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Squale Ocean Blasted 1521-026 Diver’s Watch Review

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James Stacey of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Squale Ocean Blasted 1521-026 dive watch.

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ty kam says:

UGH!!!!! Would someone please sell me one of these! I have watched this video nearly 20 times now!!! I missed the boat on getting one new and am searching for one on the second hand market. Love the blue on this watch!! Absolutely stunning.

Haters gonna hate. If you can’t appreciate a quality watch such as a Squale…fine. Doesn’t mean you have to let everyone else know you’re and idiot.

innerpurpose says:

His wrist size is 7.5″ btw..

AjaxForever says:

I love that watch

SteamPunk says:

The big issue with a watch like that is accuracy of the movement. Please talk about it. If it were able to run for 3-5 years at under 10s per day, I would already have one.

LeShark75 says:

Mine arrived today, absolutely stunning in person and very very comfortable. Glad I finally went with Ocean Blasted, its gorgeous. Thanks to yourself and TGV for helping me make my mind up.

SirStamford27 says:

Great review, love this watch on that tan strap. I’m finding it difficult to find in he UK though.

SteamPunk says:

ETA 2824 Achilles heel is magnetic fields. Also, I suspect it is not chrono-grade, but you didn’t say.

Garry Perkins says:

I recently heard about this brand. I really like it. I saw a green 1545 and it blew me away, although it looked a bit too much like a Submariner.

Hoop says:

Strikingly beautiful watch! I’d love to get my hands on one. Great composition, great heritage… Also, if “Mr. Haute” was indeed what he passes himself off to be, he could afford to do his own high end reviews at home.

John Bandle says:

I just got this exact same watch and it’s off a little over 20 seconds a day!!! WTF!! The ETA 2824-2 movements is literally about as accurate as the Asian 7750 movement I have in my Rep Pan. Unbelievable!! This is my first Swiss watch.

Malik Martin says:

Did I hear you say “history packed? Goodness! James, after the relaunch in 2010 the current SQUALE is not interlinked with the original iconic SQUALE. Today’s SQUALE, just like INVICTA) is void of history. Firstly, they don’t have a plant, factory (like Seiko, Rolex,Breitling etc) anywhere in Switzerland. Instead they outsource their parts from China and other low wage paying nations then ship them back to Switzerland and do only the bare minimum to achieve the” Swiss Made” status. None of their watches ever touch the hands of a Highly Proficient Swiss Watchmaker. Instead, they rely, just like INVICTA, on robotic machinery for assembly and low paid migrant workers, from Eastern Europe,to regulate and fine tune the movement and final packaging. Mr Von Boren is turning and flipping in his grave right now along with the Founders if INVICTA. Return that Watch and get a Seiko or Orient for a Fraction of the cost. With Seiko you get a proven track record and provenance that SQUALE will never have. ITS BULLSHIT!

Jarrod Gill says:

Excellent review. Really enjoy your stuff. Keep it up.

Pramote J. says:

Thank you for a great review.

northlander says:

Where did you get this time piece? Price?

Gevork Katrandzhyan says:

awesome review !

Ryan Manak says:

What price

Ryan Manak says:

It’s over a grand you liar

Thian Wong says:

Your review was great because it included the dive experience under water watch view! Nice to see a fellow Canuck, from an expat Vancouverite. I was on the fence about this particular model (I recently bought the 1545 Mil) but your review was perfect…thanks!

An Acquired Taste says:

Nicely done review! Keep up the great reviews!

Jeff D says:

who has 1 of these that will trade me for my 45mm propilot oris????

Philip Liao says:

Is this USA Squale ‘matte’ finish or Page and Cooper ‘Satinato’ finish?

Paul Williams says:

That is a great review. You were really thorough. I want to get one.

peter watts says:

I’ve owned this watch for three months now and despite having much more expensive brands, this is my favourite one right now. It’s just so fun and alluring, it’s irresistible. It keeps good time, but most of all, it’s super comfortable to wear all day.. The crown is a little fiddly it’s true, but not annoyingly so. Fantastic job Squale. Well done.

ilia djondric says:

How would you say that this compares to the Tudor black bay? They both have the same movement. So I guess I’m asking about the build quality and feel of it. Thanks.

Adam SUC420 says:

looks good

Jeff Perry says:

James – GREAT REVIEW!! Plus, the added actual dive footage is KILLER! Your review definitely puts this watch on my radar. Keep up the good work.

Matt .B says:

Just purchased this watch, should have it in a few days can’t wait!

GetOuttaTheJohnBoy says:

For future reference, please refrain from NON-STOP TURNING OF THE FUCKING WATCH. This is the equivalent of a video that is only a panning shot, it’s dizzying. Keep up the very amateur work

slacker697 says:

so this company closed and was reopened by a different family?
so I;m not sure how much of horological provenance can be claimed by such a company.
kind of reminds me of stowa and or other companies that could not survive the japanese quartz flooding the market.

Jamar Monroe says:

unisex depending on the band. Super dope watch. damn I got to have one

Graham Lawton says:

Looks killer on that color strap

PYRO says:

We have to purchase them online or there’s retailers in Canada? let me know pls thank you and nice review 11/10

Diego Saenz says:

I’ve been eyeing this one for some time, really good review!

Jason Wilson says:

TGV got me onto this watch and it is gorgeous , absolutely love it. Worth every penny. I got mine from Gnomon watches, they are very good and trustworthy.

ImTaylorGang says:

I wasn’t really a fan of Squales but this video made me realize how beautiful this watch looks. Now I must say that’s one of the prettiest divers I’ve seen any brand make, wow. Finishing looks insane

mountainhobo says:

Somehow I imagine this watch with the same blue dial and hands, but with a black bezel, to make it a bit more 3D.

scuba453 says:

Can someone who has seen in person both the blue Tudor Pelagos and this Squale compare the blue shade of both dials please.

fstgeorge says:

what a gorgeous watch! I wish they were like $400 though!

thomas cobos says:

Wow! Really like the blue.. it Pops!!

James Tait says:

Where did you find this in Vancouver man?

Simon M says:

I got one man!

excelerater says:

got my first Squale last week,nothing short of a bargain if you ask me..packed with high end quality and features

Mtalll1 says:

He flipped the watch a week later.

kaunas888 says:

This is one of the most impressive watches that I have ever seen. Why get a Rolex after seeing this?

Ronnie DJ says:

Thanks for a review for us blue collar WORKING stiffs. As an ELECTRICIAN, I don’t have TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to spend on a watch, but doesn’t mean I don’t like mechanical watches. Especially watches I can AFFORD. Keep up the good work. I’m sure the masses will agree.

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