch collection”

Phil Ormsby says:

Archies one standard answer, no matter what the question “Omega Speedmaster Man on the Moon”… lmfao

muiramas says:

Fuck, Daniel!

Sam Jep says:


rk702 says:

What can the guy expect from you? If you take a 99 Honda civic with body damage to a ferrari dealership and ask their opinion what do you think they are going to say? Get the fuck out of here with that shit!!!! Look, if the guy is a watch enthusiast and doesn’t have any money due the best you can and enjoy what you have. Maybe try to save up for a grail piece like a SMMOTM. I have some nice high end watches and some so called shitters too, I get pleasure from wearing a $100 watch as well as some super high end pieces. Just enjoy what you have and do what you can do and don’t worry what others think. Life is short….

Mike Chan says:

Can’t lie, this was funny AF! It was mean, but I can’t really blame Archie though. He runs a luxury watch channel, so complimenting and pretending to appreciate low end pieces kinda goes against what the channel stands for. He should have focused on what the guy can do with the $2000 budget instead of dwelling on the current collection.

Mario da Silva says:

ROFL…. LOL. The truth really hurts.LOVE the raw talk!

Mo Mo says:

Archie give the guy a refund of $20 towards a second hand timepiece. My advice sell the lot and buy a second hand el primero.

Scott Free says:

daniel is an idiot, or troll

marlon72 says:

..poor fuck Daniel collection…

M Smith says:

you might have to bury them in a time capsule and a note fuck you Archie hashtag lol

Tizoc Sagoyewatha says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is probably the best fucking vid Archie has ever made. Like telling a mother that her son died in combat.

Major Dilemma says:


C Law says:

This shit is so fucking funny. Guys please keep sending shit holes for Archie to review LMFAO!!

alan12345666 says:


Ender Wiggin says:

by far the best AC3 vid so far. I laughed my socks off 🙂 Pure comedy gold.

Paul Berkowitz says:

Oy vey. Archie all you can say is … nothing. No substance. That’s what I think of that.

You are Offensive says:

loooolz…I wonder what he would say about my collection..

Mike Deeg says:

Wow.. First video I’ve seen from this prick and probably the last. Bulova is a good brand, Seiko, Orient, Hamilton, and the list goes on of watches that are in alot of cases almost as good as the omega and Rolex tier watches. Collect for what you like not for what this fat snob thinks.

Mario Lopez says:

Limited budget??
Get a Rolex 16234 as a dress watch and an Omega planet ocean as an everyday fucka. That’s about 5000+ and you’d be wanting for nothing

Neuro says:

Daniel should try to sell those on Ebay,. He could get a little something, $30 to $100 or so per piece… save this.. say he makes $250 from selling those pieces on ebay.. then He’s stated he has $2,000… that’s $2,250… at that point he can look toward an Omega or basic Rolex Datejust from the 80s (you can find those in good condition if you look) .. so lets see .. $2,250… He’d need to save up another $700… Maybe go for the Rolex Oysterquartz… Assuming he buys from a reputable dealer it will have been serviced and could go years and years with minimal maintenance

Major Dilemma says:

his snobbery shows that his FAT ass got bullied in school so that explain everything you see right here. FUCKING UGLY FAT HATING BITCH

Ronny Paul says:

Why would anyone collect mid tier shit???? I’d tell the kid to keep his $2000 and save for something better, or, spend the $2000 on something necessary, like a used car or payoff some debt.

Jesper Thomsen says:

Brilliant video Archie! how have i missed this!

Tobias Laws says:

34264 5 nice

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