Sony Tablet P Review: Pocketnow Throwback

Once upon a time, tablets were clamshells.

… Yeah, 2012 was a weird year. Join us for the latest Pocketnow Throwback review, featuring the bizarre Sony Tablet P!


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Viraj Dobriyal says:

The fuck is this? SONY Nintendo Ds?

murfee 123 says:

boost the specs a bit and you have the best ds emulator

romaforever says:

Where can i buy it?

Andrey xD says:

this tablet is shit

Random Fandom says:

Somewhat reminds me of the PGS Console…

That Lego Guy says:

Make it thin and there’s no part in middle of screen I’ll be sold

Lemonbarrel says:

It looks like a 3DS without buttons.

justin rivera says:

if you could somehow get the displays to connect sorta like a flexible display then it would be really cool

Potatoge says:

ds + ps3 = this shit

Dusty Charmander says:

Introducing the 4ds

Snake PL says:

Just imagine playing Nintendo DS emulator on this!

Dan Pitcher says:

I like it cause it folds!!

Wish Martinez says:

I want that.

TheTzmnian says:

If they made this with the new specs of phones nowadays but had a screen on the outside to use it as a phone then flip it open and use it as a tablet, that’d be amazing. I know with todays technology this thing could be bezelless and be thin enough to be a daily phone, I mean look at the moto z. This thing could happen, and I think it could be a BIG seller.

Andrés Legorreta says:

Oh look, a Nintendo DS

Xinless Vice says:

I’d still buy it. I bought a Xperia play today, could go for more weird phones.

JJ son 的茍且生活 says:

Nice video. But what about Xperia Play?

Beshoy Nagieb says:

I have a dream:
A modular phablet that a second screen can be attached to. Pairing is going to be through either Android Beam or mirroring. The phablet will hold all the processing power and the secondary screen will be content viewing extension with a battery. It will be seamless because the second screen starts right off the phone’s bezel if I like and a standing screen on top of the phone when I like. It has two sides: One SuperAmoled for movies and the other is e-ink for reading and notification and just for the heck of it. Two panels in one so it is a slider screen in a chassis a silicone folding mould. 
A software tweak will be a second thing to work on to maintain a seamless experience for watching a movie on one big screen or a laptop like setting where the phablet is the keyboard and the screen is the screen.

theEPICpie says:

Has anyone tried emulating NES, SNES, N64, or Gameboy games on this? Wont have good enough specs for N64 but if you could put the controls on the bottom, and the game on top this would be a brilliant portable gaming system for $50. Though, I hate touchscreen controls… :/

The World Entertainment says:

one of the worst gadget…….

BlocksMC says:


TosiKivaIhminen says:

Sony Tablet P2 2017 pls

Hgtkitedhfdr says:

Блядь, ну ни о чем…

N8 says:

DS emulators on this thing must be dope

RyanWake bradtelle says:

today in 2017 we now have bendable screens which would fix almost every problem it had so now I think that it should be looked at again. I think even its past flaws could be turned into an advantage. there’s plenty of room for a robust case, sony can give it game controls and make it compatible with PSP games, you could fit a huge battery inside a case like that and I would increase the screen size and keep the screen to space ratio which gives more room for battery size and bigger chip size and a heat sink so it could be more powerful than the Nintendo switch in theory. if anyone can think of a flaw other than fan noise plz let me know.

Gui Schwertner says:

for phones*

Obscure Media says:

Sad this thing failed. Much more versatile and the DS design is great for screen protection, ebooks, and if optimized gaming. Hell don’t even need a case or built in hinge to lay it down while watching a film

said galesic says:

Samsung could use their flexible screen to make another one

Phoenix Dawn says:

It is like a DS!

Papyrus Senpai says:

I was thinking about buying this cuz its so cheap tbh

Matthew Gill says:

That looks stupid

cayene87 says:

is it possible to install android kit kat on this tablet?

Joshua Barendse says:

Looks sick! So sad that it didn’t continue developping. now we have bendable screens. it could be one full LED screen that is bendable to make it half as long as this tablet. I’m lovin’ it.

Tong Zou says:

ahead of its time. We still don’t see any tablets that can fold up and able to be stored in a backpack..

Alberto Gontani says:

edge less screen+ samsung note pen+ update hardware…
I probably buy one…

Papa Smeep says:

What’s the name of the other tablet they did that also was called a letter like Sony Tablet Z or something

Gui Schwertner says:

i really wish this was a trend now. with slimmer screens and etc.

Ponas X says:

Android Nintendo

TigsGaming says:

this phone looks like a DS.

SpartaRemixFan1 says:

I want it!

Farhan The Badass Scizor says:

anybody miss micheal fisher voices?

Kevin Lau says:

This tablet brings back memories of early 2000s.

rotcataergeht says:

Sony DSP

Hempstone says:

Wow that’s ancient! I just rolled up my tablet and attached it magnetically to my pants.

NewBooster Videos And More says:

Looks like a Android powered DS

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