Swatch 2016 Sistem51 Boreal & Tux Review • Watches Up Close & Personal

Swatch 2016 Sistem51 Boreal & Tux Review • Watches Up Close & Personal

Watches featured …
Swatch SISTEM TUX YIS405G-175

Product by Swatch UK

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shin888 says:

Nice idea but they are stupidly large.

Russell Dembo says:

Nice looking. The previous incarnation wasn’t my thing. The bracelet is an engineer type.

lawrence tendler says:

The Tux looks very smart and elegant .

Sultan Omran says:

Do they have sapphire glass?

AJ LikesTech says:

i don’t know why youtube unsubscribed me from your channel

dipsyfriday says:

You’re winding it incorrectly! Sistem51 movements wind counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise for brits)!

K.D.P. Ross says:

Haven’t seen them in person yet … but dressy and Swatch seem a bit at odds for me.

lawrence tendler says:

Seriously , innovative and original watches which are good-looking and reasonably priced .

Sasquatch97 says:

Thank you for your insight!

Kalokaghatia Antony says:

Man, wrong way winding the watch.

You are Offensive says:

I think the plastic versions are way cooler than the irony’s

Steve Aitken says:

Thanks for the video. Do you find that this swatch(as with other swatches that I have owned) makes a louder than normal ticking noise?

Jaden Abed says:

now swatch know what they r doing with irony sistem 51 ….all they gotta do is make more serious luxurious designs now

James Rosenzweig says:

Supposedly the Irony Arrow Sistem 51 has extensive lum. Can anyone confirm that? Can anyone confirm flow the movement has changed with the Irony Sistem 51 given the newer addition of patents ? See the comparative instruction booklets where the patents are listed.

Sri Kar says:

while the blue one is sporty, the other one is simple yet stylish

2Coming B4ck says:

Nice video! I have a question…. Have they mineral glass? I’ts easy to scratch them?… Thank you so much 🙂

Mark Cohen says:

I just got the Tux today and I love it! Such a great watch.

David Bryant says:

Thanks to your review, I just purchased the silver one!

Nick Muscat says:

Wow u most certainly have Hairy Arms/Hands…

lawrence tendler says:

A nice review ,thank you ,and please ignore silly remarks about hairy arms. Very nice watches indeed.

burger6599 says:

they need better desighns

Show985 says:

Nice videos, I’m definitely getting one for my father and maybe one for myself.

lawrence tendler says:

Handsome watches me old china ,you are a diamond geezer. Seriously attractive watches for not a lot of money .

James Rosenzweig says:

So a few questions. Note that only the new Irony Sistem 51 watches the barrel cover over the mainspring is no longer a solid cover as it is in the Non Irony Sistem 51. Why the change and what does that tell us?In the instruction booklet for the new Irony Sistem 51 we have added more patentable parts as compared to the non Irony Sistem 51. Does that tell us that changes have been made to the movement from then non Irony 51 to the Irony 51? If so what changes and of whet consequence ?How does the Superluminova differ between the Sistem 51 models?

Vintage Swiss says:

6:53 – “And the second hand starts working normally again…”

Hah! Good ol’ Swatch. We love ya…

Andrew Roden says:

Nice review, I do believe the winding is anti-clockwise on these watches. Cheers

rightwatch4u says:

I want both of them!

arthur mcphee says:

I’m always curious of how Swatch create and market their watches and the big move from quartz to automatic. Another very interesting review Dave. I’d choose the Tux. Thanks for the video.

amr elamawi says:

price $ ??

lawrence tendler says:

Very nice swiss automatic watches .What’s not to like?

Arunas Talutis says:

Very good review but can you tell me what is glass material is it mineral, sapphires or other type glass ?

lawrence tendler says:

Dve .nice to see you again me old china . Nice review me old mate.

CG AWC Channel says:

very cool…thanks for sharing Dave!

Unleadedcs says:

What is the glass face made of? Quartz? Plastic? Glass? Thanks! Also is it whiter than the plastic case?

Darren Gator says:

Wow Swatch really upped their game with these two watches. Not sure which I would pick, I am going to have to say both!

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