Spinnaker Watches Review • Watches Up Close & Personal

Spinnaker Watches Review • Watches Up Close & Personal
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AJMakesVids says:

+Geekanoids Do u think the Nikon d3300 is worth it as a YouTube camera and plz do a video of the Panasonic tz80 thanks

motey99 says:

1000m is really impressive off the top of my head I can only think of the rolex deep sea that goes deeper

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Great review. The blue one is quite nice. Thanks:)

John Christensen says:

Nice review. There are only a few things that I don’t like on both watches. On the Overboard, the second hand is small. I prefer it to be larger than the minute hand. On the Haas – the bezel doesn’t align properly. You can see that when the top pip is aligned at the 12, the 20 minute pip doesn’t align correctly at 6 o’clock. Both minor complaints, but noticeable. I also wish both watches came with a sapphire crystal instead of a mineral one. For the price, however you still get a Lot of watch for the money.

Tech4YourNeeds says:

I was thinking that was part of your other channel content.

Darren Gator says:

Very nice watches, clean designs on both, I have to admit when I saw the first watch it reminded me of a Nautica watch.

Daniel Adams says:

I love the analogue style digits,very detailed and impressive!

morganwright123 says:

There really nice a lot less expensive than I thought.

Spinnaker Watches says:

Use discount code: GEEK40 to get 40% off of the entire Spinnaker range at http://www.spinnaker-watches.com

arthur mcphee says:

Great reviews Dave! Liking the white/silvery faced watch, impressive. You sound either tired or you’re coming down with a cold. Either way take it easy and rest yourself! Looking forward to more of the same from you, thanks!

earlbee31 says:

I like very much indeed, I’m guessing around £300? Let’s see if I’m right I’ll get to the website later.

James Peters says:

I could hear back ground hissing from the audio, that’s a first, normally the sound quality is crystal clear.

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