The Fifth Watches, Melbourne Minimal AND New York Classic Review

A very brief, unbiased review of the White and Tan and Upper East models from The Fifth Watches without all the fancy editing and ads. Sorry for the low volume.


Adjahni Thermot says:

hows the durability of these watches?

Deci Mations says:

are they made in china? is the quality good?

Alex Kim says:

I know this sounds dumb, but does the melbourne strap fit the new york?

dannyohbaby says:

what size is your wrist in cm?

Darleny Valdez says:

If they doesn’t have my country on their list when I want join to VIP or to the fam, does it means I can’t buy the watch in my country??

Mario Hidalgo Anguita says:

How did you order a watch with two different straps? In one box you have just a watch, and in the other one, a watch with two different straps.
Thank you

saif hans says:

will I have to pay any customs duty for shipping to the US?

Aditya Rao says:

How do you buy the watch lmao I’ve been trying to find it on the website but all it tells me is to sign up

Kris Deagle says:

Why can’t anyone from the Americas pronounce Melbourne correctly?

Thea Manuel says:

How long did it take to get shipped out?

Edmond Dantes says:

Based on pure aesthetics, it looks very classy. How would you rate the quality?

Ben Daniels says:

Come check out my review of the 5th watches for a another perspective.

Anthony Foreman says:

Love the review thanks! Do the Melbourne style watches have interchangeable straps similar to the New York style?

Andrea Salvix says:

How much does it cost?

Simpo says:

Do more reviews!!! Love them!!!

Vipin Merchant says:

can you please do a giveaway on these watches

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