The Best Dress Watch For Under $130 EVER! – Orient Bambino Automatic Version 3 Full Review

A few months ago, I saw a great video by the much respected fellow vlogger and style expert Aaron “Alpha M” Marino about his choice for an affordable quartz dress watch for under $140. Well, I thought I would put forward my recommendation and it just so happens to coincide with a recent re-lease of a legendary highly respected watch from Orient. Not only is their newest version of the Bambino under $130, it boasts a completely in-house mechanical automatic movement and in my opinion the most refined styling of the series yet.

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Ryan Dodson says:

Very thorough and impressive review! I’m beginning my watch collection and really would like to add the Orient Bambino White Dial to it. I’ve had no luck searching for it so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated

James Shafiei says:

Love the Marathon vernier caliper!

Plutonium says:

Gotta love the ‘Chewdur’

Chia Lee says:

Because of this video all the Orient are out of stock on this site haha

Christopher Shea says:

No Serial number a drawback for collectors?

Art indy says:

Where’d you get the green strap :O, I really want to have one haha

Russel trang says:

You should do reviews on MVMT and I’m especially interested in your opinion on the Vincero Chrono S line.

N says:

i cant find these for this price anywhere

PsyHusky says:

They recently changed the movement offered in the Bambinos, they hack and allow hand winding now.

CP 1993 says:

No NATO or Parlon straps?

Al Mark says:

I love the style of this watch, but I have seven-inch wrists. Would it look too big and cumbersome on me? Would it be better for me to go with the Symphony?

mystikmeg says:

Hello sir, great videos. You will be responsible for me needing a new watch case. Anyway, I quite like the Bambino but not 100% sure the v3 is the nicest looking. Is the v3 your favourite?

Derek R says:

Love the blue on blue. I like mine with the Bandini strap.

ThaLonga says:

Nice panzerkampfwagen!

Christian brown says:

Can someone please explain why all of their watches are very expensive on their website and they way cheaper on amazon? It seems as if the prices have risen from 130 dollars as well. Im going to buy this watch so I appreciate the responses.

Chris Wands says:

I love the bambino I have two. Just got the hand winding hacking model movement f67 with a black dial and silver case. I love the version 1 with the triangular hands and markers the best.

lawrence tendler says:

Nice watches and nice review ,thank you.

Siri says:

130? looooooooooooooooooooool

WowSu[c]ker says:

So where can I buy this?

GauisHelenaMohaim says:

It’s my favoriete watch, i have the gold ons Sith crème dial.

Byron Hansen says:

Is it hackable?

eytan0127 says:

It says water resistant, do you know to what level it is?

Christopher Shea says:

Sir- Would you look for a version 3 or buy whats available now (4 etc). I too love the look of this watch. The versions are throwing me. —Anyone know the Gentry’s thoughts on the versions? Regards.

Wai Hon Woo says:

Hi, how will you comment about Corniche heritage 40? Nice video and channel, help a lot!!

Mr Springfeel says:

Just curious. Do you have a wife? Children?

buzz lightyear says:

what do you think of the orient capital

aueret says:

as always: great review. actually u made me buy one yesterday, cant wait till it arives. greets from berlin

Tully Henderson says:

Hey Urban Gentry,
I have seen you recommend this as a dress watch, the skx as a diver, but what about a chronograph? I am a big fan on non divers and large cases but enjoy quality. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on Vincero? They’re relatively new but they seem very nice for a quartz chronograph, specifically their Chrono S version. Any response would be great, thanks!

chriswb7 says:

I’m wearing an Orient Blue Mako right now on a nato strap.

vboytan says:

Dude it’s so hard to find this watch now and I bet it’s cause of you @theurbangentry haha Love you reviews man I’m addicted to watching them.

Lilo Pasha says:

should I go with the Orient Bambino or the Tissot Tradition?

Aliquando Insanire Iucundum Est says:

Would you happen to know if anyone does any watch reviews for ladies’ watches?

Mr. 2ndOpinion says:

Hey ain’t you Aaron Marino’s mate! 😉 Dude I did a video on Timex weekender, what you think about that line?

muthu kumaran says:

hey John review citizen bull head chronograph 8110 Pls

buzz lightyear says:

where do I buy the watch I can’t find the same colorway online

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