TDK Trek 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review and Sound Test

TDK Trek 360 Portable Bluetooth speaker review and audiotest, sound comparison versus the Bose Soundlink Mini.


Chuong Bui says:

49.99$ on bestbuy today only. What’s a price for a good speaker.

Helton HELTON says:


Joe The Fancy Tuxedo says:

Where can I buy that baby ?

Mike Milambiling says:

Just got one of these, and I would say I’m pretty damned impressed. Auditioned several speakers including the bose soundlink mini & color, the soundfreaq soundkick and soundstage 2, the jbl charge 2, the braven brv-x and 855s as well as the TDK a33. Sound quality was the main thing I was looking for with portability and battery life as bonuses since I would be using it mostly at home.

I was really set on getting the soundlink mini because of all the reviews but something must be wrong with my ears because I just couldn’t appreciate its sound. I really wanted to like its sound but I just sounded wrong to me. Sure, it didn’t distort and it went loud but it sounded processed to me. I’m by no means an audiophile but I do know what I want in my music and the soundlink mini just didn’t do it for me. All the other speakers I tested had the detail and in the upper frequencies I was looking for but lacked the low end to balance it out. I was getting frustrated and was set to compromise with just getting the speaker with the best value for money since these speakers are all rather pricey here in the Philippines.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon these speakers which, while not exactly portable, gave me the sound I was looking for. It’s priced at $20 less than the soundlink mini, which was the most I was willing to spend, and so was within the budget I set for myself. Auditioned it with the TDK a33 which was about $77 dollars cheaper and sounded almost as good but without the low end. In the end, I decided to get the a360 instead, no more compromises.

It’s very natural sounding and most details are still present which you would most probably miss if you were using a good set of earphones. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound great and the low end just really balances it all out. Dynamics are still present and which is more than I can say for some of the speakers I’ve tested which could sometimes kill these dynamics with DSP. It struggled a bit with Fall Out Boy’s The Phoenix but i have yet to see a portable speaker in this price range keep up with that song. Heck it sounded muddy even with my $100 earphones.

Granted, the a360 might be cheating by not being as portable as the other speakers I’ve mentioned. But, as I’ve said above, portability and battery life was the least of my concerns. If, like me, sound quality is your main concern; and, like me, the soundlink mini just doesn’t tick your boxes, the a360 is a great buy.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I just had to share my experience, the a360 totally exceeded my expectations of what a bluetooth speaker should sound like.

Michael Hudgens says:

Yawl SOLD me ordered mine just now

Best Buy Deal of the day! 49.99

Steffarno says:

+Gamamori Hey! I´m looking for a high-end portable speaker and I hope you can help me with my problem. The portable speaker shall be capable of making alot of sound for a medium-sized speaker. I´ve been looking around and this one seems good. However if the prize isn´t a problem what would you choose. The big jambox by jawbone, Bose soundlink I I I or this TDK on. I love this one because of it´s handle and the waterproof feature. But can it beat the big Jambox in sound volume and quality?

jose salazar says:

honestly from what im hearing through the video they almost sound the same but the bose is smaller my opinion is that the bose is still better because its smaller and its just about the same sound and about twice as small

Edward The Best Gamer says:

Hey Gamamori can you please check-out my channel has music It may like you.

Nicholas Petriella says:

I’ve had the 360 for a week now and I love it! the bluetooth interruption you were talking about I had a similar incident, but I believe it was do to letting several people pair there device every other song. other then that its the best bass on the market for its price. definitely recommend this device! also great video.   

klepsy78 says:

Just picked up one for 129$, I think that if you compare it with Bose Soundlink mini 219$ its a bargain. Didn’t have a lot of time to test it but first impression very positive. Good quality of materials use for box, sounds really good for the money. Big plus weather proof.

Joe The Fancy Tuxedo says:

The tdk sounds immensely better, much deeper bass and clearer, well defined and more open sound

Rafael Amaya says:

Is on sale right now on best buy $60

mike quinn says:

Good and well presented demo but the losing blue tooth connection would be a issue with me, Ok it could be a one off defective speaker but with the money i have available for a non essential item, This has made my mind up to purchase a speaker that is more versatile in my mind and has no real competition in its roughly £30 ish  price range

Sean Lee says:

Would you recommend this or the TDK A34 ? I love my bass, which is why I got interested in this one(it literally looks like a portable sub!), but would it be worth it being less portable friendly? 

jelke boers says:

Can I connect it with an Iphone 5S??

Serghei Tolstov says:

Thnk you, it’s very helpful review. 
would you compare it with Bose Soundlink III ? it’s more compatible comparing sizes and output, although different price point – but thats why it would be more interesting if TDK outperform Bose, if not than Bose has fair price..   

bubanzizwag pnw says:

Which is better this tdk or the bose soundlink 3?


What tdk system would you recommend for bass that is under 300 or 400$

Jon Jonjon says:

Gamamori, please do test with new Bose SoundLink Color 

Nocturnal says:

It seems at max volume the TDK produces WAY better lows and is louder. Idk about clarity though, kind of a toss up. Considering you can get the TDK for 50 bucks today (I GOT ONE!) its an amazing value. I have the sound link mini 2 and gonna compare them myself and see If i’ll keep the SLM2 or sell it or maybe keep both lol

Bad Bob says:

Hey thanks for this wonderful review. I’m planning to buy one now. Oh, by the way, the bluetooth version is 2.1 so maybe that’s the reason it losses connection sometimes. Maybe an upgrade? (just a suggestion.)

Jumad M.Salleh says:

Think you forgot about the Nokia 360 which was from 4yrs ago. And if you have two of them, you can get stereo sound which each speaker providing left/right channel.

AdrianC12345 says:

Sounds like it’s an excellent buy! Can’t wait to buy mine!

pkowned123456789 says:

Like your videos! Can you or anyone here tell me what portable speaker (size doesn’t matter) i would buy if i want good and loud sound and good bass?

Mohamed Atoum says:

I got one for 80€ really good speaker with loud bass.

Jeff Martin says:

Is not working with iPhone. Works fine with Android. Why not?

Iso TricKz says:

how many db’s does it shoot out? ive been wanting it for ages


Hey… can you make a video about 
JBL Voyager Bluetooth Speaker

gghh ggghh says:

can we hear calls

Ewan Droy says:

Can you do a sound comparison on this and the Bose soundlink 2? If not just say how the two compare side by side. Volume wise and general sound quality?

SamFlores19 says:

I got this on sale for 99.99$ at best buy best money spent very loud very clear good sound all around awesome bass and trebel plus the treble and basd are adjustable and is weather proof definitely the best speaker i know of on the market don’t have any Bluetooth problems on mine why would i stand.more than 30 feet away from it do i want it to get stolen

gtaonline zocker says:

How is the Song?

César Augusto Viana Collatusso says:

What’s the difference between TDK A360 and TDK Q35?

skemFam4Life says:

Bro in depth reviews. How would u compare the TDK to the beatsbox?

Eduardo Espino says:

50dlls at bestbuy only today!!!

Super Vegeta says:

Can I play my ipod with this speaker?

Jaymie Mason says:

I own one of these and have purchased one as a gift for my dad and I have to say that its pretty amazing. I won a UE Megaboom and even it does not compare to the AE360. If youre having bluetooth issues its probably a defective unit. With anything thats mass produced you’re sure to have 1 or 2 come off the line with with an issue or 2. Also, if you are a fan of heavy bass, I have noticed a slight “chirp” with thumping bass at high volume.. almost as if theres something blocking the bass exhaust.. this is easily remedied by adjusting the bass down on the speaker itself a little. This was the case on both units that I purchased so i just chalked it up to being a limitation of the speaker itself. For $50 this is THE BEST SPEAKER YOU CAN BUY! I definitely wouldn’t spend the suggested retail price ofn $180, because for $15 more you can buy the Harman/Kardon Onyx or Onyx 2.. which is an amazing unit itself. If you can pick this up on sale for <$100 (and there are nondefects) then you should be plenty satisfied with this unit.

Akicita Tokáhe- 19 Yo says:

I bought mine recently and have been listening to it while showering. But I’ve noticed steam build up on it. Should this be a problem? I have been using it with an auxiliary cord so the back rubber piece that closes over the inputs and stuff is open while I’m listening to it. I’m worried that I might be slightly damaging these or something.

Heather Richardson says:

do any of the tdk speakers out do the jbl xtreme? was getting a tdk a33 speaker then I saw the jbl xtreme. looking for loud clarity with bass but if I get the jbl I want to make sure it’s worth the $

william dao says:

Do you have the ue megaboom yet?? if you can get one can you compare it with the tdk trek 360. thanks

Jason Asunto says:

These have been on slickdeals from bestbuy for $50-60, just got mine, awesome speaker.

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