Sony XB60 Review – Now You Can Have Wall Shaking Bass EVERYWHERE

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Sony didn’t just release their WH-1000XM2 last week, they also released two new Extra Bass Speaker. Today we’re looking at the Sony GTK-XB60. The Sony XB60 is part of Sony’s Extra Bass Line up that features a built in light feature, a rechargeable battery, and you guess it… Lots of Bass. So how does the Sony XB60 preform? We’re about to find out!

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RatingFern 1 says:

jbl is louder

Jeremiah Hawkins says:

This sony spaker is shit

Xgamer34 94 says:

The Sony xb60 sound so muffled compared to the JBL extreme

Daniel Arellano says:

Bass on this speaker is embarrassing for the size

justinrae54 says:

How do i connect to PS4 or tv

Officially Isaiah says:

I like deep bass, which one, Sony xb60 or jbl xtreme?

Eduard Baleanu says:

Jbl blows it out of the pond… literally… cuz the jbl is water resistent.. get it?… no?..

I’ll see myself out..

Pepz says:

Can you connect with spotify?

Jesse James says:

it sounds muflled with no bass. the Sony xb5 sounds way better with deep base only not rechable

Highlight Factory75 says:

Which is better… Sony XB60 or JBL xtreme 2? Thanks!

شبل العيدروس says:

I bought the headset and I do not have the program. Can you give me a link to the program

The happy Pancake says:

how much watt ?

Brian P says:

What are the other 2 speakers in this sound test?

Apoorva Lundchuse says:

40/41 is portable … this one not so much …

Jeremy Oliver says:

For that size, it has tiny drivers. Might as well get a qsc monitor


Ok, please tell me te songs what were played trough those Sony speakers there, PLEASE HURRY

StijnGames says:

this is a joke to a JBL Boombox haha so much bass… now what! the Boombox is deeper and louder…. haha sony kills JBL… well the sony XB60 is trash it is wasting money

Jonathan Suniega says:

Sound quality wise? Will this beat the soundtouch 30?

Sarah Vega says:

Sony speakers at least looks kinda futuristic

Ryder Jarvis says:

Xb 7

Ginger Ninja says:

I love song but which is actually better Sony or JBL?


You already could have wall shaking bass everywhere with the Aiwa Exos. The Sony sounds really terrible, its like they just don’t give a damn about the sound of the speaker.

Sascha B. says:

Can I use the XB7 and the XB90 in a partychain?
I know this is the video to xb60
Greetings from Germany 😀

yumyumrazon says:

is there a delay on the sound when you plugged your media through RCA Cable?

prince2thethrone says:

good info, could you just slow down speaking..thanks

kala dar says:

Please keep horizontal

Owen Balding says:

Can u do a review between the xb5 and the xb60?

blamminsuskaz pimp says:

I chose this over the jbl because of the cool lights. Plus the jbl looks ugly and it cost more

Angel Speed R-808 says:

Wow, harman really stepped up on JBL. i was here for Sony??! Sony has vivid lows, and a proper mid, but no piercing highs. i’ll
check JBL.

Jack Mud says:

Is this speaker louder and better than a UE Megaboom

Kriptic Lunar says:

these arnt this bad it’s cuz it’s through a mic i have the xb2!!! and it sounds great i would suggest the xb30 cuz is small and costs $50 on amazon

fatalfacial says:

Hey man just found you on YouTube live your channel. Looking for a garage system preferably under $300, I have 2 large fans running all the time in my 3 car garage gym so there is plenty of space and lots of noise. I like very clean instrumentals and good bass I listen to an even amount of hard rock, metal, and hip hop. I would rather have crystal clear sound over bass if I have to choose one over the other. Any suggestions?

Chad Evans says:

So my beats pill hits 107 decibels and this only hits 82 and is much bigger

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