The Fifth White and Tan Watch Review

Tune in as we review this beautiful white and tan watch from The Fifth! There is a lot to love here!

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Agent Myrie says:

What’s the quality like on that leather band?

Bentkz says:

Really like the watches on the website but I think adding value/exclusivity through limiting it’s availability just for the sake of it is a put off for me. Still debating whether to get a 5th of a Timex…

Thanks for the review, man!

rusofxx says:

What is the name of the movado watch? its so beautiful. i can’t find it anywhere that same model you have. Any help? thank you.

joycekwok5 says:

hi there! I noticed that it doesnt tick when you first unboxed it. how’d you get it to work?

Wei-Chun Hsu says:

Wow black and gold is for me

Sharon P. says:

LOL…I think the watch us nice. I am laughing because when you brought out thay Movado watch it captured my eyes! That Movado is a really nice watch! Do you have a review on that watch?

EP3mentalist says:

I think you’re right about the water resistance. <100m = stay the hell away from water lol. Great vid fella

Roy says:

Water resistant up tu 50 mm?

thunderdrake13 says:

gotta agree. the watch does seem like jewelry. it just seems too feminine

sien ying says:

u know what discount code

Ben Daniels says:

Come check out my review of the 5th watches for a another perspective.

Kevin Morris says:

What about servicing? Will the watch ever have to be serviced and from where?

Rekless Musik says:

was about to say clean look, but not that exciting to me, then I saw the black and gold (nice)

Daniel Johansson says:

Nice Seiko, man!

Anthony Foreman says:

Love the review thanks! Do the Melbourne style watches have interchangeable straps similar to the New York style?

Zaw Win Naung says:

Wow its a nice watch. How long did it take to get to you? 🙂

IGDYgame says:

band width?

Baron Ren says:

What’s the price?

sien ying says:

why only $101

Bentkz says:

Okay just did a bit of searching through their website, and the pretentiousness has literally put me off buying a watch. Why is a watch website trying to advise people how to decorate their home?… What?

Don’t have a bathtub, unless you have a big space, but it “shouldn’t take up more than 20% of the space”…

And then a reblogged post of someone’s picture of an “all-black Fifth timepiece at the beach in London recently.”

Beach in London? What? That’s Brighton ffs.

They should stick to making watches and forget all this nonsense with interior designing and top down pictures of coffee mugs, MacBooks, and magazines/books (which are 100% put back on their “minimalist, preferably white” bookshelf as soon as the picture is taken and never read) on pristine white sheets etc., etc.

Rant over.

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