The Laco Erbstuck New Vintage Flieger Watches – Review by Page and Cooper

We take a detailed look at Laco’s new Erbstuck Collection, a fascinating twist in modern watchmaking.

Using techniques and knowledge gained in the restoration of original watches, new watches are aged by an expert watchmaker, making each piece totally unique.

What do you think of the aged look?

See the full range here:


Svetoslav Popov says:

I suppose I cannot buy such a strap for my Dorthmund 🙂

David says:

I think it’s aged too much, don’t like it. I also have my own build pilot watch video in my channel, come take look if you want.

kuglepen64 says:

Absolutely LOVE them.

marker20 says:

I need one. So want to order…

Michael O'Connell says:


mrfuriouser says:

I cannot begin to explain just how much I love these “aged” watches! They look absolutely fantastic!

Mike Wells says:

Guys- come back from vacation.. Getting jittery without your excellent shows!

Rover Waters says:

too big

Peter Martin says:


lana hemsley says:


Cedar Canoe says:

Very very nice, awesome pieces


Thank you for the great review.
i love the LACO Case style. very recognizable with the straight Lugs. they also done a nice Aged Dials.

i once tried the 45mm. it looked a bit smaller than it’s size (almost looked the same size as the Panerai 44mm Luminor case).. so i think a 46 or 47mm would be a sweet size.

aceleenieto says:

Beautiful pieces!!!! sounds like an amazing company

Redskins Pride WGIL says:

Very, very nice!

Andres Borda says:

Beautiful watches.

SB SB says:

As good as IWC, love it

Erik Haw says:

Definitely an interesting concept. That would be on my list after I get some “new ones”.

jigrodrigues says:

Great video! It made me seriously think on the 42mm “A” dial hand wind movement

Nottah says:

Love the history and style of this Laco but would really like this style in a brushed case. It seems either the sandblasted style or this for the sterile dial. Do you know if there are any plans to do this in a brushed case? Thanks

Firas says:

Hi, do you have a store in the UK, the north east to be precise?

Jonathan Stewart says:

Are these a limited edition?

Scott Schmidt says:

I would like to find one of those in the automatic, very nice.

Felipe Cerda says:

Great video! thanks for the review! I love these watches. I own a Quartz Laco Type A and wow these are amazing.

Ray Shade says:

Bravo. Great salesmanship beside truly wonderful time pieces.

carlhaluss says:

Thanks for the excellent reviews. I am really quite infatuated with these models. Not used to ordering a watch without first seeing it in real life, but am very tempted to order one anyway.
Very well done and informative review.

BernhardBB says:

nice watch But the real one whas not made of staniless steel,,, the only one there was is the iwc B-uhr

Thorsten Huth says:

Laco is the short cut from Lacher & Co manufactor from these watches in the WW2 . The factory produce this watches till today in Pforzheim Germany. Look also the STOWA Watch here

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