The Best Laptop to Buy Instead of the 2016 MacBook Pro

Dave2D comparison of the best thin and light alternatives to the 2016 15″ MacBook Pro.
Laptop Skins from
XPS 15 –
UX501 –
GS63 –
Aero14 –
Razer Blade –

Individual reviews:
2016 MBP –
XPS 15 –
UX501 – (older model)
GS63 –
Aero14 –
Razer Blade –
GTX 1060 Performance –

Desktop Wallpaper Download:

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Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – The Day Dream

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Haunted says:

holy cow the XSP line is expensive

renewer says:

How did you make your graph animations?

A Girl and Her Bike says:

absolutely loved this video. even the way you set up the laptops next to each other is so clean and pleasing to the eye. lots of great information to help me choose the next laptop. switching from mac because of price and performance

David Soto says:

I have the XPS 13 I need the XPS 15 for my projects. Trade anyone lol?

Vayne Carudas Solidor says:

fuck Apple, everything from them is garbage in comparizon to the competition and still ridiculously more expensive!

Austin Carroll says:

Great video I am currently using the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 and it is a great laptop if anyone has any questions about this laptop you can reply your questions

Wayne Davis says:

If you plan to use your laptop for work, do not get a gaming laptop because usually the battery is 1 hour of less.

Lucedoke says:

Best alternative to a MacBook Pro? Anything… even a potato, a literal potato is more useful!

Nail Tan Koç says:

Please send me laptop I have old gt 330


Loved that intro.

Merry Blind says:

Alienware 13 or 15 is the best of the bunch all around, but it’s ugliest so that’s big turn off. A shame really.

Mon Mi says:

I am watching this video holding the screen with my hand because if i let it go the screen becomes white. I take it to get fixed but the work last couple days. This is an 1 year old Asus G550 or something like that. A gammers laptop. And is not the first time i have problems with the hardware. Now Asus, but i had problems i the past with Dell too. I wonder….why they make this shitty products… (like right now i am writing blind. I cant see the screen at all lol. Its all white)

mcap 2015-2020 says:

hey ..can you suggest a laptop for architects?

Dstop says:

Your sound chart is inaccurate. To be accurate you have to do the same task with all the laptops and measure the difference based on that.

addmebastard says:

Why do I torcher myself by watching these vids about laptops I will never own :C

Bryan says:

I’m a computer science student and I’m looking for a cheap laptop under 300 for on the go programming. Any recommendations

Tran Vu says:

ok it’s easier this way,
if you want performance and value (and a brain or 2 kidneys), get a premium window laptop
if you don’t but care about how your laptop look and you happen to to find the macbook fit you, get the mac book

if you are a developer for MacOS/iOS get the Macbook (cuz you can’t really do anything with window anyway lol)
if you work in any other field get window (Mac ain’t gonna help you anyway)

Foxy Grandma says:

Wait… do you own all the colors of the gigabyte aero 14

Jonathan Slayer says:

Dave, check out the 14 inch msi gs43vr with gtx1060 and I7-7700HQ pls

Dean Sonetirot says:

Would you ever recommend a laptop with a dual-core processor to do video editing in Adobe Premiere?

TheSolitaryObserver says:

Hmm, I find that the 2015 Macbook Pro Retina 13″ is the best deal in the lineup right now. It is just a hair more expensive the the entry level Macbook Air, yet it has faster ram clock speed, faster gpu, faster cpu clock speed, the retina display, and comes in several hundred dollars less than the 2016 Pro.

René Niclasen says:

Compliments to the production quality of your videos. Informative as well.

Crescent Beach says:

really nice overview of various laptops … and no axe to grind … I appreciate your openness to different laptop approaches

uk/amr.a says:

Can’t afford any. Alright I work 16 h a day

Dave Lee says:

I’m not feeling the 2016 MacBooks. I’ve switched to Windows laptops for this gen. Anyone else make the switch?

BLUE says:

sticking with my 2015 macbook pro

V3Z says:

Fuk apple

Marquiis Wells says:

I’ve been looking at getting an older 2015 15″ retina mac book pro used for $900. I’m a college student, I don’t game ever honestly. Is there another laptop I should consider or do you think that’s a good deal.
Thanks in advance.

TheGrayWolf81 says:

2015 MacBook Pros are quite nice, other than the price. I own one, and imho it’s nice, but I would *never* spend that amount of money for something that really isn’t that powerful.

deniamnet2 says:

What game are you playing at 4:20?

Jorge Perez says:

Which is better in battery life ?? ….web browsing… Office…emails… Some youtube…. Nothing heavy 😀

amar bhardwaj says:

Want to buy a lappy with 1000$ budget..which is good , from india

Victor Ragusila says:

if you need a pro graphics card (I use Solidworks a lot) the Zbook Studio G3 is really sweet. It can even do games, but of course not as a gaming rig.

Merry Blind says:

No mention of the Surface Book with Performance Base?

Pranav Rakheja says:

Dave help me here
Which laptop would be best under 1500 ??

Matthew Reyes says:

I think you may have just answered my question on color accuracy of the XPS 15.

FlorinU says:

Why the heck does everybody keep pushing for thinner and thinner laptops? Do you not realize that means more fragile and poor cooling machines? I want a solid machine for a laptop, not some hipster accessory, as fragile as a cheap Chinese toy!

Tarandeep Singh Saluja says:

Hii Dave..
Please, recommend me an ultrabook which could easily run latest AutoCAD. I don’t know how this software would work on ultrabooks like Razer Blade Stealth. I am all confused because these ultrabooks aren’t cheap. Please, give me a suggestion. I need a machine which is compact and powerful and could run softwares like CAD.

srimanth niketh says:

how good is xps 15 for games like GTA 5 or FIFA 17 etc.

Anshu Kannojia says:

best laptop for computer science engineering students

ItsSpanBro says:

“The Macbook has the Touch bar and Osx.”

Me:….anything else? no that’s it? ….ok

Sandra Grazette says:

I thinking about getting a Motorola phone which is better dirod or turbo

General Bilak says:

I love my Asus ux501 it’s such a beast of a laptop

PaulCAviation says:

I have the asus rog gl702vm

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