Sylvania LED Bluetooth Speaker Full Review

Alright so we have here today is my full review of the Sylvania LED Bluetooth Speaker covering everything I could think of I hope everyone enjoys.
Featured Music: RetroVision – Puzzle [NCS Release]:


4592reaper says:

stop talking and play the bloody music so we can hear the quality not your VOICE

fxrsniper1 says:

Good Review should also play more music and adjusting the treble and bass your audio is really good on this video the music was very clear.

mc derp says:

get some better wifi

Sammy Hussen says:

Thanks! That’s a very good review, you covered everything. It was seriously a nice review. Keep up the good work’

trisktv says:

You talk to much

master chief fan says:

It doesn’t works

king Sniper says:

Hello, got great job on this… i have a question, i

bramas oicho says:

this is painful to watch lolz

joe nodden says:

“you can’t get a good bluetooth speaker for $30” they said

Infernus Ape says:

you sound like lamar wilson

king zilla says:

Annoying af.. thumbs down for that awful “technical difficulties” shit ruffling the mic

Kaleb Brady says:

when I first opened it from the package and plugged it in the speaker gave off a static sound and the music sounds very distorted. I thought it was because the environment was not good for bluetooth connection but it sounded the same when I plugged in the aux cord.


10 mins after I pair my iPhone 7 to the speaker Music cuts off and red flashing light shows up top of the speaker on mine how can I fix this

Proffesonal Frog says:

Hello i just wanted to know if it is possible to change the speakers that it comes with, to after market speakers.

David Prescott says:

I’m convinced, I just hit the order button on amazon, hope I like it or you know who I’m gonna review next.

Melissa Kilby says:

You sound like Mike tyson

Priince 86 says:

What a painful to watch review….

Jess Nguyen says:

I want this speaker.

Alfredo Guerra says:

How do u charge it

DoceYT says:

Does it have good bass?

Jayden Crouch says:

how often do you use the speaker

Mary Gonzalez says:

How d u charge it kus I have one excatly but . It’s not charging

Justin Nelson says:

I gave it a thumbs-up I was wondering how good the bases is

master chief fan says:

The bluetooth connectivity

Idk Tbh Mate says:

Do both of the speakers play bass?

Tahbo says:

Thanks for the great review sir.

Shea MotoDiesel says:

+Eric Drummond is this speaker better than the Polaroid Mini Tower (PBT3001) you reviewed earlier on your channel? I read a review that said this Sylvania Speaker is 6 watts and the Polaroid Mini Tower is 15 watts. However this one seems like you can play with the treble and bass to get a better sound. Maybe a comparison video?

Broncos_Fan_96 says:

Do you know the Watts?

Heavy Artillery says:

Can you play while charging?

Nunofyour beesiness says:

Thanks for review.For under $30 I don’t think it can be beat.You can also put a little piece of tape over the LED lights if they are a bother.

Jayden Crouch says:

you covered everything on the speaker and it was very helpfull, THANKS!!!

aka Six04God says:

Do you think I should get this speaker today?

Gary Lergier says:

Would this speaker work well in outside environment like beach or pool?


I would recommend don’t waste your cash on this junk.i have the same one ,I’m donating mine and buying a JBL Extreme your money will be well spent there and you won’t have to rely on reviews spendy $$$ 300.00 but I’m tired of buying cheap speakers that don’t satisfy me .

masterpiece gaming says:

good review

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