Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Review! Wireless Sound System

Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Review Intelligent Wireless Sound System
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Official Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 review. The AXX 200 is an intelligent wireless sound system by Creative. It comes with a USB cable, charger, and a quick start guide. It’s mainly a Bluetooth wireless speaker with built-in microphones and a quad core processor inside of it. It has a sleek, hexagon design. It’s portable but very powerful.

It has a touch sensitive control panel that has backlit controls. It has 2 speakers and microphones built into the front. There is a battery level indicator at the bottom. The bottom is made of a rubber base for stable support. The back is made of high quality plastic. It has a nice 360° voice pick-up microphone. It has Bluetooth and NFC capability for wireless connectivity. On the back, there is the power button, a play/pause button, a next/previous button, a record button for when you’re recording your voice, and it has a play/pause button for those recordings. There is a mic on/mute button and the shuffle/repeat button. The megaphone switch enables the microphones for the megaphone feature. There is a port tube for enhanced bass. There is a micro SD card slot where you can put up to a 32 GB micro SD card for music playback and to store voice recordings. It has a USB port to charge a smart phone or tablet. It has a headphones jack, and it has an aux-in/mic-in jack to plug in an aux cable or microphone. There’s a micro USB port on the bottom to connect the AXX 200 to its charger or to a computer.

The SBX button enables pro studio intelligent audio processing which enhances the audio. There is a call button to call people from your phone, which also enables the voice assistant on your device. The middle of the touch panel is the master volume scroll bar. There are 4 ways to play music through the Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200. One is wireless connectivity through Bluetooth or NFC. Another way to play audio is to connect a device using the aux-in port. Another way is to use the USB connection to connect it to a USB port on your computer. The final way is to play audio through a micro SD card and use it as a standalone MP3 player.

The battery life on the AXX 200 is very good. It lasted almost 13 hours on a single charge just playing music over the Bluetooth connection. There’s a docking base that you can purchase separately that makes charging more convenient. It’s not necessary, but it makes charging more convenient. The calling features worked really well. You can answer your phone through the AXX 200 when you’re connected through the Bluetooth connection. The quad microphones in the AXX 200 make this a nice device for calling.

Not only is it a sound system, but it also has great entertainment purpose. It has a super megaphone feature and when enabled, you can speak into the rear microphone and it will megaphone your voice. But the really fun things about this are the voice effects that you can apply to your voice when you’re speaking into the microphone with the megaphone feature.

Another cool thing about the megaphone feature is you can be playing music at the same time that you’re talking into the microphone, and you can use it as a karaoke machine. If you have a micro SD card in the back of the AXX 200, you can make recordings of your voice. Probably the craziest feature about the AXX 200 is the loud siren. If you’re using it to scare burglars, it just might work because it gets so loud.

The Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 does come with its own free mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can use these apps to change the different profiles of the audio. You can enable different features. You can use it as a remote control. It also gives you more voice effects. It also comes with equivalent software for Mac and Windows. The AXX 200 is very simple to use. It can play music anywhere, and it has good range.

The audio quality of the AXX 200 is very good. It will fill up my whole room. It has nice, rich bass, along with surround sound quality. For such a small device, it does give out some very powerful high quality audio especially with the SBX feature. The simplicity of the device along with the high quality audio that it pushes out really makes this an excellent device for anybody with a smart phone or tablet. The portability also is a huge plus. It’s super portable and light. It also looks good anywhere.

The AXX 200 is an awesomely fun and entertaining device. It’s very useful and portable and something that every smart phone or tablet user would love to have. It is highly recommended by me. That’s my review of the Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 intelligent wireless sound system!

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Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 Review! Wireless Sound System


Glass Wizzard says:

Is the mic on this a beamforming mic? Could I use this for gaming, have the sound of the game playing through it and also talk to people online at the same time without it picking up the game sound? Pretty much like the mics from the Soundblaster soundcards?

marcialjr says:

Found your review while researching this product.
Love the jokes you sprinkled in this review – I didn’t expect to lol 🙂
Great product info I’ll keep it in mind during my holiday shopping frenzy.

phyo than says:

excellent review! keep it up bro 

Idriss Belloiseaux says:

Can one put a micro sd with more memory card +36?

MiloTech says:

great review, spot on

DonnyZofChaos says:

These are 50$ right now on their website! Out of stock, but are still taking orders and expect stock on December 19th.

Michael OCallaghan says:

Great comprehensive review. This is what the viewer wants.

Andy Slye says:

Buy the Sound BlasterAxx 200 on Amazon ►

That Random Gamer says:

I live in the Netherlands and it says on the Creative website the AXX isn’t available in my country yet. So I was wondering if, should I order it on Amazon, will they deliver it to me anyway even though the product isn’t officially released in my country?

MiloTech says:

creative are literally selling this for £40, bargin of the year

Sherman Fu says:

Good review! Just wondering, what’s the weight of the speaker?

G. De Palo says:

Can you charge it also through the USB from your computer?

Dr Nayana Reddy Bodreddy BPT says:

I want to this I am from India Please Contact me Sir My No +91 9703773773 Thank You Sir

0badneko0 says:

thanks for the review !

Arnau Casellas says:

Thanks for the review! Which one sound better the roar 2 or this one?

Loke Man says:

can these be daisy chained for L/R audio like the Sound Blaster Roar series can?

bangonthedoortwice says:

I was really hoping that this review was going to give what other reviewers miss which is the sound output in Watts/rms. Search continues…

elenchus says:

very good review

Curtis Pazar Jr says:

great job!!!!

Giuliano Caterino says:

Do you know if the quality of the audio is better on this AXX 200 or on the AXX 20?
Or maybe JBL Flip 3 is the best?
Thank you in advance.

Asif Mohamed says:

How is the bass when compared to the similar price range products?

Judith Gleaton says:

You know what I appreciate the most about your review? I could understand everything you said and you were so positive.  How refreshing is that!  Btw, I ordered this device and can’t wait to use some of its options.

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