The Best Dress Watch For Around $500? – Junkers Bauhaus Swiss ETA Automatic Watch #6050-2 Review

Today I review an impulse buy from Long Island Watches. Made in Germany with a solid swiss movement (Either ETA or Sellita), this extremely well built bauhaus mini masterpiece exudes style and elegance in a very understated and cool way. With its Bauhuas design and Junkers heritage, the 6050-2 I think will still be as classic and be able to stay classy for decades to come. Although not the perfect watch with a few drawbacks, its still a great addition to a collection and well worth its asking price in my opinion.

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Jesus Christ says:

Who does it better – Junghans or Junkers?

Lopta3 says:

Hey TGV, I want your opinion on the Junkers Bauhaus  #6046-2 because it almost looks similar to yours in the Video and costs half of the Price.what do you think ?  Best regards.

ゞ丑•丑ﺴ LUCAS says:

excuse me . How can I get an orange strap?

DeeDee Ramone says:

Dear TGV,
thank you for your excellent review; I’ve enjoyed it very much. Just some random information you might be interested in: The Junkers logo is called “Der fliegende Mensch” (“The flying man”)  and was created by the Bauhaus artist/designer Friedrich Peter Drömmer. Anyways, I really like the design of the watch, especially in combination with your lovely orange leather strap, but what puts me off a little bit is the fact, that  the Junkers bears a strong resemblance to the Junghans Max Bill; some people even call it a clone. I would love to hear your opinion about this “issue”. Thanks and the kindest regards from Munich!

George Gecko says:

Sunday morning, watching a review from TGV about a watch I just ordered, is there a better way to start your day ?
thanks for all your effort Tristano

Ben Fearnhead says:

My washing up is usually 25m deep – do you think I’d get away with it? In all seriousness it’s a stunning watch I’d love to own. Fantastic video – thanks!

zcharg0 Harry says:

This watch is a pure horological aphrodisiac for tgv and you can’t blame the man!

Ayden Neufeld says:

gorgeous watch

jim dandy says:

I live on Long Island– Nice watch for the price, always better to have a Swiss movement than Japan or Chinese in my opinion, very nice dial

zsolt farkas says:


thank you for drawing my attention for this watch. I think it wouldn’t had happened without changing the strap for this one. It works for me only with this colour strap too. From where can i buy the same strape like yours?

Thank you

rapala86 says:

just started getting interested in watches and was just wondering what your opinion between this and the orient star classic and seiko sarb065

Max Mustermann says:

The emblem is “a flying man” and was designed by Friedrich Peter Drömmer an artist who was also involved in the Bauhaus artschool.

Kavinsky Smith says:

2:31 and that ladies and gentlemen, is why you never let a german design a lamborghini

Kakashi Hatake says:

Hi TGV, is the Swiss Quartz version of this watch equally good for it’s price?

Chinmay H says:

loved this watch, unfortunately no authorised dealers in India.

tech faithful says:

hi i like your video 
i just want to know junker #6050-2 ‘ s ETA 2824-2 Automatic is can use lot time? 
i dont want is stop work after 1 year or 2 year

RiZZi says:

Hi TGV, i was interested on a Junkers and hence came across this video. Great in depth view on this watch.
At 9:20, that sound of ETA is unbelievable! Good call on that ;). Great review mate. Really helpful.

However I’ve also come across a 6060 and that apparently has a modified Citizen/Miyota 9132. That comes with added power reserve and a 24hr sub dial. May I ask which one you’d recommend? Would love your thoughts.

I’m gonna go back to 9:20 and listen to that movement again.

mastrubite says:

500$ is not cheap for a dress watch that doesn’t have sapphire crystal and doesn’t even use an in-house movement. i mean when you are not even wearing it often you should look at an Orient Bambino, japanese made with beautifully domed crystal for only 130-150$. they also have a bauhaus style of that watch and many other dial versions that are superb in its finish and detail. don’t get me wrong i still want this watch. why does the reviewer not put it on his wrist? i mean this is a watch review and thats where you wear the watch

J says:

what’s the music used in the intro here?

ross yeadon says:

Loving the vid!! I was just wondering what your thoughts were on how this Junkers stacks up against other in its class like the visodate?? I’m loving this styling and price point but not to sure which way to turn. Get vid yet again TGV!!


Simon says:

What would you say makes a better dress watch, the -2 reviewed in this video or the -5 with the beige dial and dark brown strap?
And compliments for the Videos you make, very good quality and pleasing to listen to!

Ineke Mateman says:

I like the model above the watch, and I don’t wear dresses, I’m not a tranny!

Nicolas Beauvillier says:

how long is the power reserve?

thank you. the video is awesome

Jason Simmons says:

Just based on the music intro I subbed, stayed for the great content!!

903lew says:

I love Bauhaus, quite frankly my favourite design style, especially in the field of architecture. However, naming something “Bauhaus” might be fine, but putting “Bauhaus” on the dial is quite frankly, not very Bauhaus. I could live with the date, that test ruins it for me. Silly, but such is life. Good video regardless.

Craig Roccanova says:

Thanks for reviewing this watch! I have been all over the place looking for a new watch. I had a Steinhart Nav B Uhr 44 and with my 6.5″ wrists it just looked ridiculous so I sold it last year. I am tired of wearing a POS chinese quartz watch. I have a birthday coming up soon and this is my gift to myself! Cheers!

Robert Valle says:

Hi! Can you please tell me the model of the wristband? Which one is it exactly? I really like it. its 20mm right?

Crisisbiker says:

I love a couple of things about this video. The first is the watch itself, which is fabulous and I think you are right to describe it as a mini masterpiece. It is very similar in design to the Junghans Max Bill range but I think I slightly prefer this style and the price almost the seals the deal in that respect.

The second thing that I love is the strap choice you have made. I have a similar style of watch with a dark face and steel case and it currently sits on a steel bracelet, which creates a rather bland and sober aesthetic. With the brighter, contrasting strap the whole watch is lifted, so you have provided the inspiration I need to choose my new strap!

Luca Simoncini says:

Nice review! I like the light brown strap you installed. I think black dials & steel cases look great with reddish brown straps.
Question: have you got any experience with entry level automatics by Tissot?

Rob Gilbert says:

Bought a similar Junkers, looking to match this strap, who makes it?

Roger Currie says:

Thanks for the video. I am trying to decide between the Junkers Bauhaus 6050-2 and the Junkers Flatline 6350-2 . Although I think the Bauhaus is very classy and simple I think the Flatline is retro cool. I am sure I would be able to wear either one of these watches for years. I am 51, with a 7″ wrist and dress on the causal side, my go to fall jacket is a brown fatigue style leather jacket, so I am leaning towards the Flatline. Actually I am considering buying a Orient Mako USA first. Any thoughts. Thanks.

Matthew Shank says:

Would be perfect with the cream dial version (with that strap) 😉

kwong95wc says:

Which watch strap is this?

Dim Kas says:

I really love the dome crystal. Reminds me of the watch my grandfather had… Too bad it is not saphire though…
I will probably get the quartz/haselite version for ~200euros.

Do you mind posting your opinion after owning it for a while?

Dennis Jørgensen says:

If anyone is looking to buy this watch, be aware that it exists in a quartz version too.

blastdude89 says:

I was right about to buy a Sinn 104 St sa, being on a limited budget… I came across Junkers and as a fan of aviation history I fell in love with these watches. RIP Sinn dreams.

Rob Gilbert says:

What is the music you’re listening to in the background there?

Igor says:

Great review, TGV. I’d like to ask for an advice on a watch by the Point Tec who makes Junkers, Zeppelin and Maximilian watches. I was interested in getting one of their watches like Zeppelin 7656-5 or Zeppelin 7060-1 from the Graf Zeppelin and Zeppelin Hindenburg collections respectively. Do you think they’re worth the price? Thank you.

Daniel Chin says:

Great video TGV. Could you please send me the song used in the intro (for Christmas)

Question Tree says:

Where did you get that strap with the quick bars?

Sajid Mirza says:

very nice watch but i would rather pay this price for omega or rado pure swiss

Metal Gamer says:

I want an affordable orange croc strap for my Clycine Sub, so I was wondering where you got yours? Thanks.

Gerard Borriello says:

does anyone know of a company that buys seikos used

Rowan Healy says:

Im thinking about buying one of these, nice video with a bit of history behind it.

Ashley Slingers says:

loving the education segment

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Great looking watch.

kjparlay says:

What I hate (and love) about watch collecting: I love the bauhaus style, and really like this Junkers model, but prefer a cleaner dial. 
Junghans Max Bill is perfect. Almost identical to this one, they remove the outer numerals, the triangle logo, shrink it by 2mm, and voila… charge twice the price.
Makes this look like a steal at around $500.

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