The BEST Bluetooth Speakers Of 2018: LG XBOOM Go PK3, PK5 & PK7

These items were provided by LG for test and review purposes on this channel.
LG Portable Speaker PK7 :

With meridian Audio – technology from meridian Audio combines advanced signal processing and hardware design to expand Image height and widen the sound field.
Bluetooth portable – for even greater versatility, This LG portable speaker is Bluetooth-enabled with its own built-in rechargeable battery, allowing it to be enjoyed just about anywhere.
Aptx HD Audio – think of it as “high-definition Bluetooth”: stream music in 24-bit quality that’s closer to Premium high-resolution Audio.
Weather-resistant/ splash-resistant – This speaker system is Ipx5 weather and splash resistant, and keeps rocking when other outdoor speakers have packed up and headed home
Beat lighting – This LG Bluetooth speaker synchronizes its built-in LED light to the Rhythm of the music to create a pulsing light show for any song, just like the hottest dance club.

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Petercokes Francis says:

I have test pk7 it is not loud there cheaper speakers that are louder but it will depend on what a person want

M Francis says:

That was excellent my man, really enjoyed that video…

Johnnyboycurtis says:

Bumpin’ that Kenny G and Boney James and nibbling on sandwiches 😀

AmberTRESSO says:

Has anyone tried Edifier’s Bluetooth speakers ? Are they any good? Do anyone have any suggestions for good quality indoor speakers? Thanks

Rachit Bhandari says:

Lg PK3 vs Sony xb30 vs sony xb21 vs jbl flip 4????

Pranesh sarjoodei says:

whats the name of the background track that you are using on your vid?

Jonathan Gonzalez says:

Yo the pk3 sounds good af! And its GOOD bass wow good video bro!

Jeff Polaras says:

No remotes?

Tim Martin says:

I just received my PK7 today. I bought it after watching this review video, and I must say I am VERY PLEASED! Thank you for your awesome review and for encouraging me to buy such a quality speaker!

[[Conde]]Tube says:

the bass of kenny g!! haha

Adam Eire says:

Great video. Thanks for reviewing these speakers. Deciding to pick 2 up.

Sandip knowledge world says:

I need pk7, but I have no money I like this

Foxxy Wolf says:

Very happy with my PK7, every other speaker at my local Best Buy were very expensive, and couldn’t beat the bass as hard as this one, especially since it was only $160

Tony pirulli says:

Dude,,,the pk 5 is a useless piece of crap with low volume,and the bass button is a humiliating joke.i returned it,the following day..i really wanted to smash it with a hammer

Adamu Wanganya says:

Waow it is great then I love the design


Sure looks like fun… definitely gonna pick this up(LG pk3) at black Friday and new subscriber here

Adam Atch says:

I have one and it is REALY bad I recommend the xb41 or the extreme 2

Tess Collier says:

thank you, I am shopping… and i enjoyed this whole video! thank you for the laughs and music

Jonathan L says:

Nice presentation … I like the way this guy talks.

Jimmy Trujillo says:

What is the name of the app?

jirka merunka says:

25 offended feminists gave you thumbs down…

Mr. CrazyFrog says:

IDIOT!!!!! LG hahahahaha



Abel G says:

What’s that jam at 19:23 ?


You are so funny…RESPECT BRO.

Crazy Robot says:

I need to buy it

joejoejoe1999 says:

is pk3 good enough for basketball?

riccccccardo says:

At start of the video I thought the box’s were not boxes but a static image of the speakers lol

Callum Borthwick says:

Meridian sound is so crisp, no wonder it is used in Range Rover, Jaguar, Austin Martin and Bentley

Seth Nicholls says:

Why not mention their wattage???

Dead Pixel says:

Great review. I really enjoyed how you presented the products. I was at best buy last night looking at these and left empty handed. I’m going back to buy the PK7 🙂

Mai Va Lee says:

Tell me should i keep Pk5 or go for pk3???

Gregor TheGhost says:

I love how all these reviews use generic techno beats… how does the pk7 perform while playing loud dubstep?

Black Hole says:

Alright you convinced me I’m grabbing the pk7

thehegt Tr says:

I have the PK5 and the Volume works only half , when I turn the volume to 50% that where it start to hear , I pump it up to 100% just like you just play half , some how my other Bluetooth speaker look way smaller but sound louder, why why why ? Is it my got problem ?

Bob A says:

Heard one this past weekend (LG PK3) and it is superior sound for the price/class that it is in. I have owned several different and tested over a dozen supposedly good BT speakers (Bose, MARSHALL Kilburn, etc) and the LG dominates comparable speakers from all the brands I have owned or tested. Bass is good to very good, clarity is superior in the LG line. This is meant to be easily portable. I have BT speakers that I cannot easily carry around with including thee best BT speakers under $500, the Onyx Studio X line.
Most brands have a very limited sweet spot that they sound very good at. Once they go above or below that sweet spot, you will get distortion and loss of bass. Not so with this LG line. It remains distortion free and the bass levels maintain there place with the rest of the sound coming out. This (LG PK3) IS NOT meant to be a party speaker that will be loud enough to drown out party of 15+ people. It is for listen to music while at a party of 15+ who are not yelling and want to be able to hear the person they are talking to. This gets loud enough to drown out conversations. The LG PK3 is the base model (get it?) and it does a superior job. I do not need another BT speaker, but I will be phasing out my JBL BT speakers and replacing them with the LG line. Well, I will keep my JBL Clip (X), they are great for carrying when space and weight is at a premium.

Juan Figueroa says:

Hey Bro, Is better Sony

LI NE says:


(How much)

Vinyl Talk With Tavis says:

I bought it today. It’s not as loud as I thought it would be. However, I live in an apartment…and I don’t want it to be incredibly loud so I don’t make my neighbors mad. LOL!!! In the day time, I have it cranked up to the MAX. In the evening or night…I have it medium volume level. I really love the bass on this speaker. I use the “clear vocal” and the “enhanced bass” for all music. I use it mostly for my audio-technical lp60 bluetooth turntable. AWESOME for my needs in an apartment setting. I think it’s a keeper. Not for everybody, though

BloodySawBlade says:

I just bought the PK7 today for less than $200. Got it charging up for my 30th birthday tomorrow.

[[Conde]]Tube says:

I had a sony bluetooth tower and it has great sound but these things sound amazing… I have my pc connected to a sony mini stereo and 2-way wooden speakers.. my point is, I COULD feel the bass!! amazing.. the 5 and 7 must be great

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