Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review

Josh reviews the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. Could this be one of the best android tablets of 2014? Watch on to see what Josh thinks.

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Mehjabeen Fatima says:

hw can i get its touch ….plz suggest…

Aalok Galappatti says:

RIP Top Gear 🙁

Fuzzymoon Beam says:

Sweet! How’s the sound quality compared to say a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2nd gen)?

Beastly G says:

Just FYI,  the slight lag is gone with 4.4.4 update.

ozzie burt says:

Nice lips

Breed LG says:

This thing is too big for me, I’ll wait until sony releases a tablet with a screen size around 7 and 8 inches.

Mole says:

Soon power button will be too large 😉

Conor Condon says:

can you get marshmollow on this

Stephanie Madrid says:

give me some advice guys , 
i’m still a student and need to a decent tablet to used  for reading e-book or pdf files etc. also im a multi tasker , Which of Samsung Pro 8.4  and Xperia Z2 were great ? 

Pixel says:

You…could buy that or… can just get a Surface 3 running Windows with an android emulator with more space, better camera, better (and bigger) screen and a faster CPU all for the same (somewhat) price.
Or if you really don’t want any flaws that emulators tend to have. You can you know duel boot it if you want. Take a moment to think about it… It makes MUCH more sense right?

Sonia Sofer says:

does sony xperia z2 tablet has free and full movies 
please answer!!!

nitesh mainali says:

Can we use a stylus on this thing… stylus of like sony’s viao flip 13 laptop or the surface pro 3 tablet.. if not which one…waiting for ur response. .thanks

MarvFIT says:

Sony xperia z2 tablet, z3 compact, iPad Air 1st gen, Samsung galaxy tab s, nexus 7 or nvidia shield?

I will mostly be using it to surf the web, watch videos and movies is about all that I do. What should I get from the choices about?

Christian Scaife says:

What was the name of the FPS you were playing on the Z2 tablet?

matthew lawrence says:

I have a HP Envy X2 and I want to get rid of this for one of these can I do the same stuff on the Sony as I could On the envy x2?

Siggi Utrecht says:

You forget the option to use it as a mobile. On the top of the tablet are not only the USB Charging slot and the slot for an microSD Card. There is a slot for using an SIM-card – for using the mobile phone option or to have Internet outdoors – too. Greets from Utrecht (Nederland)

Marco H. Bojorquez says:

This guy mates me horny

Alejandro Calzada says:

Does anyone know how to get the sony remote control app? I put CM on my tablet but that app was deleted. I really liked it.

Rokas Qwe says:

Very cool review, thx Android Authority :))

Roberto P. Almeida says:

Does it support USB Host? I want to plug and use mouse and/or keyboard. In the specifications of this tablet there’s no mention about USB Host. Thanks

Roland Murdoc says:

I’m deciding between this one and the Z3 any suggestions?

mohamed metwaly says:

Amazing… ever

HDzombie says:

I wish that companies would realize that tablets don’t need Cameras. They can keep the price down and therefore more widely available

Altocoyo says:

i have been thinking of buying this one  but i have been considering buyin the 4g one so i can use internet outside and etc, but is it really worth it?

Charlie Crosley-Thorne says:

What are the compatibility bonuses that come with owning a Xperia smartphone as well. What can I do if I use my Xperia SP and the Z2 at the same time?

Jonathan Pontel says:

This or nvidia shield tablet?

DilutedDreams says:

I’m looking for something mostly for tabletop rpg pdf’s.
Extra features so it can do more is always a plus.

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