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Seven Friday Watches Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews a collection of four Seven Friday brand timepieces. Seven Friday is a Swiss company but uses Japanese Miyota movements

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MrJKL Foams says:

I rather buy ancon X35 than this. Same movement almost or let me say same design for less the price.

PepeBetox says:

Están feos

Adrian Betancourt Bastidas says:

Like Bomberg a Miyota machine in a Swiss watch???…

Brittania says:

What an ugly watch – proportions and all that BS on the dial. I’d rather have an Invicta! A watch for moronic trendy millennials who probably couldn’t read the time on it!

Strat Strummer says:

Square case, Miyota movement and assembled in Zurich? Passing fad. You can do better with Hamilton.

cinoe says:

gadget watch ?  expensive 

Billthesheepdog says:

nastiest watch I have ever seen in the $1000 range.  I would never buy one of these.  YMMV

Jukka 311 says:

El reloj de moda muy bonito y cosotosisimo

David Damian says:

Want an Urwerk but don’t have the money? Here’s the answer

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Absolute garbage. “Millenials” will lap them up…

William Sebastian says:

I bought this watch because I got a special tax free price ($940) at that time and I still regret buying it. This piece of shit have it’s parts falling out of the movement and then failed to keep time accurately. This piece of shit are for people with money who don’t know anything about watches. It is equipped with a cheap Japanese miyota movement, little to no waterproofing case, mineral glass instead of sapphire glass and no decoration or whatsoever on the movement. If you bought this made in China watch without discount then you are being ripped off. 
*TL;DR* This watch is shit, don’t buy it. Yes it looks “cool” but it is actually not.

Alex Undiscovery says:

i prefer buying stupid apple watch over this

Alex Locke says:

Ariel — thanks for the video, you are mistaken on the crystal however, they use a MINERAL CRYSTAL, not sapphire (which I think seriously hurts the value proposition of the watch at $1-1.2k)

Kwek Joo Chuan says:

Don’t think this company will last but if you hold this watch, it will be a cool watch 15 years down the road.

ChronoMail says:


greenfunk says:

i’ve had my P3-01 for 3 months now and I can count the number of times i’ve worn it with one hand. Looks great but no lume or whatsoever. Can’t tell the time in the dark!!!

Caligula says:

They are way to expensive since they are basically chinese watches. 

In the black says:

their watch is fucking huge

dfcvda says:

its `FOR ALL ITENTS AND PURPOSES, not intensive purposes.  (nice watch)

Christopher W. says:

Please hold your hands more still while explaining the dial or make a cut and fix the watch. There is no lasting position to try to understand the dial. (The second wheel rotates interesting in its case, you only can see it while the watch holds still long enaugh) Furthermore I would like to hear more about the Miyota-Movement Quality and Experience. But in all its a good comment on the Sevenfriday! My personal opinion is that the watch is still overpriced for a non-swiss-movement and fancy-design watch 

suxk says:

rolex and patek  otherwise don’t buy watches just enjoy your mobile phone

hiyokotd says:


Mehmet Pinarci says:

For a plain beck it is pretty sexy.

MagnificentKot says:

I bought this watch in Dubai and I think it’s fantastic. It feels much more expensive than it is. Certainly it feels more expensive than any Hamilton or other watches at a similar price point. It’s closest competitor is Dietrich Luxury watches but I prefer SevenFriday.

john assaad says:

Does anyone else know watches where u can see the gears moving similar to the SevenFriday – and with similar price range. 

We Are The Mods! says:

I have the p2-2 and it’s a lovely watch! Definitely be getting a new one!

Ali Almotairi says:

we are in AP days .. No Rolex No More !

Nicolai Sidek says:

It’s incredibly weird that I want one! 

oliver h says:

Ariel, probably you should have mentioned something about their marketing and advertising tactics. As I am to understand SevenFriday did not do it the conventional way, but rather purely through social media like Instagram? Also with the help of some other watch guys like WatchAnish.

Markus Eriksson says:


thetreeshaveads says:

The hipster side of me really wants to get one. This summer im goingvto be deciding between car parts and a watch. Hopefully my summer job pays bank.

Mitch Jones says:

they are wrong about the glass. it is not sap. crystal

Ali Asghar Shabbar Badri says:

Technically, the shape is called a super ellipsoid. learned about it in my 3D graphics class 🙂

Wilson Scott says:

a good, well designed watch does not need “four versions”

ripperx444 says:

What are your thoughts on durability and depenablitly of the myota movement

Salamander Watch says:

not sapphire but mineral glas

Ian McKnight says:

Online it says hardened mineral glass not sapphire , does it depend on the model, thanks great review

MHR says:

Is it water proof-resistance?

Lawrence Neri says:

Digging the style, but hella expensive, like hella expensive that it doesn’t make sense. Rather buy a Macbook pro or 3 sets of GoPro.

Ahsonloh1213 says:

Been waiting for this review for a long time man

Arthur J says:

You guys know that the Chinese rep sevenfriday has better quality than the real thing right?

Chris Kelly says:

Miota movement for a grand!! Oh the humanity

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