Super Cheap Lenovo B50 Business Laptop Review

Lenovo B50 15.6″ Laptop:
Lenovo B50:
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Win Gaming667 says:

That is a CD stupid

Scotch McGuinness says:

Looks nice

Saba says:

hey I have a laptop like that its same but my laptop is lenovo b50

lord and savior gaben says:

I wonder what those weird circular mirrors are… maybe they are some sort of frisbee from the future?

Daniel Dudas says:

No 2 ram slots, also, just 2 usb ports, are they out of their minds? Such a shame.

MnemoniXs says:

I use this one for work and boot it to a Linux USB for play. It’s not bad..

Nicholas Bromley says:

Is it weird that I just already bought a laptop a couple weeks ago (partly based on your recommendation), and yet I still find myself enjoying your laptop reviews?

Rudyard Kipling says:

You have Hardly Normal in Ireland? I am flabbergasted, even more so that they have anything that could be decribed as “super cheap”.

As usual that model doesn’t seem to exist in Australia (home of Hardly Normal) – perhaps the markup isn’t sizeable enough.

BadgerBotherer1 says:

I bought a Lenovo S20-30 Touch just over a year ago for £200. It’s not bad, but the keyboard is rubbish, as it frequently misses letters, and I’m always having to go back and edit what I’ve written, or else type very slowly and heavily. Also, the SD card reader stopped working just after the warranty ran out. Definitely not the best quality laptop.

Dustojnik Hummer says:

768p and HDD on business laptop. Really?

izzah fatimah says:

where the damn hell do headphones go in?

ronettreker says:

Don’t underestimate the value of optical disks. Cheapest back-up media.

Hannah Shark says:

I love your take on CDs! They do make very pretty coasters

DM P says:

more laptop s and tech reviews Dave pleaaase , its the best part of your channel, ive learned só much here. cheers

John Smith says:

No IPS panel? Get that shit out of my face!

David Reuben Grech says:

I’m a weirdo who still liked discs

Trenalon says:

768p display? I’m out.

FrankDaTank1218 says:

Do any gaming PC reviews dave?

Anne Bartram says:

Hi i have the same laptop whats the best printer for this via usb cable with low budget. Hope you reply

AnimalStomper says:

Can you do a list of the best 13 inch gaming laptops?

Cyber says:

I will never purchase a laptop without an ssd.

JS Isidore says:

I disagree about the touchpad, finding the right button on a button’less touch pad is a nightmare, nightmare I say. I miss it in 80% of the times. Finding a laptop with physical buttons is must for me.

Jonkki says:

Maybe you should just drop the tech stuff.

Win Gaming667 says:

its a CD ROM Hillary Clinton Husband

Joey Greathouse says:

‘Super Cheap’

Jacob Robinson says:

I bought a Lenovo with the monitor attached to the base in the same way and the hinges broke.

nakyer says:

How many cores, Dave?

Matthew McCreary McCreary says:

my macbook air is better in every way

Crunk Playa69 says:

Why are you doing videos on electronics? I’m getting so triggered by all of these facts! Go back to doing social-political discussions!

Geordi La Forge says:

Have to give Lenovo credit this is engineered to be obsolete. They even managed to put a crappy keyboard in, in a lenovo, that takes serious thought considering they’re known for producing the best keyboards.

jsmithnevinsky says:

It’s a shame ginger fuckface chose to highlight all the useless, irrelevant, not helping at all dumb shit – like the CD tray, shitty laptop speakers, not having fancy lovely fluffy cherry keyboard keys.

This is a business laptop, with fuck-all bells and whistles, so review it for that purpose and in that context.

Inge Bolme says:

I might buy this..

Bader Al Juhani says:

It is soo amazing but how much is it

Harry Haga says:

I have IT ITS really bad

Taran Nus Marduk says:

I miss the days when Think Pads were IBM.

Mirea Andreea says:

I bought B50-B80. After I installed windows I noticed that when I tilt the display, the screen turns black for a few moments … returned it the same day 🙁

alzathoth says:

please recommend 3 budget laptops that will run fallout 4 properly. thanks

24secondsperframe says:

Enjoy much of your content dude. Never watched any of your tech vids though, until this one. Thought I’d comment on having picked up a refurbished lenovo t420 about a year ago for £250 and it rocks man. i5, 6GB Ram – Good for 1080p editing etc. Don’t know about gaming, but it seems to me that new laptops must be about style and form factor for people rather than the machine’s computing ability. Each to their own I suppose. But there are great deals in the used market. If you’ve covered used gear then I’ll get me coat. I just thought it was worth suggesting that ex-business machines have often not been ran through the ringer. Many have just done emails and powerpoint lunches etc.

Keep up the good work and I’m keen to follow the FB alternative development.

Alex Volkov says:

Hi Speaking about business Laptops. What is a better deal?
HP ProBook 450 G3 (T3L12UT#ABA) with i5-6200u
Lenovo ThinkPad E560 (20EV002FUS) with i5-6200u
They have the same price 600-640 CAD
Can you just hint?

SeanFromPVD says:

This laptop is about as sexy as the average militant feminist. It’s just not as fat or hairy. LOL 🙂

VIPPER (ゝω・´)♡ says:

Hey! Don’t be dissing optical disks, man.


Question from an oldie! I bought a laptop off the net recently. It was as good as I could afford. My fault entirely, but I didn’t think to check if it had a disk drive (that uses those obsolete mirror things!). I didn’t even think to check as I assumed that they ALL came with one. Question is, I have a lot of design / animation software on disc. I cannot afford (nor do I wish to) buy them again and download the software. What can I do?

Thunderlux says:

Question: how good is a Lenovo g505 laptop?

d11ita says:

Not bad for a general purpose money-saving laptop. At this price point it’s well built. It’s good for consumers without big needs.

Carsonian The Great says:

Dave, when are you announcing this social media site you’ve been talking about??‽

ThatGTAFan720 says:

I’m assuming Windows 10 Pro?

KKK Revolution says:

I have a lenovo G450 I plan to upgrade the ram and the memory any suggestions.

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