Sony GTK XB60 Review – My Favourite Bluetooth Speaker Yet?!

Sony GTK XB60 Review – My Favourite Bluetooth Speaker Yet?!
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The Sony GTK-XB60 costs just about $200 at the moment. I say “just” because I think it brings a lot of value to the table, or a lot of power to the table.

Yes, the speaker is huge and heavy and it is neither water nor dust resistant but you have to hear it and see it yourself to understand how great it sounds and how awesome those party lights look like.

If you add all the extra features that I covered in this review, I can easily recommend Sony XB60 for everyone who needs a lot of power and lots of lights.


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Zee Wagner says:

Please PLEASE reply. How do i turn off the lights whilst charging it

mayiandjay says:

Man I have to say… this speaker is amazing!!! Cant go wrong with Sony!

xtremus says:

Merry Christmas !

Austin Gautreau says:

Boy can’t even spell favorite

caddi says:

I have a question because I am deciding which one to buy. XB60 or XB7?

Daniel Esimu says:

That is a behemoth of a speaker.
Sony is killing iy in the music department,
Merry Xmas with lots of boom sound from the Sony GTK XB60.

King Walter says:

How do you know when is fully charged

Parradx says:

Just got it today and I love it so much I become a dragon or monster when it comes to peopøe touching the speaker or using it… Lol

MrGTeng says:

Good work my friend! I like your channel. keep it up

9Lives says:

Just bought for the gf for Xmas, great review dude. And a very Merry Christmas

Highlight Factory75 says:

What are the songs you used. Thanks!

dj Zonda says:

Hi! the battery can last for 14h if it’s on 17. So witch is the scale of volume in numbers? …i’m trying to figure out if it is the half of the power or less or more. Thanx for the review!

yumyumrazon says:

Connected via Bluetooth always have a delay when playing music. Is there a delay when connected via RCA?

Henry Williams says:

Fuck me I just bought one for 650 from the shop… I wish it was still 200

Dene. F. says:

I wish I was young again. Sigh!

Phat Dat says:

How do I turn off the function lights?

BOSSPLAYA_ 36 says:

I wantet to buy it since a half year but now i know i will buy it.The problem is 3h of playtime with lights …

luhh sya says:

does it have a am/fm radio

Brady Snelgrove says:

At 3:25 u ment to say use it “vertically” or be laid flat. Horizontally is layed flat lol

Wei Zhang says:

Hi, can i use it or pair as gaming speakers or movie speakers

LRIMusic says:

This speaker is shit like the GTK XB90

Scott Mannear says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Linus!

Add Bee says:

One of the most relaxing well set out reviews I’ve seen on this speeker keep doing them

Bogdyindahous says:

I also got the speaker. Man, it’s so good..I saw a critic who didn’t like the speakers but I think he’s just talking trash to get advertising money from other companies..I also plan to get another one so I have enough sound anywhere and the stereo effect..

Robert Foca says:

This speker has the worst sound yet=)) I don’t understand why you love this sh*t..

Sinister Sweet says:

Should I go with this or the XB7?

Manuel Layug says:

Very nice speaker

Israel Magalit says:

Only ~$200! Wow! Great job Sony!

Leslie Mae Baldoza says:

This review made my decision a lot easier.

Keshab Shrestha says:

can you charge and use the speaker at the same time???

Bubonski BG says:

I have it for maybe 5 months and i still dont know how to turn the light off can you tell me if you know please

Atte Kähkönen says:

can you put the lights off ?

Brady Snelgrove says:

If u look at the Sony GTKXB7BC Speakers. They’re basically the same thing but an extra tweeter and only $199 on Amazon. I own this and it’s much better at sounding clearer and less muddy compared to these 🙂 Great Review though!

perkt says:

_.. love ya Linus!! Merry Christmas from your brother out here from Northern California!_
*Linus makes the best tech review videos!*

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