Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact – Review!

Sony has created one of the most compelling tablet offerings to date. With its PS4 compatibility, incredibly thin and robust form factor, powerful processing package and road warrior worthy battery life, the Z3 tablet compact impresses. See our full review!

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Hend Farid says:

Very nice review, can you compare it to the bigger Xperia one too?

Clover Leaf says:

is there simcard alot? can this tablet use as a phone?

Usman Tariq says:

Who is this guy? Where is he now? Why don’t he review other techs?
This is hands down the best review I’ve seen so far.
Everything was so detailed and he knows what he’s talking about.
Awesome review!

xJanaysexybiatchx says:

Good review

Pamuditha Madushanka says:

One of the best tabs … the only set back is should have a larger screen 🙂

전규민 says:


YujinXshadow says:

Were you in Japan when you’re shooting that small stage concert?

Android Gaming says:

This or the asus zenpad s8 ? Please answer

rocky roxstar says:

Sadly Today i returned mine.. Its great in specs great stereo sound great in gaming except poor cameras . Only but its very weak built extremely poor camera. After a week use of gaming playing Modern Combat 5 & nfs No limits the screen started to loose up.. Its hard to explain i mean to say when i press the screen it started tuc tuc sound .. Which was coming out from underneath the screen.. Its a very fragile device..
( one more important advice for all of you there r 2 version of this tablets wifi & Lte version.. Sp611Model is without sim card its a wifi version .. Whereas model no sp621 is LTE version in which u can use Nano sim .. Hope its helpful for u guys )

Suchet B says:

what an awesome review – I may get this now as I am a massive playstation fan and have all the gaming devices – i’m disappointed with the camera but the other features make up for it.

Mr.Mister says:

Is this tablet still worth it Christmas 2016? Can you upgrade to the latest android software for free?

Pat Pat says:

It has FM radio?

Shane Horne says:

nothing wrong with sony

JamZ gaming says:

I am in a big dilemma. I want a new tab and I want either the samsung galaxy tab s2 8.0 or the sony Xperia Tablet Z3 compact they are both roughly the same price can some one help me out?

Adam Foster says:

hi ash, can you just tell me the difference between the super amoled display on the tab s and the triluminos display on this, what does triluminos actually do? great review

Dr. Furter says:

Thing is SONY’s products are too expensive. That’s why Samsung and Lenovo are are getting more buyers.

asif adnan says:

Hello there, Too much confused which one to buy:
1. Xperia z3 compct tab
2. Asus zen pad z8 580 ca?

Interest in: Gaming, Reading, Net browsing etc.

전규민 says:


kent vun says:

Does it take or recieve phone call?

Carritube says:

This is an awesome tablet but it cost MORE than the PS4 so I dunno

Mohammad Hudzaifah Nordin says:

my screen suddenly cracks without any fall etc. dont know if anyone has the same problem

Craig Davies says:

had this because I love my Z3 phone which I had day one. I really don’t care about the camera as I don’t intend on using it for that as I have the phone. I had mine for £230 new. which is a bargain now.

kaushik venkatraman says:

Does this have a notification LED??

Muhammad Rahim says:

what’s the thing called from which ps4 controller attaches with tablet
what that thing called please tell me anybody

NewAgeLYRICS says:

Is it waterproof?

Luiz Henrique says:

Excellent review!

creativeidentity says:

background music in the review got really annoying after a few mins

The3dsGeek says:

holy shit.. almost fell asleep… what a boring review…

snoW Man says:

price is 253 right !

khurram41 says:

Very good review. I checked other reviews of this tablet but this one is much better. Is it me or someone else noticed he didn’t mention LDAC music profile in this tablet, i guess this tablet has that (that’s high definition music…)

Niffs Z says:

Great guy. New? First time I have seen him… If I can forgive him for saying “jarring” in a proffessionally conducted review, I must see this is the best review of this length I have ever seen and maybe the best reviewer. It’s a great tablet (it seems) and if I was ever to buy a tablet of this category I wouldn’t have a difficult job. Thank you! I can’t wait to see Ash again.

Illy illy says:

hi there,
would do review about sony experia m4 aqua and m 5 aqua ?

Rakibul Haque says:

can anyone name me the games he was playing in the vdo

MohaHuss says:

nice video, could you recommend this tablet now ?? or i should get something else ? i have around ~350 $

Cheran Dissanayake says:

i think Chuwi HiBook Pro is better then sony m3…. plz tell about Chuwi HiBook Pro

Sai Sheng Han says:


Italo Tico says:

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Luv .KoreanDrama says:

Can someone help me choose? i’m torn between Z3 Tablet Compact & Z4 Tablet. I had the z3 tablet a week ago but returned it because its a defective one. also does the z3 camera suppose to be grainy? the one that i have a week ago was grainy and a little bit blurry without even zooming(manual & auto). the Z3 Tablet cost $557 while the Z4 Tablet cost around $623(without keyboard) hope someone can help me.

Arvydas Andrius says:

wery beutiful tablet, its shame that sony tablets and phones isnt that populat that should be

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