Sony Xperia Tablet S Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Sony Xperia Tablet S Android tablet. This is Sony’s second gen Android Tablet with a 9.4″ TruBlack 1280 x 800 display, 1.4GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU with GeForce graphics and an IR blaster AV remote. It has an 8MP rear camera, 1MP front camera, a full size SD card slot, Bluetooth 3.0 and a dual band GPS. It weighs 1.26 lbs. and is slimmer than the original Tablet S. Read our full written review at .

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jymfbfguio says:

I dont care about the iPad or the galaxy note.i want to seebanout the xperia tablet s .stop talking and show me how is it..dislike!!!


How much??

KingMacintosh says:

The Xperia Tablet S is what the Tablet S actually should have been, so this is actually the “real Tablet S”, hypothetically speaking. I would also recommend avoiding the Xperia Tablet S, because it’s predecessor was one of the worst tablets ever made. It also only sports an older upgrade to jellybean, giving it a crippled, but not as bad as ICS, app selection. 

Everdry says:

Do you want SD expendable memory and 3G? Get an Xperia
Do you want a retina display and better integration? Get the Nexus

Bozhidar Markov says:

i wonder if u can install kinectimals on that tab

J8zzy says:

Thanks a lot for this great review Lisa Gade!
All of those tablets are really nice and it was hard to deside before this video.

Sony Xperia S is the one for me – It´s just so great universal remote to all of my Home Theatre Systems. And it´s easy to program the macros that I need.

The sony Xperia Z tablet is coming but I like the way how the Xperia S curves backside and how it is so much easier to hold.

Hyvä härveli kotiteatteria ohjaamaan! = Good device to control Home Theatre! 😀

zubayar says:

Great review, Thanks !

Andriy Gulikov says:

Hi! I’m Amanda.I did -45 lbs past one week.Open

Marcy G. says:

what’s the problem with the battery?

Bitless says:

Can you put a controller on it

Joseph Schiro says:

Lisa, does it have the free play-station games and on-screen controller like the original S?

Themis Papadopoulos says:

Lisa, does this tablet supports digital pens?

djsleepi805 says:

Could you review the xperia tablet Z

king nsk says:

No 2:42

Majestiic Star says:

is the charger wider than the apple dock as my stand is designet for a ipad and doesnt support wider chargers.

Michael says:

Can anyone confirm if the tablet has micro usb?? Please!

Majestiic Star says:

alot of the best tablets is very under rated, it’s sad but thats how it is…

mark G says:

the battery drains fast…sony can put higher amount/mAh of battery but they wont do that because they have a product called battery extender sold separately…and that’s what they call business…

Chris Ng says:

Help me I can’t install the Yahoo Messenger Video call plug in into my Sony ! Any suggestions ? thank you .

Marcy G. says:

Oh no that’s a problem….Thank you for inform me:)

So Wd says:

you have so much tablets by the way 🙂

Ibrahim Ramadanny says:

Lisa I feel sorry fr u because ur getting old :(:(:(:(

Kaya Çiftçi says:

I can listen you all night long doesn’t matter what you talking about

khalid Rahim says:

I have the same tablet, but its connector is not working. I tried too much to find another one in the market, but I could not, so my tablet is of no use

Luthfan Adam says:

i have it but call me stupid but i don’t know what is this ice-cream and jelly bean thing 🙁

traiden Dickinson says:

I have a tablet z and ipad4 i find myselfusing the z more but not allowed in school only ipads and that is techizm raceisim

Joss Iron Matt says:


Deon Brown says:

i dont like the skin

mark G says:

the only problem is the battery…

Iceman7 says:

this is the tablet I choose 🙂

Pierre Der says:

hi lisa, where did you get the scrapbook and clip apps?

xtremecrazy nice says:

your veryrude

Jason Hertz says:

This looks so slow compared to my nexus 10

Elisha Hunt says:


Jimbox12x says:

Thanks for this video it’s really helped me

Jason .R says:

No hulu plus for first sony s, yet D:

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