Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review!

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Does Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet stand out among the sea of Android tablets out there? We find out, in this Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet review!

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Tuấn Beo says:

I want buy to it. but I don’t know how can I buy? (I from Vietnam)

shane wright says:

like and subscribe man. great thorough video, exactly what I was looking for

Chris Jigga says:

Guys I wanna sell my Sony z4 tablet LTE FOR 600$ cuz I wanna buy a laptop . IF anyone interesting just message me on Gmail

Asma Braham says:


Louie Cafarella says:

It’s July 2016 and I still want this tablet. Dang huh guys?

Youssef Mohamed says:

should I get this or Samsung galaxy tab s2 , I use alot of YouTube a good amount of games and school projects every here and there and I like and i am used to Android so don’t try to suggest any other tablet that doesn’t run android

Zhang Kelsea says:

Hi there do you have any interest in reviewing our tablet?

Jonathan Gough says:

its to big

Iron Man says:

it has sim card and normal voice call?


does it make voice call pls …I need a 10.1″ tab thats got voice call

Shane Horne says:

I pad pro 12.9 has the best speakers

eamon mullan says:

big edge spaces

cheese & crackers says:

absolutely incredible tablet

Bruni says:

I’ve had a samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 since 2014 and I’m ready for a change. I am probably going to wait and see if Sony releases a Z6 this year.

3DFX says:

Shodent whats happening @ 3:46 have some kind of censouring here on Youtube? Some of todays games are just Beyond Sick… !!!

Sith Lord Mills says:

Thank you. I’m gonna go get this tablet today! 😀

reno911unlocred says:

Yeah, audio sounds amazing on any xperia device but i FUCKING HATE that they have implemented a lock to prevent it from reaching max volume, it is horrible, I had to hack my Z2 to get the full volume that my headsets were capable of, and even worse, the root was not easy and the hack that was on the web did not work specifically on the Z2 models so I had to find on my own what code to modify for it to work on the Z2, it is fucking stupid, one thing is the pop up that lets you know high volume can hurt your hearing and an other is that it does not care and still blocks max volume, it is FUCKING STUPID.

Melanie Drakkon says:

I have a Z4 Tab and it’s honestly probably the best purchase I ever made. It’s tablet number 8 or 9 since I got into the game and because I mostly use it for document editing and web browsing it sees its charger maybe once or twice a week.
I spilled coffee on it this morning and just ran it under the tap… Weirdest thing I’ve ever done!

Vincent Bruce says:

that mortal kombat is something else on the playstore

cody cosgrove says:

best tablet ever
Sony is great

googlesu says:

A question for everyone: Would you suggest buying the Z4 Tablet instead of the Z2 Tablet?

Carroll Ware says:

wish it had flash and USB type c oh well.

Ian Hoswell says:

We haven’t seen a noteworthy new Android tablet all year in 2016 so far.

nemas probleamas says:

great review

Louie Cafarella says:

Shout out to Lanh for the Oculus T-shirt. Dang right guys?

cody cosgrove says:

best tablet ever
Sony is great

Norman says:

If anyone want to buy this tablet in UK I have a really good price for almost new Z4 Tablet, look for my advert on gumtree, simply type Z4 tablet it will be in the top of the list. Thanks.


Doez it support usb otg cable

Cheran Dissanayake says:

i think Chuwi HiBook Pro is better then sony m3 or ipad…. plz tell about Chuwi HiBook Pro

Super1di0t says:

I can hear your problem pronouncing long u’s.

doodoo lau says:

literally every single tech review channel is copying tech niggers style (KBHD)

Sean Cooney says:

So an apple ad played before this review of a sony product…insense conspiracy…

Aryan Kujur says:

Does this Tablet get overheated i am more concern about 810 snapdragon chip ?

Shane Horne says:

Don’t forget tablets are bigger so it’s easier to cool down

Siddy Balde says:

the back is pretty awesome but the front i really don`t like the face

fawwaz ismail says:

When new xperia tablet will come out in this year???

Muhammad Rahim says:

this or z3 compact

Daukar Daukar says:

Wow it’s a great tab for book reading! including pdfs. Much better than eink readers – slow. & this dev can work for so long time if you only read and search in books…


Does it support usb otg cable

Ello Oku says:

You did not say anything about audio latency. Is it low latency? I use Xperia Z1 Tab but audio latency sucks since its 48khz 512 for music creation. Please reply so I know if I switch to this Xperia Tab Z4 or Z5 if its going to be released.

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