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Sony GTK-XB7 Review


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→ DEAMN – Sign
→ Frakture – Hindsight
→ Jeff Kale – XIXX

→ Ship Wrek – Pain
→ Golden Coast – Break My Fall
→ Lyoko – Solstice (Heroboard –



Salvador Baca says:

Soundboks 2 please!

Ilectro Service says:

i see this video with sony xb60…i belive it was very powerfull speaker, i buy it ant now i tested! its a huge dissapoinnt, don`t buy!!! dont lost your money!!! is not like in the video. all the time after you power off this speaker he will start all the time with bluetooh achivated , if you use rca out you have to make that setting all the time when you power off, and is not powerfull like in the video,and tha base is verry low.i have

Kalyan Srinivas says:

Hi jim….your reviews are really awesome…very helpful….how about reviewing lg x boom cube if you get a chance

theonlyhsn says:

Hi Jim. Can we adjust the Bass levels “- +” through the app? and great review 🙂

Umar Naveed says:

what do you think, which bluetooth speakers would sound great for rock music?

Ryan Krushinsky says:

Jbl boombox vs this thing?

cedric smith says:

I want this for a record player but I feel like it would be overkill

NZL_ SAMOAN1234 says:

How do u know if it is charging?

Stewie Griffin says:

This vs jbl BOOMbox

G Laird says:

On mine the Bluetooth is always flickering shutting off I have to hit play again and it won’t even connect with my iPhone cord and work as a solid connection at all I think I will take it back

Jacky Jp says:

I love your voice ☺

Yamar Sunuwar says:

where is this one I want to by

Geerladenlad says:

Could you review the Kicker Amphitheater?

Christopher Samudio says:

Does it has good bass?

Jayson de Leon says:

Whats the difference from the Sony GTK‑XB90 ?

HAZOX GAMING0525 says:

I wana see the xb60 and 7 side by side

Aaron Blackwell says:

Test the LG FH6

Cyrus Silvermist says:

New XB90 that needs a review

พัชรพล แก้วดี says:


Diverse VE says:

Very good video. I have to go with xb30….small big sound, this speaker is awesome but for the size it should be a high end computer?… or it is design for bands?… much smaller than the setups required now but still producing same sound??…

Fabri says:

Sony Gtk-Xb7 or Panasonic Sc-Ua7 ? Can’t decide

Elias Ojala says:

I have gtk-xb5

从я. れΞ 从Ξ گI گ says:

No sub bass…..hell no xD

Geerladenlad says:

Sound volume and quality wise how does this compare to the Marshall Woburn? Also what size are the mid range speakers?

ken mar says:

Xb7 or m11??

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