Surface Pro 4 Review: The Laptop of the Future!

We reviewed Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4, a gorgeous update that builds on the Surface Pro line.

Surface Book review:

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Pratik Khairnar says:

Man she’s cute!

Krish Sanghvi says:

love the surface! wanna by one but a bit too expensive 200£ of my budget

swapnil says:

d dog looking at howerboard b like : wth is that i also wanna ride on it !!!

jakomean says:

I love how the guy in the background is just totally geeking out over the new surface keyboard xD

Fady Kahil says:

You just see the dog at the beginning in the background looking at the hover board like what the fuck is that

Michelle L says:

Supposed to be concentrating on the tablet review, but that dog at the start was just too cute and funny. Very distracting.

lord volt says:

the weight is distributed so well that makes it feel way lighter then it is I can compare the weight to a I pad mini 2

Donkey says:

is it good for everyday editing

Juarmis Simrauj says:

that dog sees shit

The Same says:

The dog at the beginning was like wtf is that

zack dreak says:

Hello, can someone help me? I’m looking at the surface pro 3 and 4, I mainly need it for my college for the next 3-4 or even more years, mainly going to use it as my main computer, and do my college work on it. Though for that I prefer to do the college work inside Virtual Box or VM Ware because I’m studying IT and many labs I have to do involving playing with the windows settings. Also I need it to be able to run two virtual machines at the same time, though nothing heavy to use in the virtual machines, if anything just practice on running them, and discover other operating systems like Linux OS.

I also would like to do some light gaming, nothing heavy though, just some casual video games, maybe connect it to my Xbox one to play heavier games when I have some free time.

By now I do know at least I do need an 8-16 GB memory, what about the battery life? I’m asking because this is the first Microsoft surface pro I will get, so I’m not sure if it’s for me or not.

I’m trying to aim for i5-i7 with 256 SSD and 8-16 GB Ram. Though getting the pro 3 is much cheaper, but I could try to go for the pro 4. So my question is, which one you guys recommend for me? And if I ended up with the pro 4 with i7, 16 gb ram and 256 SSD, do you guys think it would last me at least 5-6 years?

Audfile says:

garbage. Android tablets are far superior, as well as Apple.

André Jeanpierre says:

I’m thinking of getting a Surface Pro 4, but I am curious if the backlit keyboard is included? And if not, the one you have in the video, which type cover is it?

World Politics says:

how much expandable is its memory

ShadowZpeak says:

The top end model is actually pretty good at rendering 1080p video. Don’t even attempt to render 4k60.

super-happy fun-time-90 says:

This video had so many funny moments

Randomized Sauce says:

will this play roblox??

Srea Mengkuch says:

I really like your review

Anna Attire says:

during the intro,, i only looked at the dog

Sarah Smith says:

I have the same tap and I pressed a bottom and suddenly everything in the front tap is gone heeelp!

lakeasha martin says:

that dog, hes like what the hell is that guy riding. lol

Midnight Roar says:

Hey i really wanna get the Surface Pro 4 soon but there is just so many bad reviews as much as the good reviews. This is holding me back. I read so many reviews from good and bad both mentioned that it had and has lot’s of bug issues. From lagging, getting stuck, battery drains fast even when on sleep mode, apps and softwares not running properly. Is this true? because it’s holding me back.


my main question, Could this work for DJing? currently running on a macbook pro with 4gb ram, 500gb sata drive and and intel core i5 but my softwares ( i no longer produce music) dont consume much Ram or anything, just want to switch to PC as my family use my mac more than me and i need my own unit

Zachary Scott says:

These things are impressive!

Rico says:

Watching this video with a surface pro 4.

Russell Francis says:

Is it good for editing videos?

Jon Mitchell says:

Wayyyyyyy overpriced. Your much better getting an ipad or better yet, a real laptop. This is total bullshit

bangrytoast 2906 says:

The surface pro 4 is $129.99?

Nguyen Vu Bui says:

can you play LOL with it

cassanoa says:

in today’s market – i think people want the best performance and a reasonable price – the price is to high – but that’s gonna change soon

PandaS Gaming says:

like the dog

Carmen Ragusa says:

i want one!

turboearl says:

It’s junk, don’t waste your money

Ben Randall says:

that dog…amazing

•The Cat Gamer• says:

AWESOME REVIEW! You get right to the concept and include humor and awesome editing! I dropped a like and also subscribed to your channel.

rick morty says:

I think that 13.5 inches should be the standard for the next Surface Pro (#FreeTheBezel).
Also the battery should be 12 hours, aside from that it really is a futuristic laptop. Lastly, the keyboard should be included into the price for a better shopping experience.

G Es says:

I am a college student and I use my iPad a lot more for everything even typing my notes and reports for school. I have a surface pro 3 but sadly I hardly ever use it. What irks me is the keyboard. I am considering just selling my surface and getting a laptop that doesn’t have a detached keyboard bc it is so annoying. I regret buying my surface 🙁

The Notorious says:

It has been reduced for Black Friday with the tablet and the type cover all together starting at £599. I picked one up and recommend you do

scott richardson says:

Techno buffalo I am looking for buying surface pro four do you think the performance battery life and other things are good about this laptop computer tablet

pig pig says:

Should I get this or the MacBook Pro 13″ 2015

Ryan Salao says:

The Core i5 Surface with 128GB of storage and 4GB or RAM is now cheaper than the Core m3 when it launched, probably because the Surface Pro 5 is just around the corner. It seems like the perfect time for me to get one (I don’t really care about the Surface Pro 5 coming out very soon.)

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