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I’m doing a tablet giveaway with Huion! If you’d like to be entered please say so in the comments and share the video! 🙂

TWO lucky winners will each receive a HUION 580 Graphics Tablet!

NOTE: Huion can only ship to 26 EU Countries. (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.)


I upload every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) so make sure you check back next week for a new art video! 😀


●Melanie Martinez – Soap (Music Box Ver)

●Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]
●Syn Cole

The company in question sent me this product to try out. I have not been paid to make this review, any opinions expressed are my own honest ones.


ChewyArm says:


Ashlyn - Art & More! says:

cry baby thats my fav cuz i am one

Jade green!!!! says:

I love crybaby

Niiko says:

does the tablet surface feel like paper when u draw or does it feel like your drawing on glass thats been polished i dont like tablets with a super slippery surface

SophanaR says:

Amazing drawing! I really like her song Bombs on Monday.

Beebo's Backflip says:


kamie landry says:

i love play date

Jazmín Martínez says:

l like her songs too l like tag your it and milk and cookies

MithicalCreatures LPS says:

Realy all but a no is soap and a very big yes to madhatter

Kitty Queero says:

This is the type of stuff I loved to do in graphic arts in my votech! Sadly I had to drop out due to personal issues. I did do a speed paint of the creepy girl from ghost town but I never got to finish it. Maybe I’ll start speed painting again.

Natalie Ds says:

mad hatter sippy cup Mrs. potato head

LPS Nature says:

i really need one of thoseeeee!! then i can finally draw on my computer! yasssh thanks for making a video about this now i know what to buy! thankzzz xxx <3 🙂

emily is so weird says:

Hey Jenna, if both tablets have been given away then that is fine but if not I would love to enter this giveaway. I have never had enough money to actually get a tablet sooooo….. I would love to be a digital artist because there is a whole realm of digitalness to be explored. I am not really sure how to use tablets but it would be amazing to give it a go. I am 12 and from the UK, I am not the best artist and have had no experience in digital art although I have used my hudl 2 to draw on apps like SketchBook. This is not the first video I’ve watched and I love your style, I have only watched a couple but as I said your style is beautiful. I hope I do get a tablet but if not I hope you know that I will always watch your videos and enjoy them all the same. Thank you Jenna, you are amazing.

8Freeway 8 says:

OMG I love u Jenna and ur name OMG I hope I WINNNN

Emitheweirdo says:

Do they ship to Australia?

Yeoh Mandy says:

I’m looking to start digital drawing, and I’m not sure what brand I should get if I decide to get one. My top priority rn is a good price, since I’m still not 100% sure I’ll be any good at digital art, and our currency rate is shit :’)
Does anyone has suggestions?

Princess Dawn's Drawings says:

can I be entered?

Kelly Downes says:

awwww I was really hoping t get one 🙁 too bad I saw this vid to late

Sarah Lindgren says:

sad…USA isn’t one….:( but my hubby bought me one for Xmas

Camille Dickens says:

I really like Melanie Martinez. One of my favorite song of hers is-Soap. I love to draw and this would be awesome to have…

Camille Dickens says:

I would like to be entered into this giveaway.

Kllgs Frstd_Flks says:

My favorite Melanie Martinez songs are alphabet boy, Mrs. Potato Head and Mad Hatter

Le Ralle says:

Yeah in Photoshop there’s no stabilizer so you have to practice lineart.But I’m fine with it since I practice linearts and for me I don’t use Sai becasue my computer can’t handle it and it’s slightly blends for me and I like how the colours lay out in Photoshop since in my opinion it looks nice.

MithicalCreatures LPS says:

I am a huge fan of you’re vids and u arethe bigest inspiratsion four drawing on digital apps!

Artemis Hidalgo says:

I really like dear porcupines, bittersweet tragedy, dead to me, carousel, and bombs on Monday

Lino Vierheilig says:

Pacify her ^-^ i love that song <3
and FINALLY a huion tablet review with an actual drawing at the end... THANK YOU <3

Aquamarine 11 x MSP says:

I like play date, pacify her, tag your it, alphabet boy, carousel and mad hatter maybe even Mrs potato head

Ashley Simpson says:

training wheels is definitely my fav

Cattie Vampie says:

*cries* I was hoping it was still open :’|

MiniCrafter2.4 says:

Im getting a Huion tablet for my birthday!!

Ella Smidbob says:

When’s the thing saying who won

Lamontriana williams says:

Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup ❤❤

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