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We made a review of the new Sony EXTRA BASS GTK-XB7.


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Feri says:

hy! vol max with extra bass the sound and bass are clear? Not to warm the system when you use it to high volume?

Antonio Tanz says:

this or Lg fh6?


te has cortado la cabeza jajaja

Amir says:

Har den här kvalité i ljudet eller ?

Robin Öhman says:

din engelska är värre än mona sahlins

WindycityFlip G says:

Good review bro.

ruffaccord says:

for dry eyes use clear eyes

stvnburg says:

Review the couch. That thing is awesome.

Marvin Hanna says:

lär dig engelska herregud

Nick Koziolek says:

“Lead lights”

The Toy Box says:

Smoke less weed dude.. It’s doing you damage. I want 3:50 min of my life back.

mig0824 says:


Cristián Correa says:

Hi, lights can be turned off ????, thanks, great video..!!

Jerry Martinez says:

can u do a review on the gtk-xb5 the Sony extra bass one

Yash Zinje says:

will the speaker work on 220 volts??

Crupy FaceMJ says:

What cable need to connect with LAPTOP??! did it not find bluetooth on laptop?? i got two of these speakrs!

Karlis Liepa says:

This was slightly goofy 😀 but good enough to like

Steve W Scott says:

Hey dude,
Not a bad review but I would have to mention that in relation to your obvious dislike for the sound that the unit puts out you maybe haven’t realized a couple of pointers…
1. No matter how much bass the unit puts out, it can be adjusted on the unit using the ‘SongPal’ app, free to download.
2. Once you have adjusted the bass, you can use your mobile phone’s own settings in the music app to further adjust the sound fields and output.
3. The Sony GTK-XB7 is ideal for movies because of the deep bass sound. It puts out excellent bass for explosions and the like.
4. In order to give a product a true review, you need to be familiar with all the capabilities of the item before reviewing.

I do understand that you are reviewing to your own personal preferences but sometimes this may not give the item the best or fair review.
Just to be clear… I have three of these units linked via the party chain to 2 x GTK-X1BT’s, linked to the Skake-33, linked to the Shake-X1D and the sound capabilities are endless. One just needs to familiarize themselves with the sound field section of both the unit and their mobile phone. Believe me, the bass can be practically eradicated if you get to know all possibilities.

P.S. I’m not having a dig or pop at you… just helping to point out the possibilities. Hope it helped.

Trap queen 96 says:

There is a internal battery?

Tony White says:

“in time with the music” ?? I find the lights are all pretty random when playing through Bluetooth mode

Vintage 80's Boomboxes says:

Decent bass, but ugly, and should ideally be made of wood not plastic.

James Lake says:

Hi, if i were to connect this to a tv would I require 2 of these speakers?

Stevie Wonder says:

is this very loud?

Edgar Daniel says:

how many watts or rms does it have?

Christian Fontaine says:

Ok why not 4 tweeter ?

TrapLoud #transformers_jdm says:


danilo zivkovic says:

Jebem li ti mater u picku da ti jebem sony je najbolji na svetu da ti jebem mamu

Jason Wang says:

Your accent makes it even cooler!

Muhammad Aidel says:

what tittle song 0.01

Cristi YT BoYs says:

how much money you gave them?

Gustavo Cortes says:

es de sonido mono

Stephen says:

Can you wirelessly connect this with the Sony XB 40?

Kunil Tailor says:

I have two of these and a dj controller, how would I make the connections to use these as dj speakers?

Matthew Hoffer says:

is it possible work with ps4

Павел Корсуков says:


TrapLoud #transformers_jdm says:

this is my story.
my speaker wont connect to another device or phone..
i need help? how can i play music from a new phone

Aldo Ivan says:

I had a bigger speaker like this from sony… It is made to impress you nothing more… it isn’t that loud and the sound quality isn’t that great.

Oliver Tochevski says:

Sounds like you’ve dropped a speaker in a 5 Gallon plastic bucket

[FIN]ZooM says:

Couldn’t say more: Pretty shit review

Tim Nilsson says:


mig0824 says:

How many watts?

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