Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Full Watch Review

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THIS REVIEW: This is an in depth, detailed review of the Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 with the blue dial. In this review, we’ll cover the general specifications of the watch, the pros, the cons, and the value portion of this beautiful Tag Heuer Carrera. If you want to see the full video review of the other Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 that I use in the review, click here:


Who am I? I’m just a normal, everyday guy that happens to love watches/horology. It’s a passion of mine. As such, I own many watches, and every review I post is of a watch I ACTUALLY own. No one sends me these pieces to review them. I don’t make money off this. I’ll always be honest and thorough in my reviews, because they’re my watches and I know them very well. I hope you enjoy these videos and that they’re useful to you.

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Watch_Time_is_it_ says:

the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 is my next watch…….. 🙂 in my opinion only used interessting.On the used market you can buy this in Germany fort 2700€plus

Jose gonçalves says:

is a Seiko movement nothing Rong Seiko is a great manufacturer

Panda says:

dudeee, please please reply my question here. THIS WATCH or the oris artix GT chronograph that you reviewed?? let me know mannn.

Not Anonymous says:

have you had any major troubles with the watch while owning it? im mainly curious about the service intervals and the TAG customer service

Tony Giles says:

What is the model number please?

Jason C says:

if only these companies could spend a tad extra to make the date background match the dial

Martijn Niesten says:

Great Review, very nice! I am thinking about buying the black V2 version. I got a really good offer, below 2 grand 🙂

But I am thinking about the expensive service costs. A 7750 chronograph would be a lot cheaper because everybody can service it.

What would you do, is it really that great and what is your opinion about the service costs?

FluxedState says:

Thoughts on this vs oris artix GT chrono?

Mohamed M says:

Beautiful watch! I’m on the hunt for it with a leather strap! Great video!

Massive Hero says:

Very good review. You highlight well one of my gripes with a lot of chronos, the difficulty reading them.


awesome video. is this watch regional to USA or Europe or ASIA???

Claudiu Cont says:

wonderful watch, the blue color is fantastic ! ….

Lance Anderson says:

Great video I wonder why would anyone dislike this vid

AjaxForever says:

No micro-adjustment is not a minor flaw but a HUGE flaw in my book.

A.D. Vin says:

Tag has sold its soul with “in-house” shit from Seiko. They will never be the brand they used be peddling Japanese dog shit no matter how they modify it and put it in a shiny swiss case. And you forgot to mention that this retails for $4,800. An achievement for Tag, for fuck sake. People who war Tags might be fooling the everyday layman who doesn’t know a swiss made watch from his asshole, But to any collector with an ounce of self respect, we know Tag wearers are wanker and wannabes. I have more respect for those who wear an Oris, at least that brand doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

Fencer says:

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but noticed the needle off in the minute sub dial. Now I know that many chronographs witness this issue, but how soon did this happen to you? And how much would Tag charge to fix it?

Andre Sinclair says:

Since to have had this watch for a wil now how is the movement of this watch to the b01? dose it keep as good of time as the Breitling and r u still loving it.

Horváth Milán says:

Best looking TAG along with the Monaco and Link ofc 🙂

Hock Sing Ng says:

I actually like this watch because it is using a movement based on the reliable Seiko 6S37. It is an integrated chronograph movement with double pawl winding system and column wheel, as well as Heuer’s rocking pinion. For such a movement, this watch presents a good and reliable deal.

Seiko JDM automatic watches are not mall watches. They’re top notch, and once you go to the Grand Seiko collection, they’re right up there with the best. Even their regular JDM Seiko’s are great.

Dashwey Aspen says:

whats exact model number?

Callum Fenwick says:

I am seriously considering buying a Tag Heuer Carerra, but I’m stuck between the Calibre 16 and the 1887. I am on a budget of about £1-2k but I’m wondering if it would be worth waiting out and getting any other Carerra Chronograph. Hope to hear back from you,


Glynmar D says:

I saw this great video and photos of it elsewhere and decided I would buy this watch. I had seen the black dial version several times but didn’t know this blue version existed. I live in England and rang loads of jewellers, secondhand watch dealers even Tag Heuer to no avail some of whom said they had never had it in stock so it must be very rare. So resigned myself to if ever seeing a used one would buy it. Low and behold 3 weeks ago I found via ebay a jeweller in Treviso Italy that had a new one and he is listed on Tags website as an authorized dealer. By chance I was on holiday in Italy only an hour away the following week so went to his shop and bought the watch. Carlo the shop owner could not have been more helpful. This is in my opinion a beautiful watch the blue colour dial with all the chrome like polished case batons and hands is stunning. Although as people and this review has said the chrome rings are so bright you cannot see the marking easily however in my opinion it is the polished rings that make this watch stand out. I bought the watch for it looks. I already have a Mont Blanc Timewalker Chrono and rarely ever use the Chono function so it is not an issue for me. If you need a Chronograph you are better off avoiding the polished rings. But I love it, definitely my favourite watch i have seen across all brands and models. My last point is on return to the UK from Italy I see the same jeweller in Italy has another new one for sale on ebay at the moment if anyone is interested.

ianchen9449 says:

ugh..the screw down feature isn’t even for water resistance…

Mr. says:

Great review thank you. But can I argue you with you and say I don’t see the big deal with the chronograph markers not being clearly differentiated? It’s easy enough to tell the time/min/hours/seconds just by the angle of the hand. Straight down is 6, a little over here is 5, a little over there is 7. Are you one of those people that have a hard time telling time on a watch without numbers indicated by each hour? I have some friends that can’t tell time unless there are numbers written by the hour.

Sean Don says:

Nice review but I’m really dying to see your review on the V2 version of this watch. Please don’t keep us in suspense too long 🙂 I just picked one up and it’s my first nice watch but I’m very curious to see how you rank the V2 versus the rest of your impressive collection.

Rob Logan says:

Is it me or is the chrono minute hand off?

Manny Dizon says:

beautiful watch thanks for sharing

Mustafa Kilic says:

Shitty Quality – Go for OMEGA

Tony Giles says:

Beautiful watch. What’s the model number please?

Darshan Darshan says:

Fake or real?

GTIML 5689 says:

Hi, that’s very informative. could you do a review for tag heuer CAS2110. WRM8072. thanks!

Robbie O'Dell says:

I prefer your older Carrera. A chronograph needs the readability which this blue one is lacking. A different face color might make a difference though. But blue is such a great color!

kbhn82 says:

Wonderful review 🙂
I have a Link Chronograph Automatic CJF2115, du you know if it’s possible to mount a transparent caseback to it?

babolatpdtp says:

Where is a good online place to buy this watch? I tried chrono24 but I haven’t found this version with the blue dial.

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