The Logitech Bluetooth Music Receiver is a dead simple audio streaming solution, no wires attached

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If you’re looking for a simple way to add wireless audio streaming to a powered speaker or stereo system, the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is your best bet.

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Karol Bała says:

“You can forget about a hard wire connection” as he hooks up a hard wire connection… fail

Thomas Dimic says:

supports aptX? no?

Victor A Cisneros. says:

And how do I turn it off when I do not use it?

BrownBagSB says:


zaghy2zy says:

Ever heard of deinterlacing videos? Yeah………………………………………..

Freddy Sosa says:

How much does it cost?! Its so frustrating how you guys never include the price or a link to purchase it on amazon or anything like that. why dont you just include that in the description of the video?

Ryan Good says:

“But if you bought an iPhone 7, you can forget about that hard wired connection”
*shows headphone adapter*

Akshit Deshpande says:

Is it portable? or do i have to keep it connected to a power source?

savior02 says:

No optical jack! How wack!

Jose vega says:

can anybody tells about this. if is gonna. work with an old Kenwood receiver pleas. I need to know. this thing only has. RCA. conection. at mean. my. Kenwood receiver

Kenzo Wololol says:


Ridhuan Abu Bakar says:


nandy nandjeezy vlogz says:

please like my chanel i am starting to be a youtuber. suscribe

Nicholas Coffey says:

Or (if you’re brave) you can switch to Samsung.

Bobby Boucher says:

great re-upload, is it for the views ? $$$

Benedict Manjares says:


Dj Morgan LaPoma says:

God Almighty you guys are getting worse and worse and worse. This adapter is so old I’ve had this thing for like three years.

Andrew Parker says:

Is this adapter always on or you should switch it on before pairing??

Madcatthing 123 says:

Yeeeeah let’s pay money for apple’s poor design desicions

Paul Edwards says:

the esinkin one is identical to this and cheaper in UK

Mohammed Eqbal says:

I already have a couple and I absolutely love them!

fayyazb says:

So when you connect TV you mean you can Ttansmit from TV to BT speakers?

Jimmy Two-Times says:

But I can already do this with my current iPhone without the additional Bluetooth adapter and extra cables. I don’t know about others but I’m hoping Apple takes another stance of audio connectivity otherwise they’ll become the new SEGA.

JaySee5 says:

So you get your audio downgraded to BT instead of just plugging in a 3.5″ or lightning to 3.5″ adapter?

rajesh gawade says:

Hi…i have another requirement. my TV has av output.. can i use this as input to device and stream on Bluetooth headset… it’s other way round. hope I did not confused you.

Jack Dunning says:

Look up a hauppage mymusic BT it does the same thing, cheaper and more convenient as it is battery powered

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