SONY SHAKE X10 High Power Home Audio System

SONY SHAKE X10 High Power Home Audio System
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Sound pressure Horn for bass you can feel
Enjoy higher quality Bluetooth streaming with LDAC
LED speaker lights create a party atmosphere
Guitar input
DJ effects let you put your own spin on tracks


Frank Rodriguez says:

Floss carter how did you do that with your phone

Seth #traplife#ytlg says:

Flossy your such a g. Thanks for the video. Loved the star trek part

Official P.M.Dawn/Doc.G Channel says:

I think I’m gonna buy it.

AdaraSoFly says:

Wow I like this, thanks for the review!

The Don says:

Yo that instrumental is fire floss.

Bartosz Olszewski says:

Floss where can I find your mixtape?

Sahil Bhatia says:

Name of the first track please ?

Richard says:

where can i find the song from this?

leslin antony says:

I can use samsung j7 max

Kervin Mc Kelllar says:

Like your review on these Sony shakex 10 can you do a review on the Sony mhc-v77w also!!! Bless

parminder singh says:

Which price in india have some answaring

Seth #traplife#ytlg says:

Damn I already got sony speakers but these are tight. Deff would be fire for partys

ramesh lama says:

why are you angry man

notsosavagekid says:

Review the beats studio wireless

kèvin R Dee says:

Fuckin hell about time. a proper video description of this system. Best video i came across. I was looking at Panasonics latest system. Which one is a better bang for the buck? I always only bought sony and Panasonic gear as Japanese gear is the best. Like the cars ha.
Fuck it you got a subb i like your channel.

curt dsouza says:

can i connect an additional subwoofer to it?

Andres Cardeli says:

The app needs the funkmaster flex explosions. Lol

ijm 809 says:

So what Bluetooth speaker/s is the current reigning champ for the best balance of power, fidelity, and bass!?

Fintan Frey says:

Please do the elephone s8

GDR says:

Hey Bro, please demonstrate my favorite playlist on your high-end speakers!

Devildog9901 says:

Hey floss not trying to bullshit you here or have a sob story but a couple of days ago someone from my high School said he had an iPhone for sale. I met up with him and he handed me the box and I handed him the money but then he started running and when i opened the box he was running because there was no iPhone in the box. Now I’m out 200. Do you have a Sprint iphone for sale? I know you keep your phones like they just came out the box. Thanks. Keep doing you

Pranav SR says:

Waiting for that 8plus review #salute


Where can I get the carter game single………….

joao cruz says:

very good review i wanna buy one righ now

Gav Trench says:

Hey floss you need to check out the sony mhc v90 dw

Flossy Carter says:

#Squad Roll Call

J T123 says:


Im So Nu All Leanz says:

I kno.your neighboors hate u bruh lol.. oh well haters goin hate

laurentiu ecovoiu says:

Hey…nice song…..can i grab it from somewhere?

chris hunter says:

Love that song you playing. Shit so hot

Nicole B says:

Can you review a Mackie FreePlay Powered Portable PA with Bluetooth?

Steven Millar says:

soz floss x30b is the one to get not the x10 same but more power bigger drivers but bigger speakers so need a big room

rakesh singh says:

What is RMS…?

rahmier patterson says:

Is this better than the lg cj98 that you reviewed?

Ovidiiu Gabriel says:

What is name of first song?? And i need this system, it s sound awesome, i have panasonic akx660 and i want to change to an Sony

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